What Is ScarletClicks? Review

Scarlet Clicks Review

Welcome to my latest review. This one will be finding out all about Scarlet Clicks to see if it is worth you checking it out.

What Is Scarlet Clicks?

Scarlet Clicks is a PTC (paid to click) website where users can be paid to click on adverts, or they can pay to advertise their website.

I signed up with Scarlet Clicks to see how things worked just for those who may want to consider it as an income source. I can’t therefore say for certain how well or otherwise this platform works for advertisers.

How Much Can You Make By Clicking On Ads?

By signing up for free I automatically became a ‘standard’ member. There are other paid membership levels which I will discuss further along.

Scarlet Clicks

I clicked on the ‘View Ads’ tab at the top of the screen, and saw numerous advertisements that I could view and be paid to view for a few seconds. The adverts would pay me between $0.0002 up to $0.001.

The minimum payout at Scarlet Clicks is $2, so you would need to click on adverts that paid $0.0002 ten thousand times before you reached the payout, and if you clicked on adverts worth $0.001, you would need to click on those two thousand times to reach $2.

You can also click on the PTCWall to find adverts to click on that pay a similar amount.

How Much Can You Make On PTSU (Paid To Sign Up Offers)?

Another way to earn is by signing up with other websites. This is a quicker way to earn as they pay you between $0.05 up to $0.50 to join the sites that are advertised here.

What Is ScarletGrid?

ScarletGrid offers you 20 chances each day to win up to $1. When you click on one of the grids like the one below you will then be taken to an advertisement which you will need to view for a few second before being told if you have won anything.


I clicked on ScarletGrid a number of times and I did actually win, although not the top prize of $1. The members who do win the $1 prize are shown at the side of the grid along with others who have won lesser amounts.

ScarletGrid Winner

Can I Earn Good Money At Scarlet Clicks With Referral’s?

There are 3 kinds of referral’s you can get to potentially earn you more money.

  • 1.  Rented Referral’s….One of the ways is renting referral’s. To get rented referral’s you will have to pay for them.

You are allowed a maximum 200 referral’s with the standard membership.

There are various other pay monthly or yearly membership options, some of which allow you to rent more. The downline click value is 40% with the free standard membership, but again if you choose a paid monthly or yearly option this can rise to 100%.

Renting referral’s of course does involve a risk to your money. On a standard membership you will get 40% of $0.0002 for example.

That is a lot of clicks that your referral’s will have to make, and you aren’t of course guaranteed that they will make many clicks at all for the time you are renting them.

You could however upgrade to one of the paid memberships, but you then have to factor in the cost of the membership before any profit can be made.

Rented referral’s can also be left to expire or they can be re-cycled depending upon how they perform.

  • 2. Buying Referral’s…Another option is to buy your referral’s, which means you keep them. Again you aren’t guaranteed your bought referral’s will spend much time at Scarlet Clicks to earn you enough to cover your costs.

Some people have strategies that allow them to make a profit from renting or buying referral’s, however I personally wouldn’t recommend it as a good way to earn money online. I think the amount of time (and risk to your money) in getting the strategy right isn’t worth it.

  • 3. Direct Referrals….A better strategy I think is to try to get as many direct referral’s via an affiliate website like this one. Read about how you can get a free website and refer people to Scarlet Clicks and have your own online presence. There are literally thousands of other affiliate programs that you can promote from your site too, making it a great way to earn money online.

What I like about Scarlet Clicks is that there is no limit to how many direct referrals you can have with the free membership. This means there could be an opportunity for you to earn a side income without having to pay a subscription.

What We Like About Scarlet Clicks

  • A forum for members
  • Free To Join
  • Low cash out of $2
  • Paid via PayPal
  • Unlimited direct referrals under the free membership

What We Don’t Like About Scarlet Clicks

  • Low income opportunity for free membership with no investment
  • Paid options carry a risk to your investment
  • PTC sites go out of business, although this one has been paying out for longer than most.

