TreasureTrooper Review: How Much Money Can You Make?

TreasureTrooper Review

Thanks for joining us today for our TreasureTrooper Review.

In our review we will be finding out how much can you can really make on this platform, to help you to decide if it is worth trying out.

TreasureTrooper is what is called a ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) site that rewards you for carrying out various tasks. But how good is it? Let’s find out.

Treasure Trooper is a free-to-join GPT site that allows users to make money while having fun.

The site is modeled in the form of a game where members earn gold coins, platinum coins, arrowheads and dragon scales after completing various tasks.

These virtual currencies are redeemable for cash and gift cards.

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Is TreasureTrooper a legitimate site?

TreasureTrooper has been in existence since 2005.

This is a good sign to show that it is legitimate, unlike most scams, which disappear after a few weeks or months.

TreasureTrooper also has an active online community that is always ready to help new members blend in.

You can verify proof of payment from the skeptic center available on the TreasureTrooper website.

What requirements do I need to join TreasureTrooper?

TreasureTrooper is a free-to-join website, and they will never ask you for money.

In fact, you will earn your first dollar on this platform just from signing up.

Anyone above the age of 13 years is allowed to join TreasureTrooper.

However, when completing offers, different age requirements may apply.

The sign up process is swift and straightforward. Simply sign up by providing your name, email address and password.

You may also add your payment information such as PayPal address to facilitate faster payments.

You will receive a cash bonus of $1 as soon as you complete the registration process.

How does TreasureTrooper Work?

TreasureTrooper works by rewarding its members for doing simple tasks ranging from taking surveys to completing cash offers.

Performing these tasks is not all in vain, as advertisers pay TreasureTrooper to offer these tasks to regular members, who then receive a share of the earnings after completing available tasks.

Treasure Trooper uses a virtual currency system where members earn gold coins, platinum coins, arrowheads and dragon scales.

You can redeem your coins for cash, as each currency has a corresponding cash value.

Ways to earn with TreasureTrooper

TreasureTropper offers several ways of earning money. These include:

• Cash Offers

Earn money completing various offers such as testing products, apps, and signing up for free trials.

Earnings are in the form of dragon scales that are equivalent to between $0.50 and $2.00

• Cash Surveys

Answer a few questions and share your opinions about various products for the purposes of market research.

Surveys pay between $0.35 and $3.00

• Searching the web

Perform daily searches and buy products using TreasureTrooper affiliate links to earn arrowheads.

• Watching videos

Earn money or dragon scales by simply watching sponsored videos. You have to watch the video until the end to claim any rewards.

• Online shopping

TreasureTroopper has a cashback shopping facility that pays you cash rebates for shopping through the platform.

• Listening to the radio

This is a radio loyalty program that pays you for listening to an online radio broadcast. You will earn one arrowhead for every 10 minutes that you spend listening to the radio.

• Referral program

TreasureTrooper has a multilevel referral program that pays you for bringing in new members to the site.

You will earn 20% of what your first level referrals earn and 5% of your level 2 referrals’ earnings.

Getting Paid

You may make a withdrawal request as soon as you reach the minimum cash out threshold of $20.

Payments are via PayPal or Check. All payments are processed by the 15th day of every month and paid out by the 20th day of every month.

US residents with verified PayPal accounts can request for instant payments as long as they satisfy the minimum withdrawal requirement.

What We Like About TreasureTrooper

• Free registration
• Registration bonus of $1
• Highly reputable company
• Multiple income opportunities
• Accepts international membership
• Multiple payment options, including PayPal and Check
• Instant PayPal payments (US residents only)
• Multilevel referral program

What You May Not Like About TreasureTrooper

• Lots of Pre-qualification surveys
• Low-income potential
• High minimum payout threshold $20
• Some offers are misleading and may cost you money
• Some surveys are time-consuming as they require the same info over and over again
• TreasureTrooper will spam your email inbox with junk mail
• Long approval periods after completing tasks

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Final Thoughts On TreasureTrooper

TreasureTrooper is a genuine GPT platform with a number of opportunities for you to make money.

However, working with this site can be overly complicated since it involves many affiliate programs.

The fact that this platform uses different forms of currencies ranging from gold coins to dragon scales, means that you can easily lose track of the actual amount of money you ought to receive from each task you complete.

Nevertheless, TreasureTrooper remains one of the best GPT sites when it comes to earning money, while having fun.

TreasureTrooper Star Rating 2.5/5 This is a decent and well established GPT site. It has limited earning potential, as does all similar sites to this one, but it is designed in a way to make it fun, and there are plenty of different ways to earn a little extra.

Thanks for reading this review of TreasureTrooper. Let me know in the comments below if you have experience of this platform, and you want to share your experience and let the readers know if you recommend it.

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