VIPDesk Connect Review: Could You Be A Customer Service Agent Working From Home?

VIPDesk Connect Review

Thanks for checking out this VIP Desk Connect Review. In this review I will be finding out what this company can offer you as a possible source of income.

Customer service is the assistance, or advice offered to clients before, during and after purchasing a product or service.

Good customer service is essential to the success of any business, as it helps to achieve maximum client satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

However, not all businesses can set up a fully-fledged and efficient customer support unit, and this is where virtual contact centers like VIPDesk come into play.

VIPDesk Connect is a company that works for brand organizations, startups and other types of businesses to provide exceptional customer care services, social media management, back office support, and customer experience consultancy services using brand ambassadors.

Joining VIPDesk as a customer service agent

Becoming an elite brand ambassador with VIPDesk is not easy.

The application process is long and is guided by stringent requirements. Furthermore, VIPDesk Connect only hires customer care representatives in 15 States in the USA.

These geographical restrictions have to do with strict licensing requirements by state authorities and federal agencies, making it difficult for VIPDesk to comply.

Application Process

The first phase involves submitting an online resume and going through a pre-screening process where you answer a detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire helps recruiters to test your skills, and find out more about your work experience.

You also need to create a profile to register with the VIPDesk employment portal. Your profile requires your name, email, postal address, work experience and your responses to the pre-screening questionnaire.


To become a customer care representative with VIPDesk, you must have the following qualifications:

• Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
• Ability to express yourself professionally
• Strong computer and internet skills
• Passionate about serving others
• Keen attention to detail
• Ability to multitask
• Have knowledge of a wide variety of products
• Ability to handle obnoxious or rude customers without reacting negatively

You have to undergo intensive training to become an astute customer care representative.

VIPDesk offers training courses delivered in a virtual classroom. New team members are trained in a group classroom.

The company will supply you with all training materials, including instructions and course content through the internet. The training program is intensive, and it takes about 2 – 3 weeks. You must attend 100% of your training sessions from your virtual home office.

Virtual Office Requirements

Setting up a virtual home office requires a considerable amount of investment. You need to satisfy the following system requirements to become a customer care representative with VIPDesk.
• Separate room that is noise free
• Home PC (Win 7 or higher, 2GB Ram, Duo Core processor)
• Fast and stable internet connectivity (wired connection)
• Fax machine to receive and send faxes
• Sound card with speakers
• Headset with noise-canceling microphone
• Antivirus software
• Shredder machine
• File cabinet

Your roles as a customer care representative include:
• Assist customers via email, live chat, and telephone conversations
• Provide customers with information about various products
• Help customers place orders
• Assist customers in a courteous and professional manner
• Responding to queries in social media
• Other duties based on client requirements

Payment Info

VIPDesk does not provide payment information on their website.

However, pay scale descriptions found in the current openings section indicate that pay is usually $10 to $15 per hour. VIPDesk uses a payment tracking software to calculate your dues. All payments are made every two weeks via direct bank deposit.

• Good income
• Paid training – VIPDesk will pay you during training
• Ability to help customers is self-gratifying
• Prompt payments
• Direct bank deposits

• It is expensive to set up a virtual office
• Residency Restrictions (hires from 15 states only)
• Stringent application process
• You must undergo pre-screening, credit check, and background checks
• Customer service requires comprehensive training

VIPDesk is a progressive company with an ever-expanding workforce. The company is always looking for dynamic individuals who can provide customer care services from home as brand ambassadors.

However, qualifying for these positions can be a difficult task.

You have to possess strong communication skills coupled with excellent computer skills.

System and office requirements also require a considerable amount of investment.

Nevertheless, if you satisfy all requirements and you have a passion for serving others, then working with VIPDesk can be a viable income opportunity.

VIP Desk Connect Score……..7 out of 10 This is a genuine opportunity for those that have the necessary skills to earn an income from home. Unfortunately, there are only limited states where the opportunity is available, and you do need to have the necessary skills, so this opportunity isn’t for everyone.

Thanks for reading this review of VIP Desk Connect. If you have any experience of working with this company that you want to share then please leave a comment below.You 

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