Thrive Headline Optimizer Review- Will This Plugin Help You To Grab Your Reader’s Attention?

Thrive Headline optimizer

If you want to catch the attention of your visitors, then your posts must consist of attention-grabbing headlines.

With millions of blog posts published every single day, making your content stand out can be quite a tough task.

However, by using a good headline copy, you can significantly enhance the engagement of your content to great effect for successful marketing campaigns.

Good headlines are the driving force behind every successful post.

If your headline is captivating, it will attract attention, subsequently leading to more clicks.

If you are a WordPress website owner, you can use various plugins to optimize your posts.

One notable plugin that you should consider is the Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer.

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What is Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer?

If you are a website owner, then you probably know how difficult it can be to create quality content.

However, the success of your posts relies on the titles that you choose.

The Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer is an innovative plugin that allows you to experiment different titles using various statistics and metrics to determine the best, and most effective titles for your WordPress pages and posts.

In essence, this plugin allows you to create several titles or headlines, and then carry out various tests to determine one that stands out above the rest.

The plugin analyzes the behavior of your audience (click-through rates, time on content and scrolling behavior) and reveals titles that are more likely to convert into clicks and social shares.

By Using this plugin, you can effectively transform how you engage with your visitors, and consequently establish a formidable audience.

Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Key Features

The Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer comes with powerful features that will not only captivate your visitors, but also encourage them to spend more time reading through your content.

Some of the essential features that this plugin has to offer include:

1. Quick & Easy A/B Title Testing

The Thrive Themes headline optimizer offers you quick and easy A/B testing.

This feature allows you to test two or more headlines against each other to establish the best titles for your posts.

You can quickly find the most click-worthy titles that will attract and encourage your audience to read through your content.

2. Bulk Testing

This feature allows you to test several headlines and your entire content at once to determine if your website is fully optimized to meet your conversion goals.

Bulk testing not only saves time, but also ensures that your existing content lives up to expectations.

3. Detailed A/B Testing Metrics

Testing several headlines to determine the most captivating title is simply not enough.

It is important that you understand why a specific title performs better than others.

This is where the importance of detailed A/B testing comes into play.

This feature uncovers the metrics for each headline, highlighting how each title improves the performance of your website.

4. Engagement Reports

For your online business to be successful, the content of your website must be engaging.

The Thrive Headline Optimizer delivers engagement reports that highlight the appealing aspects of your content.

Using this powerful feature, you will be able to know where to make improvements to enhance the engagement of your content.

5. Set It & Forget It

Just as the name suggests, the Set It & Forget It feature allows you to set your preferred automatic winner settings to increase the engagement of your content, and improve click-through rates on autopilot.

Once you enable this feature, you will receive summary reports highlighting areas that need improvements.

6. Detailed Reports

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, accessing detailed reports about your website can give you a solid idea on areas that need improvements as far as increasing your click-through rates are concerned.

Detailed reports allow you to focus on areas that really matter to enhance click-through rates, time on content and scrolling times.

7. WooCommerce Compatible

WooCommerce is a free plugin designed for e-commerce WordPress websites.

The plugin gives you total control over your online store by creating a favorable environment for selling any type of product effortlessly.

The Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer is WooCommerce compatible, meaning that you can use it to test the click-worthiness of your product names.

You can use the Thrive Themes plugin to optimize the names of your products without affecting the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin.

Check out the video below from Thrive themes which explains how you can use A/B Testing with the Thrive Headline Optimizer on your Woocommerce website


The Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin is offered in three affordable pricing options. These include:

1. Single License – Install on a single website at a one-time cost of $67
2. 5 License Pack – Install on up to five different websites at a one-time cost of $97
3. 15 License Pack – Install on up to 15 different websites at a one-time cost of $147

All price plans include unlimited updates and one-year full support.

You may have to pay an additional $40 if you require another year of support.

The beauty of Thrive Themes is that the company offers tons of free video tutorials and training materials that you may use as your source of help.

You can upgrade from a single site license to any other license pack at any time by topping up the cost difference between your previous license and your new license pack.


• Extremely easy to use
• Highly customizable settings
• Offers useful, detailed reports that will help improve your site’s conversion ratings
• Thrive Themes offers free video tutorials and training materials
• Access to unlimited plugin updates
• Exceptional support


• Requires enough traffic to obtain valid test results

Is the Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin Worth It?

You may be a pro in creating exceptional blog posts and website content.

However, if your headlines are not captivating, then it could lead to a lot of frustration trying to even get people to read your content.

If you can draw your readers to your content, then your quality content could go simply unnoticed.

Thrive Themes specializes in helping WordPress website owners create conversion-focused websites that will transform your business.

The Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer is one of the most innovative plugins for creating attention-grabbing, click-worthy headlines ideal for conversion-focused websites.

If you are facing challenges creating attractive titles for your WordPress pages, then you should consider trying out the Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer.

It could be a great decision for you and your business.

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