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Vipon Review-How Does It Work?

I’m always on the lookout for online platforms that can not only make you money, but save you money too.

So when I heard that the Vipon platform could potentially save you money on Amazon, I thought it would be worth checking out.

The app is also designed to benefit those who want to sell on Amazon too, however my review today will be focused on the saving aspect.

There are of course lots of finance apps available online, and all of them work in different ways. Apps like Vipon however are about providing deals to consumers.

How Vipon Works

Vipon was known as AMZ Review Trader when they first started, but they changed their name in 2016.

To join, you’ll only need an email address. You can even use your social media account to join the site.

There are no fees for membership if you want to join in order to benefit from the deals.

Anyone who has a product to promote can offer that product at a discount on Vipon, and you as a consumer can check the Vipon platform to see if it is discounted.

When you select a discounted product you can leave a review, however it is not compulsory, and you can enjoy the deals without reviewing the products.

If you decide to leave a review, it should state what you think about the product. You can discuss its features, what you enjoyed, and anything you would want to change. You’re not required to give a good review of something that you did not like.

You aren’t limited to just one product, and can save money on as many types of items as you like.

Whenever you find something on the site that you want, click on it to get a coupon code. You’ll be taken to the product page on Amazon, where you can complete your purchase.

Your coupon code should be applied during checkout. If you don’t enter the code during checkout, you won’t receive your savings.

The code should be entered exactly as it is given, and it is usually good to quickly copy it from Vipon, and then paste it in the space provided under your Amazon basket.

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How much can you Save with Vipon?

You can earn points for the activities you carry out on the site, however these are more of a bonus really, and we will discuss them below. The real benefits however lie in the savings that can be made by using the coupons.

Only members of the site can access bargains and deals there. Nearly all discounts are at least 50% and sometimes you can save up to 90% on the cost of a product that you want to buy online.

Less frequently, you may get 100% off, but you’ll have to pay for shipping.

The best discounts are usually available within 24 hours of the launch of a product on Amazon. This means that if you want to enjoy savings as often as possible, you’ll need to stay up to date on what the site has to offer.

You can get up to 20 coupons a day on the site. If you shop for groceries and other essentials on Amazon, that can really help a lot, especially if you can get big discounts.

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Earning Points With Vipon

In addition to benefitting from the coupon discounts, you can also earn points, 100 points are equivalent to $1 and can either be spent on products, used toward better discounts or cashed out.

Points can be earned for the following;

  • The first 3 coupon codes you get earn you 2 points each.
  • By registering an account and verifying it you get 10 points
  • Complete your profile and get 10 points
  • You can earn up to 300 points each day for referring people to Vipon
  • Each day that you login you will get 3 points
  • Making comments…5 points are awarded for each of your first 3 comments.

The Vipon V Show

Vipon ‘s V Show feature provides an opportunity for members to upload content onto the site and get paid for it.

Your content is shared with the community, and you will be paid $1 for every 10 likes. Once your account balance reaches $10 you can withdraw your earnings.

The feature is in its early stages and content has only recently started to be added, with the majority of users uploading original video content. Any content that isn’t yours, or if it breaks guidelines the content will be removed and your earnings cancelled.

Feedback from Users

Users like the deals, and enjoy earning cash for using the coupons, sharing comments, and other activities. They like that cash payments can be sent to PayPal.

What Are The Pros?

  • Vipon is free, and can be used from any location.
  • You’ll get points for logging in, and performing other actions.
  • If you like an item, but didn’t get a chance to buy it, you can add it to your favorites, and you’ll be notified when it becomes available again.

What Are The Cons?

  • You can’t find everything on Amazon listed on this site.
  • The deals are all dependent on the sellers.
  • If you request a code, and don’t use it, that is still included in your total for the day.

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Some Final Thoughts

If you want to save money on Amazon products, and even earn cash, Vipon is a good way to go. In some cases, you’ll pay only half of the price.

You gain points whenever you request coupons. You also gain points by logging in, and your points can be exchanged for cash. If you want to save your cash and earn extra, consider using this app.

Star Rating 3/5-A good discount App that will especially benefit those who do a lot of shopping on Amazon. There are a lot of products on the App but not every Amazon product is included.

3 Star Rating

You Could Be Earning Money By Promoting Amazon Products

Not only can you save money on Amazon products by using Vipon, you can also make money by promoting Amazon products too.

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You don’t need any experience or knowledge because you will be taught everything you need to know via easy to follow step by step video tutorials.

