Welocalize Review: Get Paid Transcribing Music Lyrics

Welocalise Review

Thanks for checking out our review of Welocalise.

Today we will be finding out what this platform is all about, and if it is worth your time.

Music of course is not only a source of entertainment, but a source of income for many people too.

With Welocalise you will be offered the opportunity to earn some money online by transcribing the lyrics to your favorite music.

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What is Welocalize?

Welocalise is a US-based company that provides translation and localization services across various industries worldwide.

They also offer professional marketing services such as print advertising, email campaigns, audio-video translation, and website localization.

The company is always looking for interested music enthusiasts who can help them perform music transcriptions. Welocalize pays people for simply listening to music and transcribing song lyrics.

Getting started with Welocalize

Music is universal and Welocalize is always in need of people who can communicate and transcribe in multiple languages.

For this reason, membership is open worldwide. Anyone with a good ear for music can apply to join. If you are fluent in more than one language, then this is your opportunity to earn money by transcribing music.

The process of registering with Welocalize does not take much time. You have to provide your name, Gmail address, iTunes email login, country of residence, primary language and secondary language.

You also need to choose your music preferences before completing the sign-up process.

How does Welocalize work?

You need a Gmail email address, iTunes account, and a Mac OS X to be able to work on this platform. You also need to download the Snap app from Welocalize on your PC or laptop.

Your role will be to perform a line-by-line transcription of the lyrics that you hear.

The transcription must adhere to all conventional grammar rules, including correct punctuation. Each line must begin and end with a time stamp.

Transcribing music lyrics is not easy, especially for new transcribers. However, Welocalize provides some helpful guidelines on basic formatting and styling that you must follow to transcribe lyrics successfully.

In case of any issues, you may contact their ever-present support team to help you find your way around. Welocalize also holds weekly webinars that are always resourceful and helpful, especially to newbies.

How much can I earn with Welocalize?

Welocalize pays $4.00 for every completed song, so you can make $20 or more in a week  if you manage to complete more than 5 songs in the same week.

Also, the team at Welocalize has to approve all your transcriptions before you can receive payment.

What you have to bear in mind is that the quality of your work will determine how much you can earn at any given time. Welocalize consists of a dedicated team that verifies the quality of all transcriptions against set “trust score” standards.

It is understandable that your work may require a few corrections from time to time, but one too many edits may limit your chances of getting future projects.

Getting Paid

Payments are made weekly (every Friday) through HyperWallet. This platform does not have a minimum payout requirement and you do not need to request for withdrawal since all payments are automatic.

Nevertheless, your transcription must pass all verification processes before you can receive your payment. You may experience some delays in case HyperWallet needs to verify your tax details. However, these delays do not extend for more than 48 hours.

A point to note is that Welocalize will still pay you for your first five songs, even if their quality might be wanting.

They will also provide feedback on what you should do to improve your transcription skills. Failure to comply will bar you from future transcription projects.

What We Like About Welocalize

• Reputable company
• Free to join
• Accepts international members
• Earn money while having fun
• Good income potential
• Fast, Weekly payments
• Excellent support team
• Free training for newbies
• Bonuses for top transcribers

Some Drawbacks

• Must have a compatible device that supports Mac OS
• Transcription is a difficult task, especially for newbies
• Payments are via HyperWallet only
• Strict adherence to grammar rules

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Final Thoughts

Welocalize is completely legit, and one of the platforms that has transformed the way people make money online. It offers a unique opportunity to earn money.

You do not have to be a professional musician to join this platform.

Welocalise offers free training via their weekly webinars where you can learn all the tricks to become a successful transcriber. If you are looking for a transcription platform that pays well, then consider joining Welocalize.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit platform for earning money online transcribing music. 

3 Star Rating

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