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Transcription Express Review-How Much Can You Earn As A Paid transcriber?

Thanks for joining us today for our review of Transcription Express.

Many people nowadays are earning money from home as a paid transcriber. Transcription is a proven method of making money online, making it a popular choice for those wanting to work from home.

In our review we will show you how to earn money at home as a transcriber by using the Transcription Express platform.

This is one of the transcription companies that first started offline and built a good reputation. They have now gone digital, making this an authentic opportunity for people to make money from their home computer or laptop.

However we will be finding out how much you can actually earn working with this company to help you decide if it’s really worth your time.

How Transcription Express Works

Transcription Express is based in Gilbert, Arizona. This company specializes in insurance transcription, and they have been in the business for over 22 years.

Transcription Express pays you by the page for all of the audio that you transcribe. If you can type accurately and quickly, you’ll earn a fair sum in an hour.

You’re expected to commit to at least 20 hours per week, so you can if you wish do this along with other work.

If you plan to do this type of work in the long term, equipment such as a foot pedal will help you to type more quickly.

The company uses a special software program for all of their transcription assignments, and this gives their clients a great degree of protection for their information. You’ll have to learn to use the software, but that isn’t difficult.

The business has a guide which will prove helpful to individuals who are new to the sector. Available in a digital format, this can be easily downloaded free from their website.

After reading it, you can contact the company directly if you are interested in working with them.

The organization has a special orientation program for new team members. This is known as the Freelancer Qualification Program. This program will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with the company.

Completing the program however will not guarantee that you’ll be asked to become a subcontractor. You’ll have to show, through accuracy, and the way you work with the software, that you can complete assignments in the way that they prefer.

Skills tests are given to every person who applies. Your performance in these tests should demonstrate your ability to work independently from home.

As you might expect, you should also demonstrate your understanding of grammar. Since you’ll be listening to words that sound similar, your knowledge of homonyms will be tested.

Transcription Express Review – How much can you Earn?

Transcription Express starts you at $1.09 per page. The most experienced persons are paid $1.38 per page. Your earnings will depend a lot on how fast you can accurately type a page.

You must commit to at least four hours daily during the work week, and it is welcomed if you are able to do six hours per day. They constantly have work, so you won’t be short of opportunities to earn on this site.

You therefore need to commit some considerable time to working on this platform if you want to earn a reasonable amount.


User Feedback

Transcription Express users like the reliability of the company. They appreciate the level of support they receive, and clarity in instructions. Some however wish they paid more.

What Are The Pros Of Transcription Express?

  • Transcription Express has been in the sector for at least two decades, and have a good record of payment.
  • They have a guide that introduces you to the sector, and explains how they do business.
  • You are not employed by the company, and that gives you the freedom to plan for as much work as your schedule allows. If you are a caregiver for example, you’ll have a fair amount of flexibility with this type of work.
  • You just have to commit to four hours per day, every day, from Monday to Friday.

What Are The Cons Of Transcription Express?

  • Transcription Express does not employ you, so they don’t provide health benefits. All days off will come out of your pocket, as with other positions like this.

Some Final Thoughts On Transcription Express

When you do work for Transcription Express, you can feel confident, knowing that the company is highly likely to reimburse you appropriately, and as agreed.

They have been around for more than 22 years, so if you are fairly new to the sector, you can learn a lot by working with them.

Star Rating 3.5/5-An established Transcription platform that provides a qualification program for new members who wish to start freelancing as a transcriber.


3.5 Star Rating


Is Transcription Express Right For You?

Transcription Work is a proven method of making money online, however I don’t consider it the best method.

That’s because if you want to escape the trap of committing too many of your valuable hours, and having to cope with sometimes demanding deadlines that Transcription requires, then there is a better way to make money online.

If you want to experience the real freedom of working whenever, and from wherever you choose then I have the perfect solution for you.

Our recommended platform teaches people how to set up a convenient website business that once built can provide you with a passive income that is easy to manage and is sustainable.

There is of course work involved, especially in the beginning, but you have to expect that as this is a genuine and proven method of making money online.

It is completely free to get started, and you get a free website and free training when you join.

Find out how you can start an online website business today 


4 thoughts on “Transcription Express Review-How Much Can You Earn As A Paid transcriber?”

  1. I never new what a transcriber was until I looked it up while reading your review. It absolutely looks like a great way to make some extra money.  However if you arent really good at typing I think earning very much will prove to be quite difficult.

    You also have to watch out because when I was figuring out what transcribing was I read about a lot of bogus transcribing companies that promise the world but make it almost impossible to earn the money.

    My thoughts on Transcription Express is that these are absolutely one of the good guys.  You may need to be agreat typist to earn real money but Im sure part time dollars can still be earned.

    This was a great article and I really enjoyed taking the time to read it

    1. Hi Dale,

      Yes, like survey sites, some transcription platforms take more from you than what they give back. I’m glad you found our review of Transcription Express informative. Please let our readers know how you get on if you do decide to join. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Being a transcriber sounds like a legitimate way to earn money online.  With the length of time in business, they must be fair with the people who work with them.  I that this seems a good way to improve your typing skills.  I didn’t notice words per page numbers, just that the pay was $1 + per page.  As you pointed out, your pay would then depend on your typing skills.  

    The quality of the recording would also be an issue when taking an assignment.  Non the less, I do think that this could be a good way for a quick typist to make some spending money.  Working 4 hours a day might be difficult for people who have full-time employment, but just to get started, get your feet wet, so to speak, now bad.  You are only investing your time and energy at the computer at this point.  So com.transciption express just might hold some interest for earning extra money.   

    1. Hi Sami,

      Yes Transcription is a legit way to make money online. There are however some things potential transcribers need to consider before starting. The quality of the recording, the necessary accuracy and your grasp of grammar will all affect your earning potential. If you can’t produce high quality work consistently you may struggle to earn a reasonable income. Thanks for your comment. 

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