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What Is Harris Poll Online?-A Review

Thanks for joining me today for this review of Harris Poll Online.

I will be finding out all about this reward site to help you decide if it’s worth signing up to.

Let’s get started….

What Is Harris Poll Online?

Harris Poll Online is a website that rewards you with gift cards for completing surveys.

Harris Poll has actually been around since 1963, but it was in 1997 that Harris Poll Online was developed by Harris Interactive.

The company boasts of over 6 million members from around the world.

You will be awarded points when you complete surveys, 125 points is equivalent to $1 When you have 1250 points or $10 you can claim your reward.

I have marked Harris Poll Online on 3 things that I believe could help you to make a more informed choice.

1. Customer Reviews

3 out of 5

I am basing this score on the reviews of actual users of the site from around the web. There was quite an equal balance of users that were happy with the site and those that felt they were not treated fairly. Some claimed they weren’t being awarded points they were owed.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to pass judgment on individual cases like this. Others complained of too few surveys being sent to them, although this is pretty much a fact of life with most survey companies.

I always recommend that you join multiple sites to maximise your income if you choose to make this a side income for you.

Some users stated that the surveys were quite interesting which is a big plus as completing surveys can become a very boring task very quickly.

2. Redemption Amount

3 out of 5

This isn’t a bad score because at $10 the cash out figure isn’t too high.

You will however find other legit survey sites online that either don’t have a minimum cash out amount, or one that is lower than $10.

If you aren’t going to get very many surveys of course, which some of the users seem to be saying in the reviews then the redemption amount can become an issue.

Some users can give up with taking surveys before they reach the redemption amount which of course means that the user has wasted their time and lost money.

3. Length of time in Business

5 out of 5

A good score for this as Harris Poll Online is a long established company with a good reputation.

I would score a survey site much lower here if they were only just established because there is a greater risk of you losing your hard earned cash if they were to go out of business before you reached the redemption amount.

Main Features Of Harris Poll Online

Let’s have a look at the main features of Harris Poll Online

  • If you get screened out of a survey then you will be compensated with -5 points.
  • By completing surveys you are entered into the quarterly sweepstakes with a $10,000 top prize.
  • Gift Cards include the top names including Amazon, Walmart and iTunes.
  • You are rewarded approximately and on average around 50-70 points for completing surveys that take approx 10 mins.
  • You have a chance of being part of a paid focus group which pays much higher. You aren’t guaranteed to get an opportunity, although the longer you are with the company then the more chance you will have.


  • Compensation for being screened out of surveys
  • Free to join—-I don’t recommend that you join survey sites that charge a fee to join. You shouldn’t have to pay anyone to enable you to complete surveys.
  • Surveys are quite interesting
  • Chance to be part of paid focus group
  • Entry into quarterly sweepstake with big cash prizes


  • This is only a low income opportunity
  • Rewards are gift cards only

Final Thoughts On Harris Poll Online

My verdict is that this company is legit.

Harris Poll Online is legit as it will reward you for completing surveys.

Like other legit survey sites like this one however the pay is low.

You aren’t employed by Harris Poll Online when you sign up, which means that you aren’t guaranteed minimum wage.

There is no cost to you by joining except for your valuable time.

You will have to invest quite a bit of your time working on sites like this one.

If you have experience of working with Harris Poll Online and would like to share it here please leave a comment below I will be very happy to hear from you.

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Sue - September 19, 2016

I am curious about how many surveys you are allowed to complete per day. Do they put any limits on you? And are you required to log in every day? I like filling out some surveys. Do they also ask you personal questions to pair you with certain types of surveys? I have heard of the Harris Poll, but never knew anything about how they got their information.

Admin - September 20, 2016

Hi Sue,
With Harris Poll Online it’s a matter of waiting to receive emails with links to surveys so you don’t really get to choose how many surveys you do. Some members report however that they have received more the longer they have stayed with them. Others however report that the surveys have dried up. A screening survey which asks for details of you demographic will determine if you qualify, if you don’t qualify Harris Poll do reward you small compensation.
It’s recommended you try a few survey sites to maximise your income.
Thank you for your interest Sue I appreciate you dropping by to comment.

Adyns68 - May 10, 2017

Hi dear
Taking surveys is not a bad way to make money. My concern though is how much is the average pay per survey? And also as the pay is gift cards, does that mean the surveys can only be taken by people residing in USA?
Because if I’m not residing there what gifts cards will I get and where do I use them?


Admin - May 11, 2017

Hi there Adyns,
Like all survey sites, the pay is very low. Most surveys you take won’t pay you more than a dollar.
Members can join from USA, Canada, U.K and a number of other European countries.
I think being paid by giftcards only is a drawback to this site as a lot of people prefer to be paid cash.
There is a range of GiftCards so there should be one you like. Cash is still better though.
Thanks for dropping by to read my review and comment I appreciate it.

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