What Is AdF.ly? Review

AdF.ly Review

Today I will be finding out what AdF.ly is all about, and whether it can offer you a genuine earning opportunity.

What Is AdF.ly?

This is a website that gives you the opportunity to earn you to shortening links to your chosen websites and earn for the clicks made on the link.

How Does It Work?

  • Once you have joined via the join button on their website you can enter a website’s url into the box provided to shrink it.
  • once that is done you can promote the link wherever you think it will attract the most exposure, that could be on your website, Facebook, forums, YouTube, Twitter or wherever you choose. Obviously it isn’t good to spam people with these links. The idea is to create a natural link for a targeted audience that you know will have a genuine interest in the website you are promoting.
  • The link is attached to your AdF.ly account so you get the credit for the clicks it gets.
  • Anyone that clicks on the link will, before getting to the website, will see a very short advert (5 secs) before being directed to the site. AdFl.ly state on their website that it is the short ad that they say people are prepared to watch due to its shortness, that differentiates them from other similar sites such as tinyurl.com and bit.ly.

How Much Can I Make From The Shortened Links I Get From AdF.ly?

You will be paid approx 4 dollars for 1 thousand clicks.

How much you get paid is difficult to say as it really would depend upon how much exposure you can generate. In addition to the methods already mentioned AdF.ly also suggest setting up Facebook Groups and promote them to ensure a good income from the links.

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This is possibly the most lucrative opportunity with AdF.ly as you are given a generous 20% of the earnings your referrals make, but not only that you also receive 5% of the amount your referrals spend on advertising.

If for example manage to put together a successful Facebook Group or get your own website then your earnings could increase substantially.

How Do You Get Paid?

You are automatically paid via PayPal or Payoneer once you have earned $5 so you will have to sign up for at least one of these accounts.


  • Free to join and simple process to understand to earn some cash from the Internet.
  • $5 cash out is quite low.
  • Forums available


  • This is probably only going to be a very low earner unless you can generate a very substantial Facebook following for example, or if you have a website that gets lots of traffic. It won’t suit everybody.
  • Even though the adverts are short it may still annoy those that click on the links.


My verdict is that AdF.ly is legit.

They are legit and there is proof that they pay.

The only way to find out how much you can earn from this is to try it out and see what kind of results you get. It’s free to join so there is no harm giving it a go.

I hope you enjoyed my review of AdF.ly, if you have had experience of this company and wish to share any of those experiences,  or if you want let us know how much money you made ( or didn’t make) please leave a comment below, I will be very happy to hear from you.

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