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The Bitcoin Blocks App-Can You Really Earn Free Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin Blocks App Review

If you’re interested in earning cryptocurrency online, then The Bitcoin Blocks App could be of interest to you.

That’s because it has been designed to allow its members to earn small amounts of the e-currency for playing games and watching video ads.

In my review today I will be finding out if the app is worth checking out. To help me do this I will be discovering what real users of the app are saying about it, and weighing up what the likely pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join.

First however let’s find out how The Bitcoin Blocks App works.

How The Bitcoin Blocks App Works

The Bitcoin Blocks App is an app that’s available for all Android users. However, you must be using Android 6 or higher to install the app without experiencing any technical problems.

No matter where you are in the world, you can download it and start playing the game that’s featured there.

The app was developed by a Canadian company known as Bling. They’re also responsible for apps such as Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Food Fight.

All of their apps are built to help you earn cryptocurrency from home, but the activity that is featured in each one is slightly different from the others, helping them to reach a wider audience with all of their apps

The app is completely free. You’ll only need to go to the Google Play store, select it, give the appropriate permissions and install it on your device. You’ll need at least 53.5 M of free space on your phone.

Once it’s installed, you can register using your email account and the password of your choice. To save time, you can also register via Facebook or with your Google credentials.

If you already have an account on another Bling app, you should use the same account details here and the points that you earn on the other apps will be linked to your account.

You’re only allowed to have one Bling account at a time across their entire network.

If you try to open another Bling account, you won’t be able to complete the action and if you deliberately attempt to do so with other credentials, you may lose the points that you earn.

If you register by using your email address and a password, ensure that you click the verification link that will be sent to your inbox.

The game that’s featured on the app is a match game which is similar to Candy Crush or other grid-type games.

Smash The Blocks On The Bitcoin Blocks App Game

Smash The Blocks On The Bitcoin Blocks App Game

Although it is fairly simple, it still provides enough of a challenge to keep you entertained when you have a few free minutes.

The game is divided into levels. At each level, you’ll have specific goals.

For example, you may have to tap six yellow blocks and 5 red Blocks to match them and break out of the cage.

Once you achieve the goals that are set for a specific level, you’ll receive Bling points. These points will be added to your account automatically.

The bonus of playing this game instead of another, is that you earn cryptocurrency while you’re playing. The crypto that’s available on this app is called Bitcoin.

Bitcoin or BTC is one of the most popular in cryptocurrencies today. It’s also the most valuable cryptocurrency and that’s why it’s so highly sought-after by investors around the world.

This app makes it possible for you to earn Bitcoin for free. You’re not required to make any sort of financial investment but you do have to invest your time.

The app is also known for paying members, so the effort that you put in will help you to gain Bitcoins.

It’s important to note that one Bitcoin is equal to around 60,000 US dollars. You won’t actually earn a lot of Bitcoins on the app and your earnings will usually be calculated in Satoshi.

However, even a few Satoshi have financial value. The Bitcoins that you earn on the app can be used for any purpose, including shopping online.

You can also use the money that is transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet to invest in crypto-based instruments.

How To Earn With The Bitcoin Blocks App

Whenever you play the game that’s on the Bitcoin Blocks App, you’ll earn Bling points.

These points will be added to your account automatically and when you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, your points will be converted to Satoshi.

Earn Bling points and convert them to Satoshi with The Bitcoin Blocks App

Earn Bling points and convert them to Satoshi with The Bitcoin Blocks App

You’ll earn Bling points in the game by completing each level successfully. You’ll earn 1,000 points after just 15 minutes of play initially. This is equal to 0.00000001 BTC.

If you don’t achieve the goals that are set for a specific level, you won’t receive any points.

You’re also required to watch advertisements as you move from one level to the next. This advertising revenue is used to pay members of the app.

On average, members who play every day might complete 75 levels in a week.

However, one of the drawbacks to using this app is that as you progress beyond the hundredth level, you might find that your earnings per level tend to decrease.

