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VYPR App Review-What Can You Earn? An Inside Look

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VYPR App Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the VYPR App. folks!

Alright, so I tried out this VYPR platform and I’m gonna give you the lowdown on whether you can actually make money by answering one-question surveys.

And let me tell you, these surveys are super quick and can be done on the go from your phone!

So, I signed up and gave it a whirl to see how much dough you could make. But before we dive into that, let me tell you a bit about how the VYPR App works.

How the VYPR App Works

The VYPR App is free, and available for your Android or iOS phone.

Once you download it and register, you can start earning money by completing surveys.

The app rewards you with 2000 points as a sign up bonus. You can cash out when you reach 10,000 points ($5).

Each survey question is known as a Steer. You earn VYPR points by doing them, and these points are converted to dollars.

The surveys are used to gain information for market research purposes. The data is used to develop new products, and so, surveys may ask questions about the design or function of a particular product.

For example, you may be asked how often you have purchased a particular product in the last six months.

The points you are rewarded varies. The app tells me that I could get rewarded up to 150 points for completing a steer, although most of the steers I have answered so far have been worth just 10 points and involve answering just one question.


VYPR points

Rewards for steers have different values

To answer a Steer simply click on the Steers tab at the bottom of the dashboard. On the steers page you simply click on one of the tiles. See below.

Available steers on The VYPR App

By clicking on the points tab on the dashboard you can check on your progress and how close you are to achieving the pay out.

Progress to pay out with The VYPR App


How much can you Earn With The VYPR App?

The VYPR App rewards you for each of the steers (survey question) you answer.

The majority of each steer you answer rewards you with 10 points. So given that the cash out is 10,000 points, and that is valued at $5, each steer you answer rewards you with at least half of one cent.

The following is an approximation of your earnings based on my own experience of using the app.

Remember, some of the steers reward you with more than 10 points, however I have calculated the following based on just 10 points being rewarded to you for each answer, and you spending 10 minutes each day using the app.

If you were to answer say 4 steers in a minute, and spend 10 minutes each day using the app, you should be able to answer 40 steers which equates to 400 points. That means you will be rewarded 40 cents for 10 minutes of your time.

That means it will take you approximately 25 days to reach your $5 pay out.

Your first pay out however can be achieved more quickly given that you get a 2000 point bonus to begin. By spending 10 minutes on the app each day, you could reach your first pay out in just under 3 weeks.

Of course the speed at which you answer survey questions varies from person to person. You have to make sure you answer honestly and consistently. Your ability to do this may be different to the example above.

All survey platforms expect honest answers, failure to do so could result in no more surveys being offered to you.

How Does The VYPR App Pay?

When you reach the 10,000 point balance you can redeem your reward via PayPal. You therefore need to ensure you have a PayPal account and you will have to confirm the email account attached to  it.

You can also donate your earnings to charity if you wish.

VYPR App Feedback from Users.

The VYPR App has high review scores given to it by the majority of its users. Some members say they enjoy the fact that surveys are very short, and they like to learn about new products on the market.

Members confirm they have received their rewards after redemption.

A few members complain about technical issues, specifically when they do steers that are worth 40 points. Others say there aren’t as many steers made available to them once they have cashed out.

Have you tried the VYPR App? If so and you want to share your opinion please leave a comment t in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros?

  • The VYPR App is free to use and gives all new panelists a free welcome bonus of 2,000 points.
  • The rewards are easily collected as cash via PayPal.
  • The questions are usually related to general consumer habits. They aren’t invasive, and you can  answer them as and when you choose.
  • The surveys are very short, usually involving just answering one question.
  • Unlike with other survey platforms, you won’t be disqualified for a survey. Even though each survey isn’t worth much, each minute you spend on the app means you are earning.
  • Sign up bonus of 2000 points.

What Are The Cons?

  • Some complaints from users regarding technical issues or lack of surveys.
  • No referral program.
  • Low income opportunity.

Some Final Thoughts

The VYPR App is very easy to use and allows you to build up your points without worrying if you are qualified to answer survey questions.

You can keep a close check on your progress as you work towards the 10,000 point pay out. To help you achieve your first reward, each member gets a bonus on signing up that takes them one fifth closer to pay out.

The answers you give on this app will help businesses make better decisions about their products.

Your first pay out shouldn’t take long to achieve if you use the app consistently.

I will continue to use the app until I get to pay out, and then update the review to show if I got paid. It will also be useful to know if I continue to get steers after a first pay out as some members complain they get less.

Star Rating 2.5/5 A convenient app for that enables its members to earn by taking quick and easy surveys whilst on the go. It may however take a number of weeks to reach the £5 cash out.

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