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Viewpoint Forum Review

Thanks for stopping by to read my Viewpoint Forum Review.

There are lots of options available when deciding which survey platform to use.

There are so many survey sites these days it can be difficult working out which ones are the best to use.

So what do you need to know about Viewpoint Forum, and why have I called it an exclusive community? Let’s find out.

Viewpoint Forum is a survey platform that is available only to those residing in the United States.

It offers you the opportunity to earn redeemable points for providing meaningful insights about various products and services through surveys.

The site is owned by MarketVision Research, which is a leading market research firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How do I join Viewpoint Forum?

What makes this platform exclusive is that signing up to Viewpoint Forum is by invitation only, and membership is controlled according to the availability of surveys.

You can only join this platform via a referral link from an existing member, or you can join Viewpoint via a special invitation from the Viewpoint company, or any of the affiliates such as Insights Association.

For you to become an active member of this forum, you need to complete a personal profile survey.

The profile survey requires your personal information such as age, gender, annual income, and interests, among others. Viewpoint will use this info to match you with surveys that fit your interests.

How Viewpoint Forum works

Viewpoint Forum will send you an invitation via email, once a survey opportunity becomes available.

The survey invitation indicates the closing date of the survey and the amount of Forum Points you will earn after completing the survey.

Viewpoint uses a point-based system to reward members. Earnings per survey range between 125 points and 225 points. Your earnings will be credited to your account once you complete a survey successfully.

Earning Potential

Just like other similar survey platforms like this, earning potential of this site is very low. With Viewpoint there are very limited surveys made available to you.

You will receive around two survey invitations from Viewpoint every month. This can vary, but it depends upon your demographic. This means that the maximum amount of points you can get per month if you only get 2 surveys is around 450 points.

Furthermore, you have to take a pre – screening test to qualify for a survey. Failure means that you have to wait for four weeks to receive another survey invitation.

How do I get paid?

The minimum payout threshold on this platform is 750 points, which is equivalent to 20 USD. However, you cannot convert your points into cash. Viewpoint pays via e -vouchers and gift cards only. Payments take less than 48 hours, and you can make a withdrawal request at any time after satisfying the payout threshold.

• Positive B B B rating
The Viewpoint Forum is listed with the Better Business Bureau ( BBB ), and it has an A+ rating.

• Exclusive membership
This site is an exclusive invites – only forum. The number of active participants is controlled, and this translates to minimal competition when it comes to taking surveys. This raises your chances of getting more surveys.

• Prompt Payments
You can redeem your points once you reach the minimum payout threshold. Viewpoint will send your rewards within 24 to 48 hours.

• Registration is by referral only
For you to be accepted on this platform, you must be referred by an existing member, affiliate or the Viewpoint team.

• Restricted Membership
Viewpoint does not accept members outside the United States. You must be a resident of the US to participate.

• Limited Surveys
The number of surveys that you can take at any given time depends on your demographics. You have to pass through an arduous screening process before you can qualify for surveys.

Then again, viewpoint sends around two surveys per month, which is very low compared to other survey sites.

• High Withdrawal Payout Threshold
The minimum withdrawal payout threshold on this site is 750 points, which is equivalent to $20. This is a very high requirement considering that each survey pays an average of 125 points.

• No Referral Program
Despite allowing registrations via referrals only, Viewpoint does not have a referral program that pays. Most survey takers rely on referrals to earn commissions. Sadly, Viewpoint does not have one.

Final Thoughts

Although Viewpoint Forum is a legitimate survey site, the numerous restrictions surrounding membership make it almost impossible to work on this platform.

Also, with around two surveys per month, the earning potential of this site is very low. Furthermore, you have to wait for months to reach the minimum cash out threshold.

Considering all these shortcomings, i will leave it up to you to decide whether you want to work with Viewpoint Forum (should You get an invite).

Viewpoint Forum Score…..4 out of 10 This is a very low paying opportunity, although if you do get an invite there is likely to be less competition for surveys. The high cash out however makes it less appealing.

Thanks for reading my review of Viewpoint Forum. Let me know in the comments if you have worked with this survey site, and what you thought of them.

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