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What Is Magiclinks? Can It Generate An Income For You?

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Magiclinks Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Magiclinks.

In my review today I will be discovering what the Magiclinks platform is, and how it works.

I will also be helping you decide if it could help you generate an online income.

What Is Magiclinks?

Magiclinks is an affiliate network, so once you join, you get a percentage of any sales you make as a commission.

So, if you own a website or are a social media influencer,  you may be able to use Magiclinks to make money.

The Magiclinks tool allows you to quickly create links whenever you visit a retailer’s webpage.

For example, if you visit a store that sells lipstick, and you think your followers will like the product, you can click to create a Magiclink while you are on that page.

Your Magiclink will contain an ID that is unique to you. You can share your Magiclink on your YouTube or any other social media.

If someone clicks on the link and buys lipstick, you’ll get a commission on that sale. You’ll also get a commission if they decide to buy a dress, shoes, and earrings to match.

You can apply for Magiclinks for free. They ask about the number of followers you have on social media, country of residence, age, and so on. They also ask if you have a blog, but you can leave that blank if you don’t have one.

While Magiclinks doesn’t charge a monthly fee to use the tool, they charge in another way. They take a commission on your sales. This is equal to 30%, so if you get a commission of $10 on a product, they’ll keep $3 and your real profit after costs, will be $7.

Since Magiclinks affiliates earn based on the number of people who click on their links, you will earn more if you have more followers.

The platform will accept your application more quickly if you have at least 1,000 followers.

If you really want to earn as much as you can, develop your own plan for multiplying the number of foll0wers you have on each platform who might be interested in the products that you like.

If you are accepted as an affiliate, you’ll be contacted within seven days.

How Do You Earn Money With Magiclinks?

Magiclinks is a cool affiliate program because you have access to lots of products.

Every time you visit a retailer and like something, you can check whether a Magiclink can be created on that page. It’s a fun way to share products that you like, or find helpful.

Each time you create a Magiclink, you’ll be told how much your earnings will be, if you make a sale. Commissions vary with each retailer, and can be anywhere from 2% to 50%. Most products provide a commission of around 8%.

You may find that certain types of products give around the same percentage as a commission with most retailers.

For example, organic lotions may pay a higher commission than replacement headlights.

It can be beneficial to check how much you receive with different types of products, so you spend more time promoting the ones that bring the best profit.

If you like jet skis, and have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to them, you could link to related products. Jet skis aren’t cheap, so suppose a follower buys one for $10,000 through your Magiclink.

If one person buys a jet ski each month, and your commission is 10%, you could make $1,000 every month.

The site pays via PayPal, and you get payment every month on the 15th. They don’t have any other payment method, but PayPal payments can be received in several countries, so it’s a good international opportunity.

What Are The Pros Of Magiclinks?

  • Magiclinks makes it easy to create links for a lot of the products you like. You don’t have to sign up as an affiliate for several stores, once each one allows you to create Magiclinks. That makes the process of managing your links simpler.

What Are The Cons Of Magiclinks?

  • Magiclinks takes a commission on your commission. They take 30% out of your money. This is worth considering whenever you select a product and estimate how much you will make from a sale.
  • Your balance has to reach $50 before you can receive a PayPal payment.

Some Final Thoughts On Magiclinks

Magiclinks saves you time and gives you access to a lot of retailers. You can use it from almost anywhere in the world.

If you already have a large social media following, and talk about products a lot while you give cooking tips or demonstrate how to fix cars, you can earn money with this tool… why not sign up and increase your earning potential.

Star Rating 3.5/5-This tool makes it convenient for affiliate marketers to find links to products rather than having to sign up to numerous affiliate marketing programs, and your affiliate earnings can be managed from one place. Magiclinks however do take their cut.


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Thanks for checking out my review of Magiclinks. I hope you found it informative and will help you decide if The Magiclinks platform will benefit you.

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