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Transcription for Everyone Review- How Much Can You Earn?

Transcription for Everyone Review

Thanks for checking out my Transcription for Everyone review.

My review will be looking into how much you are likely to earn on the Transcription for Everyone platform.

A good transcriptionist needs to be able to type quickly and accurately. You also need need to have a good grasp of grammar, along with good listening skills too.

While it may seem like a straightforward task, transcribing an audio tape requires patience, and a great deal of focus. But if you think you have what it takes, working as a transcriptionist could be the job for you.

However, before we take a look at what the income potential at Transcription for Everyone might be, let’s find out how the platform works.

How Transcription for Everyone Works

Transcription for Everyone does transcription for companies in different sectors.

Despite this, you will find that a significant number of their files are legal assignments. Each applicant will have to sign an agreement to keep information confidential before they can work with the company. If you are interested, you can download and sign the confidentiality agreement and send it in.

The Transcription for Everyone website asks for new Applicants to contact them via the site with a CV and a covering letter explaining why you think you would make a strong addition to the TFE team.

A training course is available, and there are optional videos which you can pay for as well. However, the additional videos are not compulsory.

The company is based in Israel, and they hire people from right around the globe. If you live in Israel, your money will be transferred to your bank account. In other countries, payment will be transferred via PayPal.

How much can you Earn With Transcription For Everyone?

Transcription for Everyone has freelance transcriptionists working globally, so you can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

You’re asked to do at least 90 minutes of audio tape per week. Compared to other sites that require more of a commitment, that gives you flexibility. You’ll also be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, since you’ll be transcribing information that is not yours to disclose.

Comparatively the pay is quite low compared to other platforms, so you may well struggle to use this website as your main source of income.

They pay $0.45 per page, which is less than what some other companies in the sector pay. People who do quality work however, can get up to $0.55 per page.

It would be difficult to earn a living wage from this option alone, especially when you consider your costs too.

As a freelancer, you are the one who will have to pay for the internet, computer equipment, sick days, and so on. None of that is covered by the company. However, they are reliable, and will pay you on time.

In addition to their flexibility and reliable payments, this company offers the opportunity for you to move into other roles.

You can become an editor and you can also proofread documents. In order to work in any of these positions however, you usually have to gain experience in transcription.


Transcription For Everyone Reviews

At the time of writing Transcription for Everyone has a score of 3.1/5 from 17 reviews with It has a score of 2.9/5 from 11 reviews with Glassdoor,

Transcription for Everyone users like the fact that the site always has work available.

Several however wish that the site would pay more, and be consistent with editorial guidelines. Another complains about there being poor communication when trying to converse with the company.

What Are The Pros Of Transcription For Everyone?

  • Transcription for Everyone is an option for people who need to have flexibility in their work day.
  • They hire transcriptionists from all across the world.
  • They only require you to do 30 minutes per week, and the maximum is up to you. That means if you have time constraints at any time, you aren’t under as much pressure as you would be with other sites.
  • This company pays you in cash for your work. You will usually have work available, and transfers are made directly to your PayPal account.
  • The company offers room for growth. There are other jobs there that can be filled by transcriptionists who work well and have experience.
  • 3 years experience is preferred but they also take beginners, and offer them on the job experience.

What Are The Cons Of Transcription For Everyone?

  • Transcription for Everyone provides you with audio tapes, and the speed at which you can work depends a lot on how clear the files are. Sometimes it may be difficult to clearly distinguish the main speaker’s voice.
  • To help you provide very speedy and accurate transcription work, you may need to invest in more expensive equipment such as high quality earphones and a foot pedal.
  • You will have to pass a test set by the platform.


Some Final Thoughts On Transcription For Everyone

Transcription for Everyone is a legitimate transcription platform that could provide you with transcription work that you can do from home in a freelance capacity.

Provided you have the necessary skills and can organize each work day to make the best use of your time and abilities, transcription might be an option for you.

You may not make enough from this one platform to make it a full time gig, but you could work on this platform and add to your income.

The site can serve as a steady source of work. Although the payment per page is low initially, you can count on getting your money.

Star Rating 3/5- A legit platform for anyone looking for transcription work they can do from home.

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Thanks for checking out my review of Transcription For Everyone. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Transcription For Everyone platform is a good option for you.

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4 thoughts on “Transcription for Everyone Review- How Much Can You Earn?”

  1. I have been doing quite a bit of research on working as a transcptionist and for the most part it does look like one of the more legit opportunities out there.

    Unfortunately the news isnt all good.  We are now finding a lot more companies that arent being lets say honest in their tactics.  Also to make decent money you really need to be a great typist.  Now thats not to say you cant make money as a slower typist because you can but it just wont be as great of a sum.

    The best thing to do is sign up to a company you find to be legit and see after a month if it is something for your doing

    Thanks for a great article.  It is because of you that I have been doing my research on transcription.

    1. Hi Dale,

      Thanks for checking out our review of Transcription for Everyone. Transcription isn’t of course for everyone because it does require commitment to ensure you can produce high quality transcriptions quickly.

      Best wishes to you with all your online endeavours and thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi, I have been looking for ideas on how to work from home and I have found quite a few … quite a few to many, I would say, LOL. But I have always felt attracted to the idea of doing transcription work. I know this site doesn’t have your full endorsement, but at least it’s legit. I’ll give it a try and start my journey as a transcriptionist today!

    1. Hi Ann,

      If you are interested in transcription work then there is no harm in trying various transcription platforms to see which one works best for you. They are free to join so there is nothing lost. If you do give Transcription For Everyone a try please let our readers know how you get one. Thanks for your comment. 

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