What Is AppTrailers? A Review

AppTrailers Review

Today I am taking a look at a mobile App called AppTrailers.

The platform offers its members an opportunity  to earn small rewards in return for watching various categories of videos.


What is AppTrailers?

  • AppTrailers is a free app that rewards you for watching the following;
  1. App Trailers
  2. videos other members have uploaded
  3. music videos
  4. Game Videos
  5. Movie Trailers
  6. Latest news from the world of entertainment
  • You can also upload your own videos and get points for the likes you receive.
  • You can earn more points for signing up for promotions at various retailers.
  • You earn 500 points ( $0.50) for inviting your friends.

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  • Free Daily Scratcher- A chance to win 20 points each day for free. You have a 1 in 2 chance of winning. You will have to watch some advertisements however you are under no obligation whatsoever to buy.
  • 10 point Scratcher-Redeem 10 points for a chance to win 50 points. The chances of winning this are a lot slimmer at 1 in 7.
  • 100 point Scratcher-Redeem 100 points for a chance to win 500 (again only a 1 in 7 chance)
  • PayPal (redeem 500 points for $0.50)
  • 1000 point scratcher-Redeem 1000 points ($1) for a chance to win 5000 points ($5). (Chances again just 1 in 7)
  • Amazon Giftcard Code Redeem 1000 points for $1 (works in US only)
  • Starbucks-Redeem 5000 points for $5 Gift Card
  • xBox-Redeem 10,000 points for $10 Gift Card code (works in US only)
  • Playstation-Redeem 10,000 for $10 Giftcard Code (works in US only)
  • The AppTrailer points can be exchanged for the same value Perk Points which you can use to purchase from the Perk Rewards catalog. Alternatively you can turn the AppTrailer points into cash with Perk Plastic pre-paid discover card (US only).


  • A fun way to earn rewards doing things that you would probably be doing anyway.
  • The app has a social aspect to it as it enables you to share your own videos and there is also a chat facility.
  • Its a free app, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything.


  • It will take you a while to redeem if you are only watching videos or trailers as you only earn 7 points for each viewing. You’re going to get more points for signing up for promotions, inviting friends and uploading your own videos.
  • Some features are only available to US residents.


My verdict is that AppTrailers is legit.

AppTrailers is legit, and is a fun way to get small rewards. Although the earning potential is very limited, it offers you the chance to earn by doing something you would probably be doing anyway.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review of AppTrailers. Have you had experience using this app? If so please share your experiences below in the comments section.

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