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WeAre8 Review-How Much Does It Pay?

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WeAre8 App Review

Thanks for checking out my WeAre8 Review.

If you like the idea of earning easy cash by watching videos in your free time using your mobile device, then The WeAre8 App might be one for you to check out.

In my review of this iOS and Android App today I will be uncovering what you need to know, including how much WeAre8 pays, so you can decide for yourself if it really is worth it.

Watching promotional ads in exchange for cash rewards isn’t known for being a well paid activity, so we will be looking at how The WeAre8 App matches up to other platforms offering the same opportunities.

My review will feature what my experience of using the app was, I will also be discovering what other users are saying about it, and I will weighing up the likely pros and cons should you decide to join.

First however let’s get started by finding out more about the app.

Is WeAre8 Legit?

Yes, WeAre8 is a legit platform that you can use to earn by watching promotional videos.

You can download the app for free from Google Play or the Apple Store.

WeAre8 was founded by Sue Fennessy, a tech entrepreneur who describes herself as a passionate advocate of the planet, economic injustice and diversity in tech leadership.

The app aims to unite people to change the world through their influence on big businesses and it donates 5% of its revenue to charity and carbon offset.

Former footballer Rio Ferdinand is also a brand ambassador for the app.

The WeAre8 Aims To Help The Planet

The WeAre8 Aims To Help The Planet

Currently, you can only earn via WeAre8 if you’re in the United Kingdom. However, they hope to expand to other regions.

Check out the promotional video for WeAre8 App.

How the WeAre8 App Works

After you download the app, you’ll be paid for each video that you watch. You can earn in just two minutes. The videos vary in length.

One feature I immediately liked was that the app asks you how you want communications, and when. You can choose to get general communications, and promotional ads at a time that suits you.

Communication with WeAre8

Choose How And When You Want The WeAre8 To Communicate

You can also control what promotional ads you get based on your own personal interests. The more interests you have, the more paid ads you are likely to get.

Choose the paid ad brands you want on The WeAre8 App.

Choose what kind of ads you want to watch based on your interests.

Although only people who are based in the United Kingdom can use the app for earning, you can also install the app and become a member if you’re in another country.

You can interact with the community via the Feed tab but you won’t be paid for your activities.

The promotional videos are from charities or brand sponsors. WeAre8 will make a donation to charity for every video that you watch.

Depending on how you have asked the app to notify you, you will get a notification when a promotional ad is available for you to watch and to earn from.

Each WeAre8 member will earn between £0.10 and £0.20 for each video that they watch. Videos last between 20 and 30 seconds and are often about brands or charities.

You’ll be required to answer a question or two after you’ve watched the video. These questions are usually in multiple-choice format.

When I got my first notification after joining the app I watched a short 1 minute or so video and answered a couple of multi choice questions.

After doing so I got a message saying I had been paid (see below). Unfortunately, it also tells me that the funds wouldn’t be available to me for 30 days.

Cash Reward On The WeAre8 App

Cash Reward On The WeAre8 App

Getting paid between 10p and 20p for watching an ad is comparatively high compared to many GPT websites that I have reviewed, although you have to bear in mind that you have to answer a couple of questions as well.

As stated above, you can complete these videos on your schedule. Always check however to ensure that you’ve watched all of the videos that you can. When you click on your link you will be showing one video.

After you complete that, you won’t automatically be shown all the videos that you have available.

You’ll need to refresh the page in order to see a new video. In the top left hand corner of your screen you’ll see a gift box that displays the number of videos that you can watch.

How Much Does The WeAre8 App Pay?

Each video is only a few seconds long and it won’t take up much of your time. So, you might as well earn whenever you have a minute.

Videos however won’t always be available, you need to wait for your notification.

By researching what others are saying, and basing it upon my experience with the app, you can earn about £2 per week. Some members are earning £3 per week.

