Usability Hub Review: Earn Money Doing Quick Tests Online

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Usability Hub Review

Thanks for checking out our Usability Hub Review.

In this review we will be finding out how you can earn a side income from this platform by carrying out usability tests.

There are quite a number of similar websites like this one, so you’ve made a wise choice in checking out this review to see how this particular site matches up to the others.

To help do this, I will be looking into what the Usability Hub platform is all about, its features, and what the pros and the cons are.

So firstly, what does usability mean?……….

Usability is a quality assurance attribute that assesses user-experience, to measure the ease of using a particular digital product or website.

It evaluates how users can learn and use a website to their utter satisfaction.

Therefore, a website’s usability is something a website owner needs to know about…..this is where platforms like Usability Hub comes in.


What is Usability Hub and how does it work?

The user-friendliness of a site plays an essential role in determining its conversion rate. If a website has a poor design, and a horrible user interface, then it probably would not attract many users.

This is where the services of the Usability Hub come in handy for website owners because Usability Hub is a website that runs usability tests and surveys.

It brings real people to perform quick tests, and provide responses on how the ease- of- use of a site can be enhanced.

Signing up with Usability Hub


To register with Usability Hub, you need to provide your name, email, country, time zone, age and gender.

The registration process also requires info about your education level, employment status, annual household income, daily hours online (availability) and technical proficiency.

Types of usability tests available on this platform

The Usability Hub offers five types of usability tests. These include:

  • Click Test

This type of test analyzes how common online users interact with websites, mobile apps and software interfaces. Your role is to click on specific areas on the interface to assess the ease of completing tasks via clicks.

  • Five Second Test

The Five Second Test studies users’ first impressions when interacting with homepage designs, logos, landing pages, and images.

You are supposed to view an image for five seconds, and then write a response about what you remember.

  •  Question Test

This type of test is a straightforward survey that asks short questions about the design of a website.

The test examines areas such as the color of the design, images and layout of the site among many others.

  • Preference Test

Just as the name suggests, this type of test is carried out to establish user preferences.

The test seeks to find out what users prefer in terms of logo designs, layouts, color schemes and icons, among many others.

  • Navigation Test

The navigation test is used to establish if a particular site is easily navigable.

The test analyzes the ease of browsing through websites and apps. Easily navigable websites have a higher conversion rate.


Payments and withdrawals


Each completed test will earn you up to 5 credits. Usability Hub pays $10 cents for every credit earned. This means that you have to carry out at least 20 tests to earn $10, which is the minimum payout threshold.

According to complaints raised by members of this platform, the payout process can be frustrating.

Usability Hub has to verify every single response before approving your payments.

This can take a considerable amount of time. Also, you must have a verified PayPal account to receive your earnings.

What Are The Pros Of Usability Hub?

• It free to join this site
• It is a user-friendly website
• Instant access to available tests
• Variety of tests available
• No professional skills required
• User guides and free training tutorials available
• It has an excellent support team
• Low payout threshold of $10
• Easy to start earning; no extra equipment like microphones and video recorders required

What You May Not Like About Usability Hub

• Responses must comply with all quality assurance standards
• Payment delays ( might take 4 weeks to receive payments )
• Tests are not regular ( low workflow )
• Low earning potential
• It has limited payment options (only pays via PayPal )

Some Final Thoughts


Usability Hub is a certainly a genuine platform with a professional outlook. The site offers an easy way of earning money online.

Tests are simple and they do not take much of your time.

However, Usability Hub does not have enough work opportunities that can give you a steady income.

Also, Usability Hub has to review all responses for quality assurance purposes before approving your payment request. This might take more than a month or so for you to receive your earnings.

However, if you are looking for a genuine income opportunity that pays you for doing simple online tests, then Usability Hub is the site for you.

To maximise your earning however it’s recommended that you join a number of similar sites to ensure that more tests are available to you.

Thanks for reading my Usability Hub Review. Leave a comment below if you are, or have been a member of this site and you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 3/5-This is a genuine website testing platform that offers those with no previous experience, or specialist equipment, to perform short website testing. The income potential however is quite low due to the limited opportunities available, and payment is slow.

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