What Is Brand Institute? A Review

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Thanks for joining me for this review of a survey platform called Brand Institute.

Today I will be taking a close look at this company to see if it can offer you a worthwhile earning opportunity.

What Is Brand Institute?

Brand Institute is a market research firm founded in 1993 specialising in a number of industries including pharmaceuticals and the healthcare industry. Brand Institutes panel boasts of more than 7 million members worldwide, and gathers consumer opinions on products relating to healthcare.

If you have worked within the healthcare industry you will likely earn more taking surveys with Brand Institute, although they do take members without a background in this field.

With a medical background you can earn quite a bit more with this site than you would other survey sites. It is reported that the medical surveys pay between $5-$30 (or more), whereas the regular surveys on this site pay approx $2 to $5.

There is no points system like there are on other sites, you get paid by either cash (PayPal) or by check.

The survey site is open to anyone over the age of 18 and is available to countries around the world.

You can earn money from this site in the following ways

  • Taking medical surveys
  • Taking regular surveys
  • By referring others to the site

I have given a score out of 5 to Brand Institute based upon 3 criteria.

1. Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5

I have given quite a good score for this as the reviews I have discovered around the web, which this score is based upon, are more on the positive side than the negative.

I got the impression however that the users with a medical background had a much better experience, as they got more surveys,  and were being paid better for taking the surveys.

There were a number of complaints from some users that said they either hardly ever got surveys, or when they did they didn’t qualify.

Not many of the users that recorded these complaints said whether they had a medical background, although I would hazard a guess and say they probably didn’t have a background in the industry.

2. Redemption Amount

5 out of 5

I have given a top score for this as there is no minimum cash out figure. You can redeem what you have earned right away.

So even if you don’t have experience within the medical profession and rarely get the chance to take surveys with this site, at least you can redeem whatever you do manage to earn straight away.

3. Length of time in Business

 5 out of 5

Another top score as this company has been around for a long time. The length of time a survey company has been in business isn’t so much of an issue either when there is no minimum cash out figure.

I normally score low for new survey companies with redemption amounts you have to reach as there is a slightly higher risk that the company could go out of business before you have earned enough and therefore you lose your hard earned cash

VIP Program

You get rewarded for your loyalty at Brand Institute which I think is a great feature on any survey site.

You can apply for this once you’ve been an active member for 6 months. You will be required to complete a questionnaire when applying for membership in order to be accepted.

The main benefit to being a VIP member is that you will be able to view the surveys and have access to them before other, non VIP members. You will also get access to the referral program.

Referral Program

This is a high paying referral program compared to other survey sites. You get $5 for each non medical survey that those you have referred completes and $10 for each medical survey your referral completes.


  • High paying survey site for those with a background in the medical profession.
  • High paying referral program
  • VIP membership for those that have been with the site for 6 months
  • Free to join
  • Pays cash, and quickly to as there is no minimum redemption amount.
  • Positive reviews from users of the site


  • The pay for taking surveys for those without a healthcare background is considerably less.
  • There are a lot fewer surveys available to non healthcare members also.


This company is definitely legit.

Brand Institute is a legit company and I would recommend it to readers who have experience of the healthcare industry as you can earn a decent side income taking surveys with this company.

If you don’t have the experience then I will leave that one up to you and whether you may feel it’s worth your time. You can still earn from taking surveys here although it is going to be less.

The surveys do pay $2-$5 which is still quite good although the frequency of the surveys may become an issue for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, please leave a comment if you have had experience working with Brand Institute or if you have any comments at all to make about the things discussed in the review.

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Travis Smithers - September 20, 2016

Let’s see if I have this straight.

You mentioned that you can sign up for free which is always a bonus. This site does have surveys for nonmedical people but is mainly geared towards individuals with a medical background.

You also mentioned that you could get paid for referrals, so if I know people from the medical field and get them to sign up, is this a one time fee when they sign up and do a survey or is it ongoing for the time they are a member?

Ray-Admin - September 20, 2016

Hi Travis,
Yes, this survey site will be a better experience for those with a healthcare background as they are likely to get more surveys and better paid ones too.
You get access to the referral program if you are a VIP member and apply to join.
The referral program sounds like it can be very rewarding, especially if you have friends/family who have a medical/healthcare background. You get paid $5 for each survey your non-medical friends complete, and a very generous $10 for each survey your medical friends complete.
My understanding is that this continues for just over 12 months then you no longer get paid for any further surveys they complete.
I hope this answers your questions Travis.
Thanks for your interest in my review, I appreciate you dropping by.

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