Wealthy Affiliate-Kyle And Carson’s Affliate Marketing Program

Wealthy Affiliate is the popular affiliate marketing program created by online marketers Kyle and Carson.

The duo set up the training platform back in 2005, and since then it has grown from strength to strength, becoming the world’s leading go to program for budding online entrepreneurs.

Kyle and Carson Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson
Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

The platform not only offers world class affiliate marketing training, but also the opportunity to be a part of enormous community of likeminded marketers, some of whom have achieved astounding levels of online success in the industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits the members of the program enjoy.


You get 2 free ones with the free membership, and up to 50 with the premium membership

It is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website as there are plenty of places on the Internet where your affiliate links can be promoted. However, why wouldn’t you want your own website?

Having your own website provides an opportunity for you to build your online brand.

A website builds reputation and authority within your niche. People will over time begin to make purchases based upon your authority and the trust that you build with your customers.

Having a professional looking website used to be a difficult and sometimes costly endeavour.

Today however, with great platforms like WordPress to help you, the process is cheap and very easy to do.

Building a reputation and gaining a large audience will admittedly take time. But if you are serious about getting started in affiliate marketing, and by that I mean taking a longer term view, then having your own niche website is definitely the way to go.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will not only get your own websites you will also learn about website optimisation


You will have to learn at least the basics of SEO. It is something that continues to be a very important strategy for marketing your business online.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation isn’t really rocket science, but there are some important things that you are going to need to know.

SEO is a strategy that internet marketers use to get their site seen by people who are doing searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Wealthy Affiliate

The people who find and click onto a page on your site are sometimes referred to as ‘traffic’. When your site is found this way by visitors (or traffic) it is often called organic traffic or free traffic (strictly speaking it isn’t correct to call it free traffic because you still have to put the work in to earn it).

There are other ways to generate traffic to your website such as through social media and paid traffic, but the main source of traffic for most affiliate marketers is the search engines.

Knowing some SEO will help you to get the search engines to rank your site high up in the search results. The higher up the listings you are, the more traffic you will get, and ultimately this will lead to more sales.

SEO is a strategy that is mainly centred around a few particular areas;

a. How well your website is structured so that it becomes easier for the search engines to crawl and read.

b. Using the right keywords that will not only get visitors or traffic to your site, but will also get the right kind of visitors to your site.

c. Making your website into one that the search engines knows is trustworthy.

It’s important that your website has fast page load times so the search engines can crawl them better, and that there is a better user experience for your visitors.

Website’s should also have a sitemap, and have lots of well organised internal links to ensure the site can be easily understood by the search engines, and the user gets easy access to informative content.

When it comes to keywords its Important to at least learn the basics of keyword research.

It isn’t about just finding keywords that have the most searches per day. You have to learn how to narrow it down and find lots of keywords that are searched for but don’t have the same kind of fierce competition that some of the more popular keywords have.

Finally when it comes to trust, this could quite simply be the most important reason why you need to know some SEO. Delivering great natural content regularly is the way to go, but if you haven’t got a strategy in place to ensure the search engines trust you then your rankings could be adversely affected.

In order to get your new online business started, Wealthy Affiliate can also help you to find a niche.

They will teach you how to use different techniques for finding niches that can make you money.


A niche is a segment or group of people that a marketer can focus upon. The people within the group or niche have certain needs because of the fact they are part of this group.

Their needs could be for a particular service, or for a particular product or products. It is the role of the affiliate marketer to market products or services to the niche, and refer visitors that are part of the niche to the merchants that sell them.

What might you have to consider when choosing a niche?

When choosing a niche it does help if you have an interest, or if you have some knowledge about the niche already.

This being the case then chances are you know more about the niche than most people on the planet, so you are off to a head start.

Maybe you have a hobby, if you do it’s likely that there are millions of other people who share the same hobby, so it may be a good niche.

Don’t however be put off because you don’t think you know enough about your niche. Nobody knows everything, but what you also have to consider is that as you write consistently about the niche you will be carrying out research and therefore expanding your knowledge as you go along.

It is surprising how quickly you will find yourself becoming something of an expert in the niche due to the attention you have to give to it.

An important consideration when choosing a niche is that you will have to write about the subject quite extensively to make your affiliate marketing business work. You must ask yourself the important question of whether you think you can do this.

Having a passion is great but it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to write about it all the time, although of course some people are happy to do this.