Some Final Thoughts On Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks is legit and one of the better PTC sites on the Internet. I don’t think it is a great way to make money online however, I believe there are better ways.

It is a very tedious way to earn a small amount if you don’t put money in, and it is by no means guaranteed that you will get back the money you put in if you choose any of the paid options.

Do you have any experience of Scarlet Clicks? Have you managed to make it pay, or did it end up costing you money? Let me know in the comments, it will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5- A very low income opportunity to earn by clicking on ads. You can potentially earn more by choosing the paid options, however you may lose money too.

2 Star Rating

Our Preferred Way To Make Money Online

If you are serious about making money online then we recommend that you get your own website.

Having an online presence opens up all kinds of possibilities and options. You can make money with your own products, get paid commissions for promoting other people’s products, or be paid a passive income for referring people to sites like Scarlet Clicks.

You Can Get Started To day for free with 2 free websites, free training and unlimited support.





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Kipps - April 6, 2017

Thanks for the review of Scarlet Clicks. Even if I am not going to get involved with PTC campaigns as such, I find your review interesting anyway. It proves how crazy it is. Yes, this is Internet age and people are doing all kinds of things like that, even if just to try out any crazy idea. Many new ideas seemingly crazy at first could become viral on the Internet. A simple idea could also bring millions of dollars. The Million Dollar Homepage, where the owner of the site sells each pixel for one dollar is a good example. It looks crazy but it worked! But with Scarlet Clicks? Nope No way. The owner would need to think of other crazier ideas:) Just my two pence.

Admin - April 6, 2017

Hi Kipps,
I agree, clicking on many many adverts as a way to make such a small amount of money does seem a little crazy. Some people must be doing it of course otherwise the sites wouldn’t exist.
I know I would rather spend my time doing something that has more potential like affiliate marketing.
Thanks for your comment Kipps I really appreciate it.

Kevin - April 8, 2017

Hello, Ray
Thanks for taking the time to review another way to make money online. It amazes me some ways to make money online. This online business called ScarletClicks seems to be targeting folks who spend a lot of time on their computers or phone.
I can see the attraction for people who tend to play games or similar apps. Since they would be using their computers or phones anyway, they might as well try and generate income.
ScarletClicks seems to consume a lot of time for the reward you would receive for the time invested. I can imagine why people would want to get involved with ScarletClicks.
Thanks again for taking your time out to investigate it.

Admin - April 9, 2017

Hi Kevin,
PTC sites are a convenient way to make small amounts of cash doing something that requires no skill, or to even think about anything, so they do have an appeal.
The amount of clicking however, to just get minimum payout, is probably a lot more than some realise and they give up. This is why renting referrals is so risky because it relies upon members continuing to click for at least a certain length of time.

Maxx - April 15, 2017

Hi Ray, Thanks for the Scarletclicks review. Another Paid to Click that I never heard off. And I never ever involve myself in PTC. Look at the payout, I feel ridiculous and did someone really participate it just for the pennies?

Ten thousand times to reach out the payout and each click is only worth 0.0002? Come on? I better invest my time somewhere else.

Admin - April 17, 2017

Hi Maxx,
You can definitely see the appeal of these sites as they do appear to offer the members the opportunity to earn easy money clicking on ads.
It’s only when you start clicking on the ads do you realise how slow and time consuming the process is.
That’s why I don’t recommend the paying options because I think it will be very difficult getting many referrals that are prepared to stick it out and keep on clicking day after day in order to earn you any meaningful income. You may earn a small amount but whether you get the money you paid out back is uncertain and therefore risky.
Direct referrals is a better option, and Scarlet clicks doesn’t have a limited on the amount of referrals you can have under the free option, unlike some other PTC sites. Referring people via an affiliate link on a website like this one gives you the option of seeing whether you can make money through referrals without having to pay money out.
There are however better affiliate programs out there for anyone who is serious about making real money online through affiliate marketing.
Thanks for your comment Maxx.

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