Over 2 million people are already benefiting from all the tools and resources available on this popular site.

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16 thoughts on “Vipon Review-How Does It Work?”

  1. Hi, I failed to receive my money in vipon even the withdraw status in vipon shows “success”. But I check my paypal account for times to make sure I didn’t enter the wrong one. But failed to receive the money or any email.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Vipon with our readers. I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t a good one.

  2. Hi, 

    Really intrigued by Vipon, it sounds to good to be true. So all you have to do is sign up with your email and register to avail of the discounts Vipon has to offer?

    It’s something I’m definitely going to explore more and hopefully sign up. It seems myself and so many others have been missing out on some great deals, especially as I do a lot of shopping on Amazon.  

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hi Ross,

      Yes it’s straightforward signing up. Once you complete a few details the discount coupons are available to you. If you join let our readers know how you get on. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article to the general public. It interests me to know that with Vipon platform I am open to so many benefits and services that can help  generate fund.A platform that one can join even with a social media account and it has no fee for membership, a system where one can sell and earn easily . It’s indeed amazing and interesting. 

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for checking out my review of Vipon. I hope you will make plenty of savings by using it. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi, There.
    Thanks for sharing your honest reviews on Vipon. During the locked down period, every effort to save money is welcomed. I went through the complete review and could sense that some good money can be saved on Amazon purchase through Vipon. So I would definitely be going to sign up for this program and see myself, what is in the store. Thanks for the tip.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      I’m glad you found the review informative and you got value from it, thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I never heard of Vipon but after reading your review I am pretty much ready to sign up. I think it is a great way to save money on your own purchases. And the referral program is just a bonus really. 

    I understand that it is not a way to make a lot of money but it is a great way to make some extra income and enjoy it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi there,

      I agree money saving apps like this are great for saving money on products you would buy anyway. I’m glad you found my review informative, thanks for dropping by.

  6. I entered your website a complete Vipon novice. I am a fairly frequent shopper on Amazon and if I’m honest rarely look elsewhere for retail products or books. 

    Therefore I read with some interest about Vipon, I had absolutely no knowledge of Vipon nor how I could benefit. 

    Your Review of Vipon was unbelievably thorough, so much I actually ventured onto the Vipon information site and compared your detail with theirs and found that your explanation and example was more thorough. I am intrigued to see how it worked and how it came together. 

    I have never been a fan of Groupon or Voucher Codes as i have found on the several times I have used that the outcome is never so simple, for example the product for which I had purchased (with the code) had strict limitations and time frames and thus made it not so viable. However as previously mentioned I am a huge fan of Amazon, even more so in the current climate, and can only see positive outcome and how Vipon would be a good intervention. 

    Your blog post was well written, easy to read, easy on the eye and I liked how it visually appeared. 

    Thank you, I feel you may just have saved me some money. 

    One other thing was the little bit at the bottom of the post which talked about how we the reader could make money by promoting our own Amazon products. 

    I will click on that later, but you have piqued my interest. 


    1. Hi Cordelia,

      Thanks for your great comment, I’m really pleased that you got a lot of value from it. I’m sure you will save some money if you are a regular shopper on Amazon. You can also accumulate a regulator amount of points by checking in on the App each day and maybe writing a few reviews.

      Although this is a good app, promoting products on your own website is the best way to secure an online income, and the best place to learn how to do it is of course with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again.

  7. Wow! This seems like a really cool platform! I like the idea of earning credits in order to get coupon codes! If it can save me money, why not?

     Have you found being a member of Vipon to be beneficial? Has it saved you money on items you would’ve purchased anyways? 

    I might have to check it out and cross some things off my “to buy” list!

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Kota,

      I think the best way to use this app is by looking at the items that have discount codes, and if you do find something that you were going to purchase anyway, go ahead and use the coupon code. I must admit I have yet to find a product that I want to purchase, but when I do I will use it. 

      That is, I believe, the main drawback to the App…you are not going to find every product you want listed on the App. It is however a useful app to have if you make regular Amazon purchases.

  8. Hi, I’m a little confused about how Vipon works. At first I thought is for consumer to find deals on Amazon, like an add-on extension, but it’s not right? Vipon is meant more for businesses to promote their products so they pop out more?

    Could you please explain if I got it right?



    1. Hi Kat,

      Yes, Vipon is a coupon app that can be used by customers purchasing products from amazon. From the app they can get coupon codes that offer big discounts. It also assists sellers, because they can list coupon discounts for their products on the App to help their products stand out. Thanks for your comments.

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