What Is AppBounty? A Review

AppBounty Review

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Thanks for dropping by to read my review of the mobile app AppBounty.

Today I will be finding out what you need to know about this platform to help you to decide if it is worth trying out.


What Is AppBounty?

  • AppBounty is a free mobile app which is available to both Apple and Android phone users
  •  By installing this app you get awarded points for installing and testing free new apps. The points you accumulate can be exchanged for gift cards.
  • AppBounty is able to award you for this because they are paid by app developers who want to find new users of their apps. AppBounty pays you a percentage of the commission they receive.
  • Each free app that you install earns you points, the amount of points you get for each free app installed varies, the points however are listed alongside the app.
  • Once you have installed the app it is recommended that you keep the app and use it for a while. If you are asked to create an account then do so, just to ensure you get the points added.
  • The gift cards you can claim when you get enough points include iTunes, Amazon, PlayStation, Minecraft Servers, Xbox, Facebook, Steam and League of Legends.
  • AppBounty has a referral program. They give you a direct link, and if any of your friends/ referrals use it then you get 250 points. You also get a 50 points bonus if you use the code they give you. If you would like to sign up through me then just click HERE and enter code ejvodemi to get your bonus 50 points.
  • Joining is simple, by clicking on the link above you are taken directly to the AppBounty website where you are asked to install the Bounty Bucks app to earn your first points, when it has been installed click the link back to the website and you are set up, along with your newly acquired points.
  • There is the opportunity to earn points in other ways as you complete offers.


My verdict is that AppBounty is legit

AppBounty is legit, and is a fun way of earning rewards doing something we all do anyway. Why not get paid a bit for doing something for nothing?

If you are a bit more ambitious however, and you want to earn a full time living from the Internet, then you are going to need to use another strategy.

Apps like AppBounty are only a very small earning opportunity, and won’t pay all your bills.

Affiliate marketing however has the potential to pay you a full time online income.

It will take some hard work in the beginning, but once you are established it’s possible earn a very good income. You can get started for free today. Find out how you can get simple to follow video training with this top rated platform

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of AppBounty. Do you have any experience of using AppBounty? If you do, and you want to share it please leave a comment below.

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