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Read my review below to find out more about data entry jobs from home at The Smart Crowd


Who Is The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is a company that offers data entry jobs that you can do from home. They offer other jobs/tasks including product testing and translation services but I will focus upon the data entry aspect.

You may have heard of them under their previous names, they have been known as Virtual Bee and before that Key For Cash.

The Smart Crowd is owned by a company called Lionbridge Technologies whose headquarters are based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

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What Is ‘Data Entry’

There are a number of different jobs that come under the the category of ‘data entry’ which is a general term used for organising, preparing and then inputting information onto a computer system. One of the data entry jobs is transcription which involves altering the format from audio to written form. I have written a review of a company called Scribie that offers transcription jobs If you want to check that out.

Do I Have To Have Qualifications To Do This?

Data entry isn’t a skilled job and so no formal qualifications will be required to do it. You will however need to be able to type well and quickly too.

There is a lot of competition for data entry jobs so the more accurate and faster you type the better chance you have.

You must be at least 18 years of age to sign up.


The rate of pay is between 35 cents and 60 cents per 1,000 keystrokes approximately so you can see that you do need to type fast.

You get paid via Dwolla so you must have an account. You must also have a minimum amount before you can cash out. Payments are made monthly.

Joining The Smart Crowd

You will be asked to give your information including demographics, your level of education and any expertise that will help The Smart Crowd to match you up with tasks that will suit you.

Once sign up is complete you will then be offered placement evaluations that will determine a score. The jobs will then be offered to you once they become available.

There is also an APP available for members to use. Check out the video below;


  • Flexible work that requires no qualifications
  • Free to join


  • You aren’t guaranteed work
  • If you do get work it could be few and far between
  • You are not employed by The Smart Crowd so you may not make minimum wage.

Are You Cut Out For This Kind Of Work?

Because we are all different some of us may find this kind of work mindnumbing and boring. On the other hand some people actually enjoy the fact that it is repetitive work, and feel more comfortable with this than other types of work.

I have done quite a bit of data entry in the past however and I must say that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I never did it again, but like I say it’s all down to personal choice.

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This company is legit

The Smart Crowd is definitely a legit company but you aren’t likely to make much money due to the low pay and the lack of jobs available.

You may find you have the right aptitude for a job like this, and if you can type well then you may score well on the evaluations although that doesn’t guarantee you work.

There is no harm in trying the tests to see how you do and how much work you get.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review of The Smart Crowd. Please leave a comment if you have worked with this company and want to share your experience, or if there is anything about the review that you want to discuss.

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