What Is EasyHits4U? Review

Find out what EasyHits4U is all about by reading my review.

EasyHits4U is primarily a traffic exchange website, but also has PTC and Offer Walls to enable you to earn a small amount of cash too.

It is a very well established site that is very popular with marketers and has been around since 2003.

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A traffic exchange enables you to visit other registered members websites to earn credits, and then to use those credits to get visitors to your site.

You visit someone else’s site (Surfing as it is called) to earn a traffic credit, and then use your traffic credit to get a visitor to your site.

Signing Up

Once you have registered by creating your username and verifying your email, you will then need to add your website before you can startĀ visiting (surfing) websites to earn credits.

Earning Credits

As a means of making money for viewing websites, this is an extremely low earner. You will have to view 1000 ads just to earn $0.30. Ads must be viewed from 15-20 seconds so you will never get rich from this.

Making money through PTC however isn’t really what this platform is all about. The main aim of it is for its members to get visitors to their website.

There are 2 kinds of adverts that will give you credits that you use to get visitors to your site. One of them gives 2:1 ratio and the other 1:1. What does this mean?

2:1 ratio….You will need to view two ads for 15 seconds each to earn 1 credit.

1:1 ratio….For this you will get 1 credit for viewing an ad for 20 secs.

Buying Credits

Building up credits in order to get visitors to your site will obviously take you some time, so if you don’t have the time to do this you can buy your credits instead. Here are the various packages available.


Probably a better way of earning some money from this site rather than clicking on ads is by getting referrals. You are going to need a lot of referrals to earn a decent amount so learning about affiliate marketing would be a huge advantage to you if you want to know how you can refer tons of people to this site.

Under the free membership at EasyHits4U you can earn credits from referrals 5 levels deep, earning the following percentages; 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%.

You will receive $0.10 for every referral you get to sign up, and who then surfs at least 100 sites.

You can start referring people today with a free website to promote your link.

Paid Membership Options

Along with the free membership at EasyHits4U there are also paid memberships too that carry additional benefits.

EasyHits4U paid memberships

Along with various bonus’s you get 6 levels of referral commissions rather than five, better credit ratios and less time having to view adverts.


By completing offers on the Offer Wall you can earn points. The value of the points are 1000=$1. The points can be converted into either credits, banner or text ad impressions, to pay for Premium membership or into money.

Social Network

As well as a traffic exchange site there is also a social network element to the site as well.

You can connect with other members by sending and receiving connection requests. After connnecting you can then check out profiles, websites and link to social profiles.

Profiles of other members can be found whilst surfing and clicking on the linked avatar, by checking ‘my referrals’, also ‘my messages’ and checking out connected profiles of your existing connections.

Is The Traffic You Get Worth Your Time Or Money?

You are guaranteed to get traffic to your site using this platform, however the question you really have to ask yourself is whether the visitors you do get are worth either the time you spend, or the money you spend, getting credits at EasyHits4U?

What is really important to you of course is that the visitors you do get to your website are actually interested in what you are either promoting or selling.

I think the best way to make money online is by building an authority site. To do that you should look toward getting organic traffic from the search engines.

I think the problem with the traffic you get from a traffic exchange is that it isn’t targeted traffic, instead it is visitors who are looking to get traffic themselves rather than having a real interest in spending money on, or via your site.

For example you have found this post because you have an interest in finding out more about EasyHits4U. I have had to target you in order to get you to read it.

The visitors you get from a traffic exchange are, for the most part, just there to count down the 15-20 secs they are required to be there before they leave.

There could be some benefit to those who are in particular niches such as for example the ‘Make Money online’ niche which a lot of the members on this site are interested in.

However if your niche isn’t really of interest to the members of this site then the difficulty with the traffic you will get Could be bad for the SEO of your site. The reason for that is that it will increase your site’s bounce rate , and decrease the time people are spending on your site and interacting with it.

This gives the search engines signals that would suggest that the page is poor value, and is therefore less likely to get ranked highly.

The traffic you get from search engines, if you have the right keywords, will be highly targeted traffic, so it is the best traffic you can get for increasing conversions.

I personally wouldn’t want to risk losing this kind of traffic in order to get the non-targeted traffic you are likely to get from a traffic exchange.

Learn how to get highly targeted traffic to your own affiliate website by learning all about affiliate marketing.


  • Free to join platform that is very well established
  • Guaranteed to get traffic to your website
  • 5 or 6 level deep referral program
  • A way to connect with other marketers


  • Traffic isn’t very targeted toward a lot of niches, maybe just a few.
  • Paid options are risky as you aren’t guaranteed to get a good return in terms of conversions for the money you have put in.

Final Thoughts

This site is definitely legit as you get exactly what you ask for which is traffic to your website.

I personally can’t recommend it however because of the poor quality traffic you could get from it.

Have you any experience of EasyHits4U? Did you manage to get lots of conversions and a good return on the time or money you put in? Let me know in the comments section below, it will be great to hear from you.

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