What Is Galaxyclix? Review

What is Galaxyclix?

Galaxyclix is a new Paid To Click website.

Lets find out if joining up to this site is going to be worth your time.

Paid To Click websites like Galaxyclick offer business owners the opportunity to advertise their businesses on the website.

They also offer members who sign up an opportunity to earn some money by clicking onto the advertisements.

It sounds like an easy way to make money….. It is, but each click will only earn you fractions of a cent, and there are only a limited amount of ads you can click on each day.

There are offers too allowing you to earn a bit extra.

I signed up to Galaxyclick to help with writing this review. When I looked at the offers available however there were only 2 each offering you $0.10 to sign up to other PTC sites and then to click on a number of adverts. There may not be many offers yet due to the site being new, so there may be more than this in the future.

You can also win up to $2 on the ClixGrid. These are familiar features on PTC sites. You have a number of chances to click on the correct square each day.

What about the paid options at Galaxyclix? Are you really going to earn a lot by putting your money into this or any PTC site, or is it going to cost you money instead?

Let’s have a look at how much money you will need to pay out if you want to give it a try.

I don’t personally recommend the paid options on PTC sites as I think the risk is too high that you just aren’t going to recover what you have put in. If you do decide to try any paid options don’t put in more money than you are prepared to lose.

Paying Options At Galaxyclix

Moon Membership….$17 for 30 days

Venus Membership….$45 for 90 days

Venus plus membership….$150 for 365 days

Jupiter membership….$90 for 90 days

Jupiter Plus…..$300 for 365 days

Ultimate membership….$980 for 365 days

The more you pay, the more rented referrals you are likely to get. You are more likely to be allowed more direct referrals too.

Rented Referrals

PTC sites offer rented referrals to their members. You will have to pay for these and then hope they are active enough on the site during the rented period so they make your money back and more.

Are they likely to click enough times to provide an income for you though?

The trouble with referring people to PTC sites is that a lot of those people will soon get bored of clicking on ads just to earn fractions of a cent.

You really need referrals that are going to spend their time and really commit themselves to the site. Those kinds of referrals are few and far between.

The cost of referrals starts at $0.20 with various options to extend, or you can re-cycle them. Auto pay is a feature you can switch on and that allows you to extend the referral payment date and make it less expensive.

Rented referrals at Galaxyclix

I don’t recommend that you rent referrals due to the uncertainty about how active your referrals will actually be. There is another option as regards referrals and that is direct referrals.

Direct Referrals

When you sign up to Galaxyclix you get an affiliate link. I think getting direct referrals via an affiliate website is the best way to find out if you can make any money with referrals.

This way you won’t have to pay for your referrals so you aren’t risking your own money.

If you learn about affiliate marketing you can refer people to better affiliate programs that won’t charge you anything to sign up to.

Galaxyclix only allows you 20 direct referrals under the free membership. You aren’t going to make very much with just 20 referrals. You will therefore have to risk your own money if you want more.


  • Free sign up
  • Easy way to earn a small amount
  • Forum for members
  • Only $2 cashout


  • Risky paid options
  • New PTC site so not yet an established site


Galaxyclix is currently paying its members, you need to be careful however as it is a new site.

I don’t think PTC sites are a good way to make money online. There are better ways to earn a side income if that is what you are after.

If you want to work toward earning a full time income online then you can read more here.

Thanks for reading this review of Galaxyclix. Have you had experience of this PTC site that you want to share? If so leave a comment below.

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