What Is Legacy Hits? Review

What is Legacy Hits all about? Read my review to find out more;

Legacy Hits is a traffic exchange website.

What does this mean?

It means that it is a place where you can visit other people’s websites in exchange for them visiting yours.

Webmasters can join and submit their own website in order for them to participate. By visiting other people’s websites they earn credits, which they can then use to buy visitors to their own site.

You can also buy credits if you don’t have the time to view other sites.

Using a traffic exchange website means that you will get visitors to your site, but is the traffic you get worth the time or money you will have to spend?

Just how good is the traffic you will get as a result of using a traffic exchange? After all the other members are using the site in the same way you are, to get traffic to their own site.

To earn credits members view ( or surf as it is called) a site for 10 seconds, and then they can leave because they have earned their reward.

That is the problem with the traffic from traffic exchanges, the motivation for the visitor isn’t to read your site and engage with it. They are there to get credit. What does that mean for conversion of your visitors?

All traffic isn’t equal unfortunately, the very best kind of traffic, and the most sought after for webmasters, is targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is often the hardest to get, but you can learn how if you get the right training

How Many Sites Do I Need To Surf To Earn Credits?

The adverts you view for 30 seconds give a 2:1 ratio which means that you need to view 2 sites for 10 seconds to earn 1 credit, which you can then use to get 1 visit to your own website.

Paid Membership

When you sign up at Legacy Hits it is free. There are however paid memberships  that buy you credits, Banner and text adverts and certain other benefits depending upon which option you choose.

The membership costs are as follows;

  • Legacy…$7 per month/ $79.97 per year
  • Legendary…$9 per month/ $99.97 per year
  • Professional Marketing…$14 per month/ $149.97 per year

Other Paid Options

There are various other ways that you can spend your money on the site in terms of buying credits and getting website visits; You can buy various website view packages, buy credits and banner & text ads.

You can also buy startpages which are the first thing members see when they are surfing. You have to pick a day that is available and these will cost you between $9 and $11. The start pages average around 17,000 hits (at the time of this review).

For $3 you can also buy the ‘Login Spotlight’ where members get rewards for rating your site. Again for this option you will have to choose a day that is free.

Final Thoughts

Legacy Hits is a legit traffic exchange website. It offers you the opportunity to either earn (by viewing websites) or pay traffic to your site. When you pay for traffic from this site you will get it.

I can’t however recommend it. The reason I don’t is twofold;

  • The traffic you will get is poor quality. A possible exception could be if you want to promote make money online/ promoting PTC or TE websites in which case you will probably convert visitors because the members of traffic exchanges are interested in these sites.

If you are in other niches with your own however I think the traffic will be very poor quality.

  •  Visitors who view your site from traffic exchanges aren’t likely to stay there very long, for the most part they will be there for the required 10 seconds.

When you get thousand of visitors to your site doing this your bounce rate will go way up. This will not do you any favours with the search engines.

Your visitors will also not engage with your site, which is also another bad signal in terms of your websites SEO ( learn about SEO). This is not good if your aim is to build an authority site in your chosen niche.

I believe the best way to build a successful and sustainable business online is to build an authoritative website that has the aim of getting targeted traffic.

To do this you need a website with lots of great quality content that visitors engage with. When you learn how to do this you will start to rank highly in the search engines.

It will take time to build an authoritative site, you won’t get traffic straight away like you will with a traffic exchange, but the traffic you do get are much more likely to convert to sales. In my view it is a better way to build a successful long term online business.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any experience with Legacy Hits that you wish to share please leave a comment below.

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Mike - May 6, 2018

Hi Ray.. sites listed on traffic exchanges are banned on Google and Bing.. so they only work to send traffic to non seo landing pages

    Ray - May 9, 2018

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the info…much appreciated.

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