What Is Gift Hunter Club? A Review


Gift Hunter Club Review

There is no shortage of what is often called ‘Get Paid To’ or GPT sites on the Internet.

They can be a convenient way of earning some pocket money as they allow you to get paid for doing various short tasks.

The pay you get for doing the tasks is only small but some people find them quite enjoyable to do, so it can pay (quite literally) doing small tasks on GPT sites like Gift Hunter Club rather than just browsing the Internet and not getting paid anything at all.

So now you know what Gift Hunter Club is you may be wondering what kind of tasks are available.

The tasks are pretty much the same as other GPT sites, so if you are signed up to any others then you will know what sort of things you are going to find on here.

If you have never used a GPT site before however then you will need to have a quick overview of what you can paid paid for;

  • Surveys

Yes, doing surveys is a very common paid task that you will find on many sites on the Internet. You will either find them interesting, or they will bore you to tears.

The ones on this site tell you what you will be paid before you do them, and how long they will take.

  • Listening To The Radio

It still makes me smile when I see this one because listening to radio (at least for me anyway) is a great way to relax, so saying it is a task is stretching it a bit.

Unfortunately though you’re not going to earn very much from this ( that’s unfortunate, I would love to earn a full time living doing this)

  • Watching Videos

Again, some of you will not see this as work but something you will enjoy. You have to watch the full video to get rewarded.

  • Other Tasks

There are other tasks available that include things like scoring a website, downloading apps or signing up to websites.

  • Bonus Points

I like it when you get bonuses because they help to keep your points balance adding up. You can get extra points for just logging in for a week or for getting enough points in one day.

  • Referral Program

If you refer others to Gift Hunter Club then you can take advantage of a two tier program that gives you 10% of the referred members earnings. There are bonuses to be had here too with 50 points earned when your referred member reaches 50 points.

You can also earn 1000 points once you have referred 50 new members who manage to reach 50 points.

Learn How To create A Passive Income Referring Others To Gift Hunter Club and other survey sites.

Now you’re not going to make any sense of the points unless you know what they are worth. You are also going to want to know when you can get them.


If you want to be paid via your PayPal account then you can claim it when you have just $2 which is 240 points.

If it is Giftcards that you prefer then they are higher at around $10.

Have a look at the Gift Hunter Club promotional video

Other Stuff To Know;

  • There is a smartphone App from Googleplay allowing you to earn points whilst you are out and about.
  • It is free to join Gift Hunter Club.

Remember to read the terms and conditions of Gift Hunter Club before you sign up and check the privacy policy if you have concerns about how your personal data is used.

I have marked Gift Hunter Club out of 5 on 3 criteria that I consider to be important considerations when deciding which survey or GPT site to use.

1.Customer Reviews

4 out of 5- I gave a good score for this. My score is based upon customer reviews from around the Internet. The reviews I found were nearly all positive with members happy with the rewards they had earned and the varied ways they were able to build up their points.

2.Redemption Amount

5 out of 5. I gave the top score for this as you can get paid via PayPal for as little at $2 which is a huge plus as far as I’m concerned. I can’t see why you have to wait to get paid for what you have earned. With the redemption amount being so low it shouldn’t take you long to cash out. Earning cash and rewards on survey sites and GPT sites can be a slow process, if the redemption amount is too high there is more chance you will give up before you even reach it if you get bored with the tasks you have to do.

3.Length of Time in Business

3 out of 5. You don’t want a survey or GPT site going out of business before you have had chance to cash out. With a $2 cash out you don’t need to worry too much, but the length of time a site has been in business is still an important consideration. GHC has been around for approx 4 years which is a reasonable length of time, although it is still quite a new site compared to others. I have given this a mid range score.

4. Choice of Rewards

4 out of 5. Another good score as you have the choice of a number of Giftcards and payment via PayPal. It’s better to have the choice, especially the choice of being paid cash because that’s what most people prefer.

5. Speed of Payment

5 out of 5. From the reviews I have seen members are paid quickly, I haven’t discovered any complaints about long delays do I have scored highly for this.


  • Free to join
  • Cash out at $2 via PayPal
  • Easy to use interface


  • Low earning opportunity


Gift Hunter Club is legit but you won’t earn a lot. If you enjoy doing small tasks on GPT sites then this may be one you can consider.

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I hope my review has given you a better understanding of what Gift Hunter Club is. If you have experience of this website and you want to share it please leave a comment below. I will be pleased to hear from you.

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Philip - January 24, 2017

I am familiar with these kind of sites. But I have never heard of Gift Hunter. Is it a popular website?

How does it compare to places like Swagbucks?

My favourite part of “getting paid to do” is watching videos. Such a satisfying way of making an extra few dollars and it makes you see other horizons which you would not normally bother watching.

Ray - January 24, 2017

Hi Philip,
This is a popular GPT site and one that is easy to use. It is one I have used myself and found that since I joined there are always ways you can earn available.
It is similar to Swagbucks in that it is the same kind of site but I guess it’s down to personal experience as to which is preferred.
Watching videos is a popular way to get points for doing something most people enjoy. Videos aren’t however the quickest way to build points, but if you enjoy watching them why not!
I hope my review has given you a better idea of what Gift Hunter Club is and helped you decide whether to give it a try.
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment I really appreciate it.

Chris Towers - January 28, 2017

I can certainly see why people would go for these programs. I mean if you are sitting and doing little else then why not put a few cents in your pocket right?

While it might not provide you the income you need to make a good living, something is better than nothing in my opinion!

I must confess i fall into the category of been bored to tears when it comes to surveys, I cannot think of anything worse, but here there are other options too!

Sounds good to me, but i want to know. I live in Greece, so is this program available worldwide or is it restricted?



Ray - January 28, 2017

Hi Chris,
Yes it’s pocket money, but every bit counts these days, and if you can earn a bit extra whilst sat at home then sites like Gift Hunter Club can come in handy.
I think if you have a realistic approach to earning when working with these sites then you can enjoy the experience.
I agree it’s personal preference when it comes to surveys although I usually go for shorter ones, and the surveys on some sites can be interesting rather than mundane.
I have found that it’s a matter of shopping around to find the sites that work best for you. I seem to build up points quicker on some sites than I do on others and this may be down to some sites finding surveys that suit my demographic more than others.
Gift Hunter Club is certainly one that I would recommend to anyone who is intending to give GPT or surveys sites a try.
The site is straightforward and easy to use and there are always earning opportunities.
As far as I can establish Gift Hunter Club does appear to be available Worldwide although I can’t say for certain. Also, if it is available I’m not certain either as to whether the same offers will be available to everyone. The easiest way to find out is to sign up for free and see if it suits your needs.
Thanks for your comment Chris, I appreciate you dropping by to read my review of Gift Hunter Club. I wish you well with all your online ventures.

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