As long as the niche you are interested in has products and or services that the niche desires then it is one you can consider.

You must however ensure that the niche isn’t too broad, because it will be extremely difficult to get your website noticed. At the other extreme it’s also important to ensure it isn’t too obscure a niche, with very few people and therefore products desired.

Larger niches will have a lot more competition to contend with. It’s not to say that it’s impossible to break into the bigger niches but it will take a lot more time to do it. That does of course mean it will take longer to make money as well. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing then you run the risk of losing motivation before you make your first dollar.


Being a part of the community at Wealthy Affiliate means you are amongst a community of likeminded people who are committed to a longer term plan for building their business.

Building an affiliate marketing business on the Internet is the same as building any kind of business offline in that it takes time to become established.

Offline businesses can take a few years to become profitable, and when you go into business offline this is something you expect rather than become despondent about.

Surprisingly people who start an affiliate marketing business don’t approach it with the same kind of mindset. Rather than accepting that a business takes time to grow, many people new to affiliate marketing approach it as something they just want to try out.

This is unfortunately a mindset that can lead to failure as it shows that there is no real belief, or necessary commitment to make it work. You wouldn’t start an offline business by saying to yourself you are going to try it out, and you shouldn’t with an online business either.


Given that affiliate marketing is a real business it stands to reason that it will need a real business plan.

Every business needs planning out strategically.

To begin with you need to be clear about the identity or mission of your business. What is the aim of your affiliate website? Is it to promote the best yet most affordable distance running shoes for serious athletes? If so then you have a blueprint, and you should try to ensure that your business sticks to the plan.

Have you clearly identified who your target audience is? This requires careful planning because you need to ‘get into the mind’ of your audience and understand their needs, because the plan is for you to cater to them.

As part of your plan you will also need to decide which affiliate programs work best for you, and which you are going to use for your audience. Are you planning to use the products yourself? It’s a good idea to use the products first so you know for sure what value they offer.

Once you know the products you believe are right then you have to decide how you are going to market them. Your marketing strategy is a big part of your overall plan. Maybe you have social media skills that you could utilise to market your business, or you focus more on content marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate has weekly live video tutorials that cover all aspects of planning your business and strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Is About Following A Passion Or Interest, It’s Not All About The Money!

We are all interested in the money of course, we can’t deny that. But if you are purely focused on it then you probably won’t get far.

One of the biggest pulls for starting a niche website is the prospect of not just earning money from it, but also earning money from something that you have a passion for.

It’s a dream for many to make money doing something they enjoy, so it is important to focus upon the passion you have, and the enjoyment you derive from it first.

The more you focus on this the more it will reveal itself in your writing. Your audience will pick up on it and will more willing to connect with you.

Get Used To Working For Free In The Beginning

It takes a while before you earn anything from affiliate marketing. Some are lucky in that they find a great niche at the right time and they are onto something in only a few months.

For most it will take longer, which means there will be little in the way of motivation when it comes to making money.

Most of use are used to doing work and then getting paid for the work we have done. We aren’t familiar with working for nothing for a while, but that is exactly how it feels in the beginning. A different mindset is needed when you start out. The time you spend on your site is an investment rather than paid time. If you need money quickly, unfortunately affiliate marketing isn’t right for you right now.

Self Doubt

Overcoming self-doubt is essential because you will find yourself suffering from it in the early stages. There is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing in most niches, and it’s only natural to think that because you are new to the business that you aren’t going to be good enough to compete with the top affiliates in your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you how to find the best affiliate programs


When it comes to choosing an affiliate program it must not only be one that sells a product or service that is right for you, but also it must be relevant to your niche.

There are numerous considerations when choosing an affiliate program but relevance is vital for conversion.

As someone new to affiliate marketing however there will be a temptation to simply look at ones that you think will make you the most money, but if they aren’t relevant to your content nobody is going to click on them anyway.

When you join an affiliate program it is likely to be in any one of the following three forms.