There are some that are claiming to have earned £2.50 per day, but these are probably not average earnings. Like with all reward platforms, your demographic plays a big part in the opportunities you will be offered.

Remember also, that while you’ll see lots of ads and notifications in the app, all of them aren’t paid. The only paid videos are the ones that you watch via your link in the notification you get.

My Top Tip For Earning More Using The WeAre8 App

Make sure your notifications are switched on, and you respond to the notifications as soon as you can. The videos won’t remain available for long so you will miss out on earning opportunities by not jumping on them quickly.

This is more important for those whose demographic doesn’t get them many videos from the app.


WeAre8 App Reviews

There are lots of satisfied users of The WeAre8 App. Many confirm having been paid, and lots of members are happy to donate at least some of their earnings to charitable causes.

A number of members compliment the layout of the app and say it is very easy to use.

A common complaint from some members is that the videos become less frequent as they continue to use the app. Others complain about technical issues.

Have you tried The WeAre8 App and want to share what you experienced? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

How To Cash Out With The WeAre8 App

When you’re ready to redeem your rewards, you can click on the Wallet tab.

When it comes to getting the cash, you are given 2 options;


WeAre8 Wallett

WeAre8 Wallett


You can either ‘Pay it forward’ or choose ‘Pay me now’

By choosing pay me now you can have your funds sent to your PayPal account. You will of course need to connect your PayPal account. You will also need at least £1.00 in your account to redeem in this way. (See below)

Redeem at WeAre8 Via PayPal

Redeem at WeAre8 Via PayPal


The ‘Pay it forward’ option allows you to pay to a charity. The charity you can donate to can be chosen from the list given, and you can also choose the percentage of your wallet balance you want to donate. You only need £0.10 in your wallet to start supporting a charity in the given fields.

Choose The Charity You Support On The WeAre8 App

Choose The Charity You Support


Charity donation on The WeAre8 App

Decide what percentage of your wallet you want to use to give to charity.


Charity Donations With The WeAre8 App

The app makes it easy for you to donate to your favourite charities. Even if you withdraw 100% your income from the app to your PayPal account, the app still gives a small amount of what you’ve earned to charitable causes.

Charitable payments with The WeAre8 App

As you can see from my account above, the ‘Total Impact’ amount goes to charity even if I claim my full earnings of £1.14 plus £0.34 pending.

In my case I decided to donate all my available earnings to a worthy cause.

Charity donation via WeAre8 App

There are many charities to choose from via the app.

Any Further Payments I Receive From WeAre8 Will Appear Below-Remember You Can Either Donate To Charity Or Have The Money Paid To You.

WeAre8 Payment Proof

What Are The Pros Of The WeAre8 App?

  • Free App that offers an easy way to earn some spare cash
  • Options to give to good causes, and what percentage of your earnings you want to give.
  • Educational about climate and other important issues.
  • Choose when you want to watch the ads
  • Available as either an Android or iOS App.
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Low cash out of just £1

What Are The Cons Of The WeAre8 App?

  • Wait of 30 days before you get your cash.
  • May not be many videos available to everyone.


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Some Final Thoughts On The WeAre8 App

The WeAre8 App is a flexible way for you to earn on the go. If you enjoy watching videos, it’s easy to get a little extra cash by viewing promotional content on your mobile phone.

You will be automatically be donating cash to a charity each time you watch a promotional video, and you can also choose to donate more of your earnings if you wish.

You won’t receive your payments instantly however, as there is a 30 day wait. Despite that, if you’re looking for a site where you can be paid to watch videos, and feel good about helping charitable causes then the WeAre8 App has one of the highest rates available for watching videos.

Star Rating 3/5-This app offers a very easy way to earn a little extra cash with virtually no effort. The app is relatively new so there may not be that many ads available to everyone yet, although that could improve.

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Thanks for reading my review of The WeAre8 App. I hope you found it informative, and has given you some insight into how the app works and how it could benefit both you and others.

I have written hundreds of reviews and other articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

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