The Big List Of Money Making Apps

Thanks for checking out our big list of Money Making Apps!

You won’t get rich any time soon with these apps, but if you check a few of them out to see which ones work best for you, then you could build a useful side income just doing the things you really enjoy.


Cash Back On Shopping Apps

Cash Back On Shopping Apps

1. The Trunow App

This App is specifically designed to save you money on gas station purchases.

Gas station partners not only give cash back on gas, but also on other purchases you make at the station. There’s a free gallon of gas upon sign up, and 2% cashback on purchases.

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2. The Berrycart App

One of the problems with eating healthy is that purchases can be more expensive. However with the Berrycart App you can get cash back when you make healthy food choices.

Payout can be made once you reach $5, and cash back can be used in conjunction with coupon discounts.

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More Cash Back Shopping Apps;

3. My Sprint Rewards App

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4. The Paribus App

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5. CheckPoints app

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6. The Dosh App

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7. The Mobisave App

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8. The Drop App

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Get Paid For Sharing On Social Media

Sharing on social media apps

1. The Linkilike App

By sharing content on the subjects you are interested in you can earn rewards on the Linkilike App.

There is also a 4 level referral program to take advantage of. So if you have a large engaged social media following, this one could be for you.

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2. Buzzbreak App 

This App pays you, amongst other things, for sharing the news and memes on your social media channels.

Payments are made via Paypal

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3. The Belacam App

This app pays you Bela Cryptocurrency for sharing and getting likes on social media.

If you know how to take great photos this app could help you perfect your photography, and earn a bit extra too.

With your rewards you can purchase things on the site, or you can cash out but you need to set up a cryptocurrency Wallet.

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Apps That Pay You For Playing Games

Apps That Pay For Playing games


1. The Brain Battle App

Based on the television show of the same name the Brain Battle App will challenge you and earn you rewards too.

The rewards may not amount to much, but who cares if you’re having fun. Besides you also get entries into draws to win cash prizes.

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2. The Coin Pop App

This App rewards you for your game play, and rewards you with a sign up bonus that isn’t far from the cash out sum of $0.50, so you are off to a flying start.

You can get cash payouts or gift cards, the choice is yours.

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3. The Lucky Day App

If you enjoy slot and scratch and win games then you’ll like this App.

If you’re extremely lucky you could win a very big prize of $100,000, although most people win prizes in the region of $1-$5.

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4. The Playspot App

This App gives you a generous $5 once you sign up. Unfortunately however the payout at $20 is very high.

Like all similar apps, building your balance is slow, but nevertheless you may still want to try this out.

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5. Pop Magic Star App

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6. AppStation 

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7. Mistplay App

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8. Bananatic App

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9. FitPlay App

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10. Big Time Cash App

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Survey Apps

Apps That Pay You For Taking Surveys

1. Surveymonkey Rewards App

This app is available on both iOS and android.

The surveys available are mostly short with occasional longer and higher paying ones. Payment is by gift card only.

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2. PollPay App

This App offers a generous $3 sign up bonus and the surveys pay between $0.50 and $2.oo

Payment is by either PayPal or giftcard, with the minimum reward starting at $5.

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3. LEO Legeropinion 

This Survey Site has apps for both android and iOS phone users.

There are surveys and online focus groups available to users based in the US and Canada.

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4. The VYPR App 

This U.K App is available at The App Store and GooglePlay.

They offer short convenient surveys that can be completed either at home or at your local supermarket.

When you accumulate £5 worth of points you can cash out via PayPal.

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Small Tasks Apps

Apps That Pay You For Carrying Out Small Tasks

1. Merchandiser by

This App offers the opportunity of carrying out small tasks at local retail outlets.

You can travel further if you wish, and payments are made via Paypal.

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2. Inscash App 

You have to have an Instagram account first before you can earn with this App.

Tasks available include downloading games, testing apps and watching videos.

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3. The Daily Status App

This App rewards you for all your activity with the App. You can earn in fun ways such as watching short videos.

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4. The Giftloop App

This App rewards you for carrying out various short tasks including surveys, testing apps, unlocking your phone screen or watching a funny GIF.

You Can Cash out when you reach $10, which is achievable considering some tasks pay up to $0.25 and there are bonus’s for logging in 7 days straight.

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5. The Make Money App

There are various ways you can make money on the Make money app.

These include playing games, doing surveys, watching videos and testing apps.

You get a small sign up bonus and payments are made via PayPal.

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6. Cashpirate App

This app is available to apple and android users.

You get rewarded for playing games, completing surveys, watching videos and referring people.

Payment is in cash via PayPal.

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7. The Tapporo App

This App is available to apple and android users.

There Are various fun tasks that you can carry out with this app and get rewarded. There is a referral program too.

Payment is mainly via gift card but some tasks pay via PayPal.

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8. The MooCash App

An App that is available to Apple and android phone users.

This App pays you for every activity you carry out including unlocking your phone.

There is a referral program and the cash out sum is just $2.

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9.  Bituro Survey App

Although it says Survey app you can also earn by watching videos, installing apps and more.

