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Indexclix Review

Thanks for checking out our review of Indexclix.

In our review today we will be finding out what the Indexclix platform is all about, and seeing if you could potentially benefit from being a member of the site.

Indexclix is a PTC website. It is an established site that has been paying for 3 years, and has a new sister site run by the same admin by the name of Fingersclix.

As the admin is the same as fingers clix there are obviously quite a lot of similarities in terms of the amount of adverts that can be clicked on, and the costs for the paid memberships.

Although Indexclix is a legit PTC site I don’t recommend you spend more money than you can afford to lose on this because of the unpredictability of P.T.C sites. I’m not saying you can’t make money, but putting money into these sites is risky.

Have you managed to make any significant money with PTC sites?  If you have managed to do so then please leave a comments or payment proofs below.

I decided to sign up to Indexclix to see what Ads/ offers etc. are available under the free membership, and how much the paid options are, should you decide to go against my recommendation.

The ads that were immediately available were;

33 fixed ads……….$0.0001 to $0.0012 per click
6 extended ads…..$0.002 per click
5 standard ads……$0.001 per click
3 flash ads………….$0.0001 per click

According to the website you are guaranteed 4 standard ads to click on as a free member.

Even if you’re not that good at maths you will have realised by looking at those rates that you aren’t going to get rich anytime soon clicking on ads.

You will probably earn more taking online surveys, but you won’t get rich doing that either.

The cashout at Indexclix is just $2 so at least that is achievable with a bit of determination and patience.

Renting Referrals

If you rent referrals you take the chance on whether those members are going to click and or spend enough money to give you a return on the money you spend on renting them.

The cost for renting isn’t much, but you don’t get any guarantee that the referral simply won’t be active on the site at all.

Buying Referrals

By buying a referral you get to keep your referral for life. That doesn’t mean much however if the referral you buy only uses the site for a week.

That’s because buying a referral costs you more than renting, so you are relying upon the referral you bought being active on the site for some time.

Here is how much it will cost you to buy a referral;


This is a feature that may help to get you to the $2 cashout that bit quicker.

Click anywhere on the picture and you are in with a chance of winning $1. You get 25 chances per day to win by clicking on the picture and viewing an ad for a few seconds.

Other Ways to Earn At Indexclix

There are paid to sign up offers which are mainly other PTC sites that you can sign up to via Indexclix and get paid a few cents.

There are also offerwalls too. Be careful if you sign up and give your card details however, you will need to remember to cancel unless it is something you are genuinely interested in signing up to.

Paid Membership

Upgrading your account means you will have to spend some money, remember don’t spend more than you can afford to lose if you choose to upgrade.


  • A no skills required way to make a bit of pocket change.
  • Only $2 cashout
  • A PTC site that has been paying for 3 years
  • Forum for members
  • Free to join


  • Risky paid options
  • PTC site generally don’t have a great record. A lot of them close down very quickly. Indexclix has been around for sometime however.

Some Final Thoughts

Indexclix is a very low earning opportunity. Buying referrals is an option but not one we recommend.

Have you tried Indexclix? If so and you want t9 share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2/5-A Legit PTC site that has been paying for over 3 years.

2 Star Rating

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