Thrive Architect Review-Can This Plugin Transform Your Website?

Thrive Architect Review

The main objective of any website is to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Unfortunately, many websites do not meet this objective simply because they lack engaging content, or because they just consist of plain visual displays.

Running a poorly designed website significantly reduces your chances of building a loyal customer base.

This subsequently impacts your potential income negatively, leading to of course to lost revenue.

Thrive Themes offers a variety of advanced plugins that work incisively to transform how visitors interact with your WordPress website.

You can either get all their products and themes by becoming a member, or buy a licence for individual plugins and themes.

The Thrive Themes plugins focus on improving loading speeds, enhancing visual appeal, and optimizing your pages for maximum conversion rates.

This review explains how you can make the most of the Thrive Architect plugin to optimize your site.

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Introduction to the Thrive Architect Plugin

Let’s face it. WordPress is not necessarily the best when it comes to creating visually impressive websites.

Most WP websites are plain, and typically have similar looking themes.

Running a website that does not have a really impressive look may not be good news for your business.

That is why it is often recommended that you invest in premium themes and plugins that will give your WP site a major boost by making it stand out from the rest.

One notable Plugin to consider is the Thrive Architect Plugin.

This plugin is a drag and drop visual editor, and page builder designed for WordPress websites.

It allows you to create beautiful, engaging websites that come with eye-catching layouts, from scratch.

The good thing is that you do not require any coding skills to use this plugin, or any other Thrive Themes plugins.

You can build any type of page, including sales pages, opt-in pages and product pages among many others effortlessly, and from scratch.

In a nutshell, the Thrive Architect Plugin allows you to:

Create a custom homepage

Thrive Themes homepage

Your homepage is where most visitors head to, so you need to make a good impression.

There are templates you can use with Thrive Architect, or you can instead add various features to your existing page.

Build landing pages

Thrive Themes Landing Pages

With Thrive Architect you get dozens of highly Optimized landing pages to choose from.

Upgrade your blog posts

Thrive Themes Blog Posts

Create amazing formatted posts to increase visitor engagement.

Create sales pages, product pages, opt-in pages and so many more


Thrive Themes Sales Page

Thrive Architect has everything you need to create awesome sales pages.

Key Features

Some of the most notable features that come with this plugin include:

Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are links that you add to your site to guide visitors to perform various actions such as signing up, opting –in or making a purchase.

The Thrive architect plugin offers CTA buttons that are attractive, user-friendly and stand out from surrounding elements.


Testimonials and other social proof play a critical role in creating conversion-focused websites.

They convince potential buyers that the products you are offering are genuine.

This building block is included in the Thrive architect plugin and it allows you to add genuine feedback from other customers.

Styled Lists

You can now improve the appearance of your pages using stylish bullet point lists that come with custom icons.

This feature allows you to present your key selling points in a clear and concise manner.

Credit Card Icons

Trust is an important factor, especially when running an online business.

In this era of online scams and pozzi schemes, potential customers want to deal with a site that they can trust.

One of the best ways of enhancing the trustworthiness of your site is to use credit card icons on your e-commerce site.

These icons build trust by assuring potential customers that it is safe to make payments using their credit cards.

Lead Generation Forms

Lead generation forms allow you to attract and convert your visitors into paying customers by collecting the contact details.

The Thrive architect plugin lets you place fully customizable, high-converting lead generation forms anywhere within your website.

You can use the contact details that you gather to enhance the size of your mailing list.

Content Boxes

The Thrive architect plugin offers unique content boxes that allow you to highlight the most important parts of your content.

These boxes also serve as content containers that hold multiple elements in your content that are similar.

Using content boxes is a great way of showing your visitors content that may be relevant to them.

Animated Countdown Timers

Animated countdown timers add a sense of urgency to your website.

You may use this feature on your sales pages to encourage potential customers to make a move before the timer runs down.

Content Reveal

Content reveal is a unique element that allows you to hide various content blocks for a particular period.

The essence of using this feature is to avoid being too sales-oriented.

A good example is a purchase button appearing when a customer reaches the pitching part on a sales video.

Pricing Plans

The Thrive Architect Plugin is available in three price plans that entail buying licenses. These include:
• Single License – supports one website at a cost of $67
• 5 License Pack – supports up to 5 websites at a cost of $97
• 15 License Pack – supports up to 15 websites at a cost of $147

The three license plans also contain unlimited free updates and one full year of support.

However, customer support is restricted to 12 months only, and you may have to pay an extra fee to renew this service.


• Competitive pricing
• Over 150+ landing page templates
• Simple and easy to use interface (No coding required)
• Works with all WordPress Themes
• Numerous customization options
• It contains mobile optimization features
• Access to unlimited plugin updates


• Does not work with sites, only

Take Away: Is the Thrive Architect Plugin worth purchasing?

Having a professional looking website can make all the difference in making your business successful and self-sustainable.

This can be achieved a whole lot easier by developing eye-catching web pages that contain engaging, conversion-focused content.

The Thrive Architect Plugin is by far one of the most effective page builders as far as building conversion focused pages are concerned.

It offers complete flexibility for stand out web pages. The fact that it is easy to use and readily available makes this plugin popular with most WordPress website owners.

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4 Star Rating

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