Cash out is just $1

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10. The Diamond Cash App

This App rewards you for carrying out various small tasks. Once you sign up you immediately get $1.30 added to your account.

You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal and cash out is only $5.

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Trivia Apps

Apps That Pay You To Answer Trivia

1. Swagbucks Live app

You’ve no doubt heard about Swagbucks, but what you may not know is that there is also a Swagbucks Live App.

If you like to test your trivia knowledge and earn rewards then this app could be worth a try.

If you can answer 10 questions correctly you will get a share of the cash prize.

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2. The Yahoo Play App

With this app you simply watch a video and then answer trivia questions about the video.

With this one you’re going to need to pay attention, but doing so will be rewarding.

You must use your points up every week on this app. So no big payouts, but enough to keep you motivated.

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3.  The Quizdom App

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An App That Pays For Watching Short Films

An app that pays you for watching film clips

1. The Bermi App

You get paid cryptocurrency with this App after you earn points for watching film clips.

Once you have enough points in your account you have an Opportunity to win crypto with scratch games. If you enjoy film this could be the App for you.

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2. The ClipClaps App

This app literally pays for your laughs. Watch funny videos and earn coins that can be redeemed for gift cards.

There are various games and other methods to help you get to the cash out quicker.

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An App That Pays You For Making Videos

An App That Pays You For Making Videos

1. The ProductTube App

This app pays you to make short videos either at home or in local stores.

There is no minimum cash out either so you can get to your cash early. The amount you can earn however is determined by your geographical location.

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Get Paid For Downloading Apps

Apps That Pay You For Downloading Apps

1. The Earn Talktime App

Downloading Apps using this App will earn you free data and free talk time.

You can use the App with several mobile networks.

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2. The Appdown App

You don’t have to actually download an app on this platform. You simply choose the app you want to try out on the site, and then use it for a couple of minutes to get rewarded.

The apps may pay only a few cents but you can cash out when you have just one dollar in your account.

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3. The Cash For Apps (CFA) App

Available to both apple and android users, this app has around 4,000 apps that you can download and get rewarded.

Payment is by gift card, and there are different paid tasks available to members who have downloaded a number of apps.

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4. Tap Cash Rewards App

The rewards vary for downloading apps using this app.

There are also offers available and a referral program too. You also get rewarded for logging in daily.

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5. GiftPanda App

There Are other tasks you can do with this App but downloading apps is where you will earn the most.

Withdrawal is low at just $2.50 and payment is via PayPal.

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6. The Pocketflip App

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7. ChampCash App

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8. Appman App

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Get Paid For Listening To The Radio

Apps That Pay You TonListen To The Radio

1. The Media Rewards App

This app will pay you for listening to the radio and responding to ads that play out.

There are also prize draws. Membership is by invitation only, but you can sign up to get a chance of getting your invitation.

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2. The Current Cash Rewards App

Listen to a huge selection of radio stations to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

You can also watch videos and take part in offers to boost your points.

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Apps That Pay You For Scanning Receipts And Barcodes

Apps That Pay For Scanning Receipts

1. The Punchcard App

This App will reward you for scanning your receipts.

The rewards for each receipt varies at is down to luck, which makes it kind of more interesting to find out what you have earned.

There is a wide range of stores where the app can be used.

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2. The NCP Mobile App

This app asks you to scan barcodes from products, and you then answer Survey questions about the item.

Not everyone is accepted as it depends upon your profile. You get $1.50 instantly however if you do get to join.

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More App That Pay You For Scanning Receipts;

3. The Huyu App

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4. The Coinout App

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5. The Shoppix App

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Apps That Pay You For Fitness

Apps That Pay You For Fitness

Whether you’re getting fit or trying to stay fit, why not get rewarded for your efforts. There are lots of these kind of apps available, and here are just a few of them

1. Lifecoin 

This app will reward you for the amount of steps you make outdoors.

So if you only do your exercise in the gym then this one probably isn’t for you.

Rewards are in the form of merchandise when you have sufficient points.

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2. The Lympo App

This app is a community app that rewards its members for walking and carrying out various challenges.

Your rewards are paid as Lym cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for dollars.

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3. Fitcoin App

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4. Betterpoints App

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5. The Stepbet App

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6. The P.K Rewards App

This app is available to both iOS and android users.

You can get rewarded for any kind of exercise when you use the app.

There is a paid option but the free version has many features.

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7. The WinWalk App

This app for android users will reward you with GiftCards for all the steps you take.

The app can be run simply from your phone and without GPS.

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6. The Achievement App

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Apps That Pay You For Taking Photos

Apps That Pay You For Taking Photos

1. The Dreamstime App

This App gives both amateur and professional photographers alike, the opportunity to earn money with their best photos.

The more photos you can sell the more you can potentially earn as you move up into higher categories.

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2. The Foap App

You can upload as many photos as you wish and market them via the Foap app. Standards are high, and other members of the site must rate the photo high enough before it can be marketed.

Photos sell for $10 and Foap takes 50%, so you make $5 on each photo sold.

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3. The Stockimo App

This app will market your photos taken on your iPhone on the Alamy website.

If your photo is approved you will receive 20% of the sale.

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