What Is Mylikes And Is It Legit?- A Review

Mylikes Review

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Today in this review  I’m taking a look at Mylikes

I will be finding out if the platform is legitimate, and if it is worth trying.

What Is Mylikes?

  • Mylikes is a site that pays you to share content on your social media sites. You get paid every time someone clicks on the content.
  • There are numerous categories of content that you can share, and you can choose whatever content you think will engage your followers.
  • When you sign up you get web hosting space, or a Social Website as Mylikes calls it, and this is hosted on one of their domains.
  • You then post the link to the content on your social media site, when clicked on the link will take you to the content on your Social Website.
  • The amount you get paid each time someone clicks on the link depends upon the amount of interest and engagement your follower has with the content.
  • After you have signed up choose a username that relates to the content you want to share as the username forms part of the url.
  • Mylikes pays on Friday each week via PayPal, the minimum payout amount is $20, so you need at least this amount in before you will get paid, you don’t need to request it as it will be paid out automatically.


If you are an advertiser, Mylikes is similar to the more widely known Google Adwords or Adsense PPC advertising, although of course the adverts from Mylinks will feature on social media rather than website posts.

So the content should differ in that Mylinks adverts suit content that is likely to go viral.

If you are a publisher, Mylikes is similar to Affiliate Marketing in that you will be choosing content to share that you think will engage your followers, who you consider to be a target audience.

The Pros

  • Make money by doing something that you will probably be doing anyway.

The Cons

  • The domain name you are given is made up of both your username, then the name of the available domain at Mylikes. The name could look spammy to your followers and they may be therefore reluctant to click on it.
  • There are mixed reviews from publishers who use this site. Some seem to love it and others don’t. The only way to find out however is to join, if you don’t like it then don’t use it.
  • Unless you have a huge social media following you are unlikely to make much money.


My verdict is that this company is legit.

Mylikes is legit as it does pay you for the clicks you get on content links you share on social media sites. If you use social media a lot and you have followers who engage why not give it a go.

Unless you have a huge following however, the earnings may not live up to your expectations, so don’t be disappointed if it turns out to be a very small amount. It is better that you have this as one of multiple income streams, rather than relying upon it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, if you wish to discuss, or if you have experience of using Mylikes, please leave a comment below, I will be very happy to help.

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Roope - September 9, 2016

Thank you for the short review. I immediately decided to sign up to Mylikes to see how it works. I have +12k followers on Twitter so perhaps I could make some income through Mylikes. Have you tried their service yourself? Did you earn some money? What are the best social medias to use with Mylikes?

Admin - September 9, 2016

Hi Roope,
I haven’t personally used Mylikes as I am only an occasional user of social media. I think someone like yourself who has a large following on Twitter will do quite well with Mylikes. Remember not to spam people with the links however! As to which is the best social media to use, I found this article which may be of help to you Top 10 tips to increase your Mylikes earnings
Another site that allows you to share content on social media is Share Magnet.
Best of luck with Mylikes I hope you manage to earn some cash from it.
Thanks for dropping by to comment it’s really appreciated.

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