What Is GrabPoints? Review

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What is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is a ‘Get Paid To’ website, which means that if you sign up to the platform for free, you will get the chance to earn rewards for carrying out various tasks on the site.

Like all GPT sites, you aren’t going to earn a lot of money for the time you spend on them. They can only earn you a small side income so keep your expectations real.

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By the way, if you used to be a member of site called ZoomBucks then any points you may have earned with them has been transferred to GrabPoints, as ZoomBucks merged with them.

GrabPoints has a mobile App and has proven to be very popular with its members, with the App earning 4 out of 5 stars rating on Google Play at the time of writing this review.

GrabPoints ‘currency’

GrabPoints has its own points ‘currency’. When you complete tasks you will get points, and every 10 points you earn is worth 1 cent, or 1000 points =1 dollar.

When I signed up recently I was asked a number of questions that are designed to help GrabPoints determine my demographic and find more suitable surveys and offers for me.

You don’t have to answer the questions, you can skip them if you want, but each question you answer gets you 10 points.


GrabPoints Review

What tasks are available at GrabPoints?

  • Share Apps

GrabPoints have a list of Apps that you can share with your friends. If your friends download them from your links you get points.

  • Promo Codes

You you can redeem free points by entering the promo codes you are sent via email and notifications onto the website or App.

  • Referring Others

You can earn up to 500 points for each person you refer once the person referred has earned 1000 points. Learn How To Make Money Referring Others To Any Survey Site

  • Watch Videos

The rewards may be small but it is a fun way to build up your points. If you enjoy watching videos to earn rewards there are other places to earn.

  • Reading Articles

Read an article to the end and share it with your friends to earn you further points.

  • Listening To Radio

Listen to the radio, and for each 30 minutes that you do will earn you points.

  • Complete Surveys

You can earn up to 1000 points for each survey you complete. The length of the surveys varies, and don’t forget to factor in the time you will spend trying to qualify because you aren’t likely to qualify for every one.

  • Completing Offers

A common feature of Get Paid To Sites is getting credited for signing up to trial offers. Some of these may cost you money whereas others won’t. There are usually more points on offer for these.

  • Promoting GrabPoints

By creating a video about GrabPoints and posting it on YouTube you can earn yourself 500 points.

What rewards can I get at GrabPoints?

There is a wide selection of rewards available to members who have accumulated enough points. You can also redeem from as little as $3 or 3000 points.

Some of the most popular awards include;

  • PayPal
  • Amazon GiftCards
  • Steam Wallet Code
  • Bitcoin
  • Google Play GiftCards

Take a look at GrabPoints promotional video below.


I have marked GrabPoints out of 5 on three criteria that I think are important things to consider when choosing a GPT site

1.Customer Reviews

4 out of 5….I have given GrabPoints a good score for this. My score is based upon reviews I have seen from users from around the web. Overall the reviews are good. GrabPoints has, for their App also achieved 4 out of 5 stars on reviews from both Google Play and Amazon.

2.Redemption amount

4 out of 5….Another good score because you can cash out for as little as $3. I think this is important because some people who sign up for GPT sites don’t realise how long it can take to reach the cash out sum and give up before reaching it. It shouldn’t take you long to reach $3 on GrabPoints with all the options you have to build up your points.

3.Choice of rewards

5 out of 5….I have given GrabPoints the top score for this as there is a wide range of rewards available that includes both cash and GiftCards plus other options.


  • A good variety of ways to earn points
  • Free to join


  • Only a small income source


GrabPoints is a legit way to earn rewards for carrying out various tasks.

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Thanks for reading this review. If you wish to comment or have experience of GrabPoints that you wish to share then please leave a comment below, it will be great to hear from you.

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