Thrive Leads Review-Can This Plugin Help You Build A Massive List Of Followers?

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Building a mailing list has to be the most vital component of a successful online marketing business.

Building a list can mean lots more targeted traffic, and ultimately more sales. One professionally written email to the right audience has the potential to make thousands of dollars worth of sales.

It’s never too early to start building an email list, even if your website has only been up and running for a few months. Most experienced marketers would probably admit to you that they wished they had started to build their mailing list earlier.

The difficulty is that building a really awesome list of engaged followers can prove to be both complicated, and expensive too. The Thrive Leads Plugin however could provide the solution to this.

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The Thrive Leads Plugin

Thrive Leads Plugin Review

The Thrive Themes plugin called Thrive Leads could potentially help you to build a massive list of loyal followers.

There is of course no shortage of plugins that provide you with opt-in forms for your site. There are plenty of free options, but are they really up to the job of converting your followers?

If you are serious about building a list, what you really need from a mail list plugin is an opt-in form that really catches the eye with an awesome design, one that shows up at the best times, and offers different variations of the form that you can run some A/B tests on for conversions.

Crammed into the Thrive Leads plugin are advanced list building strategies, along with the most up to date conversion optimisation technologies.

Thrive Leads provides you with some awesome opt-in templates to use on your site.

You can automate your opt-in form to appear wherever, and whenever you want it to, so you can discover where and when it works best. Repeat your winning formula, and you have yourself a very successful strategy for building powerful mailing lists.

The trouble with less advanced plugins is that they simply do not give you the options you need in order to test for the best conversions.

Let’s take a closer look at the amazing features that this Plugin has to offer;

Thrive Leads Smartlink

How often have you visited a favourite website, started to read a really interesting article, then to find yourself being interrupted time after time by being asked to subscribe to an emailing list….And it’s one you have signed up to already.

This can be super annoying, I’m sure you can agree with me on that.

But as a website owner, to avoid this kind of thing you may then you make the opposite mistake.You don’t want to lose potential Leads so you choose an almost invisible opt-in form.

Smartlink offers a solution to this. It isn’t called smart for no reason….it knows which visitors have already seen and signed up to your offers so you won’t be bombarding them with the same stuff over and over.

You want to keep your loyal customers, not annoy them so they don’t come back, but at the same time you want to get new customers on board.

Smartlinks is super smart because it offers different content to different visitors;

Thrive Leads Smartlinks content

There is little point asking your existing subscribers to sign up, you will then be simply wasting the space on your website. The solution smartlinks has is to hide whichever lead group you choose, to certain offers that aren’t relevant to them.

Thrive leads Plugin A/B Testing

The Thrive Leads testing feature is like no other. You can test the different opt-in types to see which ones are converting best for you, whether it is a slide in form, a widget, ribbon or light box popup.

You will also be able to for example pinpoint the most effective length of time for your popup, at what stage of the page you want it to show, whether it’s half way down the page for example, or when the visitor exits the page.

You can use different headline designs, or a new image and use different colours….all the variations can be tested.

Thrive Leads Plugin SmartExir

By and large, exit intent opt-in forms do not convert well, however with SmartExit+ it will only trigger when certain conditions are met.

It knows if your visitor is leaving before your opt in box is set to trigger after say 20 secs, in which case it will trigger the exit intent.

If however your visitor stayed long enough to see your opt-in box after 20 secs then it will let your visitor leave without the opt-in box showing once again. That is pretty smart…but that’s not all.

SmartExit+ grabs mobile users too. Exit intent usually triggers when the mouse cursor is move toward a new tab, but of course mobile users don’t have a mouse cursor. With 50% of all internet traffic coming from mobiles, you are losing a huge amount of potential Leads.

SmartExit+ catches mobile users with a time based trigger on screen fillers and lightboxes.

Thrive Leads Plugin Animations

The animations feature provides you with a total of 22 Animation types to grab your visitors attention.

The opt-in form can arrive as a rotation, by sliding or bounce. It can be 3D, and can slide from left or right, or it can bounce up or down. It’s entirely your choice.

Thrive Leads Utra Precise Targeting

Your opt-in form has to be highly relevant to the post your visitor is reading if you want to convert. The Thrive Leads targeting feature will ensure this happens by allowing you to show only offers that are in line with your content.

This will allow you to write Targeted emails with a segmented list. Your email subscribers will only be getting emails about stuff they are really interested in, and that can do wonders for your conversion rate.Thrive Leads Plugin Trigger Options

The Trigger Options feature allows you to customise when your Opt-In will appear to your visitor. By having this feature you will of course be provided with valuable testing data.

You can use the customised settings to serve up your opt-in at various times, so you can get to know which one converts best.

The Custom setting options are; Exit Trigger- for when your visitor is about to leave; Time Trigger-Your opt-in can be shown straight away or after a certain time your visitor spends on your site; Scroll Trigger- when your visitor scrolls to somewhere specific, or when they pass a percentage of the post; Click Trigger-This will show the opt-in when a visitor clicks on a particular button or link.

Thrive Leads The Best Reports In The Business

The more you understand what your customers want, the more you can show them what they want too, and that can be very good for sales.

With the reports feature you will get to know what your visitors were reading when they became subscribers. The reports will let you know which articles on your site were being read when your visitor signed up.

Also, with the Lead Referral Report, you will discover who is sending you the most leads too. It could be from social media, or it could be from a guest post, either way you will get to know rather than just leaving everything to guess work.

Conversion Boosting Forms

Thrive Leads Plugin Conversion Boosting Forms

Thrive Leads forms are nott only eye-catching and professionally designed, they are maximised for conversion too.

That’s because, although aesthetically pleasing, the call to action is optimized for loading speed. The designs are as lean as possible to ensure a super quick loading time.


Take a look at the Thrive Leads Plugin in action on a WordPress website in the instructional video below.

Thrive Themes are so confident that Thrive Leads will be such a huge benefit to you and your business they have given a guarantee…….see below

Thrive Leads Guarantee

So you have nothing to lose really. Give Thrive Leads a test run, if it works well for you then it is worth it, if it isn’t giving you better results that other lead generation products, then you can keep Thrive Leads and get a refund for a better product (if you do happen to find one).  A no-brainer!

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