What Is Inbox Dollars? A Review

Inbox Dollars Review

Thanks for joining us today as we find out what Inbox Dollars is all about. We will be having an in-depth look at how this platform works to help you decide if it really is worth your time.

What is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is an online platform that offers various cash rewards to its members for browsing the internet and completing a variety of simple tasks.

What is good about platforms like Inbox Dollars is that they allow you to work at your own pace and make money with minimum effort doing everyday online activities such as reading emails, playing games, answering surveys and redeeming coupons.

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, you may submit a withdrawal request to receive your rewards.

Is Inbox Dollars legitimate?

If you are curious about finding out what Inbox Dollars is all about, you are going to want to know whether they are legitimate. You will be pleased to know that Inbox Dollars is 100% legitimate.

The website has been active since the year 2000, and it boasts of over 17 million members to date. It is the brainchild of CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc, which is a registered company based in the US. The company runs other popular platforms such as Inbox Pounds and Daily Rewards.

Getting started with Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars accepts applications from all over the world. The only requirement is that you must be 18 years of age or older to sign up.

The account-opening process is straightforward. You just need to enter your email address and create a password to become a member. Inbox Dollars will award you $5 as a welcome bonus as soon as you finish signing up and verifying your email address.

How to make money with Inbox Dollars?

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online then that is what is really what Inbox Dollars is all about. Inbox Dollars offers dozens of income opportunities you can leverage to build a small, but steady income.

Most of these revenue streams are simple, everyday online tasks.

The most popular ways of making money with Inbox Dollars include:

Answering paid surveys

Completing surveys is the most common way of earning with Inbox Dollars. It involves answering questionnaires for the purposes of market research. However, you first have to qualify by going through a screening test.

Once approved, you must complete all questions to earn between $0.50 and $5.00 depending on the survey.

Watching videos

You can also earn money with Inbox Dollars by watching videos. These videos contain adverts and short snippets of various brands. You have to watch the video for the specified period to earn.
Earnings per video do not surpass $0.50.

Playing games

Inbox Dollars offers you a chance to make money while having fun. All you have to do is to visit your dashboard and play games such as Solitaire, Candy Jam, and Mahjong to earn.

You will also earn 18% cashback when you purchase any of the GSN games available on your dashboard.

Reading emails

One of the easiest ways of earning with Inbox Dollars is by reading and replying to emails. All you have to do is to open and read the sent offers.

However, the pay for reading emails barely reaches 10 cents.

Other income opportunities that you might consider include:

– Listening to the radio

– Signing up for trial offers

– Using the Inbox Dollars search engine

– Referring friends

– Cashback shopping

– Redeeming coupons

Cashing out

The minimum cashout threshold is $30. Once you accumulate this amount, you may request for payment via Visa prepaid cards or a check.

Currently, Inbox Dollars does not support PayPal payments. This means that you have to wait for close to 2 weeks to receive your check or cash card. However, if you are a gold member, the processing of payments takes only one week. Gold membership is automatic once you cash out for the first time.

What Are The Pros?

– Free to join

– Sign up bonus of $5

– Plenty of jobs and trial offers

– Surveys are brief and easy

– Referral program

What Are The Cons?

– Very low earnings per task (pennies)

– High payout threshold ($30)

– Takes a long time to approve withdrawal requests

– Payments may arrive after 10 to 16 days

– Does not support PayPal

Conclusion – Is Inbox Dollars worth your time?

Inbox Dollars has plenty of jobs and opportunities to earn. Most of these tasks are very easy. In fact, you do not require any professional skills to complete these tasks, as they are simple, everyday online

Nevertheless, the income potential of this platform is very low. Its important to remember that you cannot rely on Inbox Dollar to pay your bills.

Not only that, they have a very high payout threshold of $30. This is unreasonable considering that most tasks only pay a few pennies. For these reasons, you should only join Inbox Dollars if you want to hone your skills or supplement your regular earnings in the long term.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A Legit Survey Platform That is long established and reliable. The Income potential however, like similar sites to this one is low. 



4 thoughts on “What Is Inbox Dollars? A Review”

  1. Hi Courtney,
    The rates for tasks for such things as opening and reading email, watching videos or doing searches is pretty much what you would be paid on other GPT sites (just a few cents). The rates for surveys will depend upon the length of survey, but you can be certain it’s not going to make you rich! Inbox Dollars could be worth putting on the back burner like you say if you needed some pocket money one day soon.
    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you dropping by.

  2. Hi Joshua,
    Survey sites are popular with students who want to earn a bit of spare cash.
    It will probably take a while however for your friend to reach the cash out of $30 unless they are setting aside time regularly to complete the surveys at inbox dollars. This could of course be difficult fitting it in with study.
    The advantage to doing surveys of course is the flexibility as they can be done at any time of day or night.
    Inbox Dollars is worth giving a go, although I recommend joining a number of survey sites to help maximise income. Unfortunately the income is going to be small and it really is going to be pocket money. Legit survey sites don’t make any claims that members will make lots of money, it’s the ones that aren’t legit that say completing surveys can be very lucrative. All the survey sites I have reviewed on my site are legit and are worth giving a go.
    Thanks for dropping by to read my review and to comment.

  3. Thank for sharing this review. I have a friend who’s going through college and would like to earn a bit of income on the side so that they at least have some pocket money on daily basis. What’s the type of time commitment necessary to keep up with Inbox Dollars…bearing in mind she’ll also have to be studying? It sounds like it might be a good one to recommend but would appreciate your guidance.

  4. Thanks for sharing this review; it’s relevant to my current interest of monetizing my site, I could not find any excitement or inspiration in the site. I was looking for rates per service but did not find any, not even in the promotional video. However they must be doing something right to be around for so long with an impressive number of customers. placed on the back-burner for now but not discarded. Thanks for the review.

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