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Univox Community Review-How Good Is This Survey Site?

Univox Community Review

Thanks for checking out our Univox Community review.

We will be having a detailed look at this survey platform today to see how it stacks up against other survey sites available….let’s get started!

What Is Univox Community?

Univox is a paid survey site created in 2011 that now boasts of having over 3 million members worldwide. It is run by Virginia based market research company Market Cube.

  • The surveys offered at Univox are quite short, they range from 5-25 minutes for completing them.
  • There are longer surveys, but these of course earn you more points
  • Univox will tell you how long the survey will take prior to you completing it.


When it comes to giving scores we like to mark survey sites out of five on the following criteria which I consider to be important.

Customer Reviews


We have given Univox an average mid range score. The score is based upon reviews that we have uncovered from the Internet from actual members of the site. Getting feedback from users I believe is the best way to gauge how good or otherwise a survey site is.

I found there to be a number of complaints from active users claiming that they are not being paid promptly. Univox state that they try to ensure payments are processed within 48 hours, or at a maximum of 7 days. Some members complain their rewards are taking longer than this. Update-April 2017-customer reviews have been improving with more customers satisfied and receiving payments promptly.

April 2019 Update- Recent Reviews Are somewhat mixed with high praise and complaints about issues with payments. We can’t however verify who is at fault with these…we have decided to stick with the mid range score.

There are also a number of complaints from users about not qualifying for many surveys. This is a common and very frustrating feature of most survey sites.

Univox do at least compensate you with 5 points just for your participation should you not qualify.

Redemption Amount


Again a mid range score.

The score would have been even lower because $25 is quite a high redemption amount, however you get $2 for signing up so the first cash out will happen once you have earned $23 worth of points.

There is also a loyalty program (see below) whereby the redemption amount is reduced once you have earned a certain amount of points on the site.

If you want to join this site remember it could take some time to reach the cash out or redemption amount of $25. Users of the site report that they often don’t qualify for surveys, so you will only earn 5 points (or 5 cents), when that happens.

Your points at Univox don’t expire so at least if you don’t participate for some time you can go back to the site to continue building the points balance.

The problem with higher redemption amounts is that you could end up giving up before you get anywhere near to cashing out.

Length of time in Business


The survey site has been around for approx 8 years which is quite a long time so the site doesn’t score too badly here. A new site would get a lower score because of the possibility of the company going out of business and you losing your rewards as a consequence.

It is often complained about in the reviews of many survey sites that people find that their account has been closed and the points earned therefore lost.

It’s important to read the sites terms and conditions before you join to ensure you are familiar with the sites rules.

If you are concerned about what happens to the personal data you are handing over then check the sites privacy policy to see what they do or don’t do with the information.

Check out the Univox promotional video below

Other features of the site

  • Every 100 points that you earn equates to $1.
  • Its is free to join plus you get $2 for signing up.( I don’t recommend that you ever sign up for a survey site that charges you to join, because taking surveys online is low paid)
  • You can refer friends to Univox to earn extra points. Each friend up that you refer to Univox means you will earn 100 points ($1.00) once they have attempted 10 surveys or have completed their first survey. Learn how you can refer hundreds of people to survey sites. You can get your first 10 lessons for free
  • The reward options available are PayPal, Virtual Visa, Virtual MasterCard and Amazon Gift Cards
  • The site has an online forum featuring contest announcements and community news etc
  • There is a live chat facility enabling members to speak to customer support via Shoutmix.
  • Univox has 4 different levels of membership depending upon your activity on the site. The four levels are Basic, Verified, Premium And Ambassador. You can move up the ranks by accumulating more points and there are benefits to the higher membership such as lower redemption.

What We Like About Univox Community

  • Free to join
  • Loyalty Program for members
  • $2 bonus when you sign up.
  • 5 point compensation when you don’t qualify
  • Live chat available on the site that enables you to talk to other members and to customer service.
  • Online forum available to members.

What You May Not Like About Univox

  • A low paying opportunity to make money online.
  • High redemption amount.

Some Final Thoughts

This company is legit

Univox Community is legit, although judging from the reviews made recently by members there have been some delays paying people what they are owed.

Remember, taking surveys online isn’t going to make you rich, and neither will it provide you with a full time income. There are better ways to make money online in our opinion.

I hope you enjoyed reading our review of Univox Community, if you have experience working with this survey site or wish to discuss anything regarding the company please leave a message below, I will be very happy to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5-A legit survey platform that is long established. We consider however that the redemption amount is too high, although the $2 sign up bonus and a member loyalty scheme is welcome.

2 Star Rating

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Jackson - April 12, 2017

I’ve always looked for a good survey site, but I run into the problem of either running out of surveys or the surveys not crediting. Univox seems like it has potential, but I’m still hesitant. Do you think I’ll run into the same problems I’ve had with other survey sites or is this worth a shot?

Thank you for the information.

Admin - April 12, 2017

Hi Jackson,
Running out of surveys can be an issue with some survey sites, I recommend you sign up with a few companies to ensure you have surveys available to maximise your earnings. Not enough surveys doesn’t seem to be an issue with Univox, but not qualifying for surveys does. This is however a fact of life with almost all survey sites I’m afraid.
Not getting credited for surveys that you have completed is something that you should take up with customer service if it happens to you on any survey site you join.
The main issue for members at Univox some months back appeared to be that they weren’t getting paid promptly, however Univox have addressed the issues.
Thanks for reading Jackson, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my review.

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