Pay per purchase…you receive commission when a user clicks on a link on your site and is taken to the merchants site and they make a purchase. An example of this is the Amazon Associates program. When the user is directed to the merchant’s website a cookie is created, the lifespan of the cookie will vary depending upon the affiliate program you have joined. Amazon’s cookie for example lasts for 24 hours from when the user clicked on your link, so if they purchase something anytime within 24 hours from then you will get the commission.
Pay per click or PPC…with this kind of program you get a commission when a user simply clicks onto a link on your website. An example of this is Google Adsense.
Pay per lead…this type of program involves a payment being made to you for each lead that you generate via your website.
Some affiliate programs offer more than one time payments. If a user joins a membership site via a link on your website then they offer a recurring commission for the length of time the user is a member of the site. This kind of program can be lucrative for an affiliate because there can be a lot more to be gained from one sale.

A mistake that lot of beginners make is signing up to lots of affiliate programs, and filling their website with links and banners. A website however must provide some value first, and have lots of content that will interest and inform the user.


You cannot afford to ignore the potential of social media as a marketing strategy for your affiliate marketing business.

Oart of the training at Wealthy Affiliate focuses upon how you can use the social media platforms to your advantage.

A social media campaign however isn’t as straightforward as it may first seem. To begin with not all social media platforms are suitable for all types of business.

Just like other forms of marketing, social media marketing needs to be learned. It isn’t simply a case of posting links. If you are too spammy with those you won’t convert many sales for example.

There is no doubting the potential reach that social media has however.

Wherever you look people are checking their social media accounts for updates, looking at what their friends are sharing. It makes sense therefore that you have a presence there.

You can also learn how to create great content at Wealthy Affiliate


Creating great content means you will be giving great value to your visitors.

If you are building a niche website, then there is no getting around the fact that you will have to commit considerable time and effort to ensure there is something worth looking at when when visitors arrive on your site.

Unless your posts are high quality it is difficult to rank highly in the search engines. There was a time that short articles that had little more than 300 words with some affiliate links could rank, and marketers could make money from them. Search engines have however advanced considerably and are more likely to rank longer and more informative posts.

If marketers want to ensure their posts get noticed and read they have to ensure attention is given to numerous things such as;

Giving their posts great titles
The post is highly original
The post is long enough ( longer posts do tend to rank better)
It must have something to say
There is internal and external links to additional information.
Images, video’s and infographics.
Headings and or bullet points.
Good spelling and grammar.
A call to action.
A conversational style and perhaps some humour.
Creating content on on a regular basis also helps to rank your site and builds up a readership. People like regularity, so if they can rely on you to provide new content maybe two or three times a week then they are more likely to come back to read more.


Some marketers consider building your list of email addresses to be the most important aspects of successful affiliate marketing.

It is easy to understand why because the people who have subscribed to your emailing list are obviously already interested in what you have to say.

That means they are a great quality audience. It may take some time and quite a bit of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t but the rewards can and have been for many outstanding.

Some people will never try to succeed on the internet because they are skeptical about anything to do with making money online.

People getting scammed online is something a lot of us have experienced. Unfortunately this may affect our future judgment when we read about any more online businesses.

It would be a real shame however if you were to simply disregard affiliate marketing as just another online scam.

Affiliate marketing is a real business model, and requires work and commitment like any other business does. It has certain advantages over offline businesses in that the financial commitment is considerably less, and it is something you can set up in your spare time.

I hope this article has helped you decide whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money. If it has I look forward to meeting you on the inside.

If there is anything in the article that you wish to comment on, or if you have experience as an affiliate marketer and want to share the experience you have then please leave your comment below. It will be great to hear from you.

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Dave - May 18, 2017

You just mentioned about something I’m suffering from, self doubt. I hope I will be able to overcome it. I have been trying to talk myself into the affiliate marketing world for two weeks now. After I looked up the best affiliate program, many people were saying it’s wealthy affiliate.

I have heard that there other successful members ready to help you and give you motivation and courage to do it? Will they help me till I make my first dollar? And then some?

Ray - May 18, 2017

Hi Dave,
I hope you do manage to talk yourself into becoming part of the affiliate marketing world, because I think you will otherwise be missing out on a great opportunity.
At Wealthy Affiliate you get the real deal. No BS claims of instant riches or secret loopholes, just solid up to date training.
The psychological aspect of affiliate marketing is a major stumbling block for many. The fact that you won’t make money straight away with your new business means there is a high dropout rate for those that are new to the business. The community at Wealthy Affiliate are always there to encourage, motivate or simply to assist with any technical problems you may be having. It can’t be underestimated how important that help is, and yes it will help you to earn that all important first dollar!
Thanks for dropping by Dave I appreciate it.

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