What is mysoapbox? A Review

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What is mysoapbox?

  • Mysoapbox is a survey site that pays its members to complete surveys, and it also pays you for referring friends too.
  • It rewards its members either gift cards or donations to charity, for completing surveys.

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I have awarded mysoapbox points out of 5 on 3 important categories.

Customer Reviews

3 out of 5- A fairly good score based on user reviews around the web.There were more positive reviews than negative overall. The complaints are mostly about two issues, the first being that there was a high disqualification rate. A lot of people felt frustrated with this as they were unable to build up their points quickly enough. A lot of points are needed in order to redeem, and this was the second complaint.

As a lot of points are needed to reach the redemption amount, and due to users not qualifying for surveys, some felt they wouldn’t reach it. (See up to date reviews of mysoapbox  at surveypolice.com)

Redemption Amount

1 out of 5- A very low score, $25 worth of points are needed to redeem. Once this amount is reached however there is no minimum amount required. Despite this I still gave it a low score because it’s likely that some users would give up before they reached $25 therefore wasting their time. Having said that, the points earned at mysoapbox don’t expire like they do on some sites, so there is no rush to get there.

Length of time in Business

3 out of 5- I can’t be certain how long this survey site has been around. They have been operating since at least 2012 as there are some reviews out there that date that far back. Four years is a reasonable length of time so they get quite a good score for this.

Here are some more features of the site;

  • $1 is equivalent to 1000 points.
  • You are awarded $2 (2000 points) just for signing up.
  • If you begin a survey but get disqualified, you are awarded 10 points ($0.01).
  • Surveys pay on average $0.75-$1.50, depending upon the survey.
  • You are awarded 250 points for each person that you refer to the site.


  • The points don’t expire after a period of time.
  • A number of the reviews complimented customer service as to how helpful they were.
  • If you do manage to earn more than $25, there is then no minimum amount to cash out.


  • You don’t get paid cash via PayPal.
  • The amount of times users get disqualified appears to be high judging from user reviews.
  • Redemption amount of $25 is high compared to some other sites.
  • The pay is low, as it is for all sites like this one. You are not guaranteed to make minimum wage given that you are not employed by this site.


My verdict is that this company is legit.

mysoapbox is legit as it pays its members for completing surveys. Don’t give up your job if you have one however, the pay is going to be small.

Its for you to decide if earning rewards at mysoapbox is worth your valuable time.

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I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have had any experience working with mysoapbox and if you want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below.

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