How To Withdraw From The Bitcoin Blocks App

When you’re ready to withdraw your Bling points, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet.

Specifically, the wallet that’s recommended is from Coinbase. If you don’t already have a Coinbase account, you can create one for free.

Coinbase has an encrypted system that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions.

Redeem Bitcoin Rewards with the Bitcoin Blocks App

Redeem Bitcoin Rewards with the Bitcoin Blocks App

They’ve also been involved in the sector for many years and they’ve established a reputation as a secure provider of digital wallets and other services.

Navigate to the top of your homepage and click on the Cashout button. You’ll be prompted to enter the email address of your Coinbase wallet.

It’s important for members to remember that they can only cash out once every 7 days. If you attempt to do so more frequently, you’ll be blocked from completing the process.

Add Bitcoin to your Coinbase Wallet with The Bitcoin Block App

Add Bitcoin to your Coinbase Wallet with The Bitcoin Block App

The minimum threshold for payment on this app is really low. You can request your payment after just 1,000 points have been added to your account. You’ll receive your money within 24 hours.

What Real Users Are Saying About The Bitcoin Blocks App

The Bitcoin Blocks App has received a rating of 4.5 from 76,000 users on Google Play.

Most users are satisfied with the entertainment aspect of the app. Many enjoy playing the game when they want to relax.

Most users say that they reach the minimum for payout really quickly. If you have enough time to sit and play the game for 15 minutes at a time, you will be able to reach payout in that time.

Some users don’t like the rate of pay on the app. It takes a very long time to get to a dollar. In fact, a user who is on the app each day might only reach that point after a few months.

Have you tried The Bitcoin Blocks App? If you have and you want to share your experience with us, please leave a comment in the comments section below

What Are The Pros Of The Bitcoin Blocks App?

  • The level of transparency shown by the developers is a big plus. They tell you upfront in the app’s description, that most users only earn a fraction of a dollar on the platform.
  • This app is available worldwide.
  • It’s also free, so you don’t ever need to invest any cash to make Bitcoin.
  • You can download it quickly and also save time by using one of your social media accounts for registration.
  • The low threshold for payment on the Bitcoin Blocks App makes this attractive to many members. If you’re playing for fun, it’s reassuring to be able to withdraw a few Satoshi every now and then.
  • Some apps have a very high payment threshold and this can make members frustrated or doubtful over whether they will receive their payment. This app always pays and you’ll get your money in just 24 hours.
  • The game is fun to play. This is one of the things that keep members coming back for more. The layout, colours and images on the app also make it exciting to use.

What Are The Cons Of The Bitcoin Blocks App?

  • If you’re looking for a source of online income that will pay you via PayPal, this is not it. It always pays you through your cryptocurrency wallet. Once cash is in your digital wallet, you can exchange it for a fiat currency and move that currency to your Paypal account.
  • You’ll have to be prepared to watch lots of ads on this app. These are shown all the time but they are how the developer earns revenue. The ads will also use data on your phone and this should be taken into consideration when you’re calculating your overall profit from using the app.
  • This app is only available on Google Play. If you use an iOS device, you won’t be able to play the game or receive free cryptocurrency.
  • You also have to be using Android 6 or a later version in order to have a seamless experience with the app.

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Some Final Thoughts On The Bitcoin Blocks App

In this Bitcoin Blocks App review, the pros and cons of using the app to earn online have been discussed.

This app is known for paying its members and that’s a significant plus. Payments are also made very quickly.

However, you won’t earn much from it, even if you spend hours on it each day. If you’re looking for an exciting game to play, you should definitely give this app a try.

However, if you’re looking for a source of income that you can use to help pay bills, this is not a good alternative.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A very low earning app, however it is nonetheless fun to play, and it does pay its members.

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Thanks for checking out my Bitcoin Blocks App review. I hope you found it to be informative and helps you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

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