What Is Share Magnet? A Review

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What is Share Magnet?, maybe you haven’t heard about it before, have a look at my review to find out more.

What Is Share Magnet?

Share Magnet enables you to get paid for sharing links (magnets) from their website and onto your social media accounts.

After you have signed up for free on their website, you are asked to pick 10’things that interest you from a list they provide. It is an extensive list that covers subjects such as Health, Fashion and Entertainment.

Once you have picked your 10 interests, you then pick out the magnets you want to share. Each magnet will tell you how much you will get paid if someone clicks on it. The approximate amount you can earn is around $0.02 to $0.15 per click.

You then add some wording to tell your friends why you like the product.

You get paid by PayPal, you can redeem the amount you have earned once it reaches a minimum of $1.00.

You can also earn money by referring people to the site.

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Have a look at the promotional video for Share Magnet.


  • You are getting paid for doing something that you will probably doing anyway, spending time on social media.
  • If you have lots of followers, your advert could be quite far reaching.


  • There have been a few complaints about there being a delay in making payments to you although they are not for long. If you don’t get paid you can contact support to see what the problem is.
  • It isn’t likely that you will get paid very much, but it can be a small side income that can be achieved without doing very much.
  • You may feel a bit uncomfortable sending too many adverts to your friends. It may be wise to just exercise constraint to maximise clicks.


Share Magnet is legit as it pays you cash when somebody clicks on the adverts you share on social media. I think this could be not a bad way of earning a small side income, especially if you spend a lot of time on social media anyway, and you have lots of followers.

You do have to be realistic though and not expect this to become a full time income.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the review I will be very happy to help, just leave a comment below.

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