What Is TaskRabbit? Review

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Thanks for checking out this review of TaskRabbit. Today I will be finding out what TaskRabbit is, and whether it can provide an income for you.

TaskRabbit is currently only available in specific areas in the US (see further down this review) and in London. If you don’t live in these areas then you won’t be able to sign up.

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What Is TaskRabbit?

If there is one thing you have to say technology is very good it, then it has to be for putting together a group of people who want something, and another group that can provide that something.

These days people can be that busy they need others to do certain tasks that they simply do not have the available time to do.

They may also lack the necessary skills to get the job done properly, so this is where TaskRabbit comes in.

TaskRabbit is a website that finds ‘TaskRabbits’ to do jobs, or tasks for those that request them (taskposters).

The tasks can be anything from for example handyman work, cleaning or delivery.

The freelancers or TaskRabbits, have to be approved by the site before they carry out tasks, and background checks are carried out on them for safety reasons.

The site is for those that need assistance with tasks, and want to hire someone in the local area to carry them out. It offers an opportunity for people to work as freelancers by helping others who are in need of their skills and assistance. So if you have the skills then you could make money with TaskRabbit.

It is worth noting here however that the TaskRabbit website states that tasks that are generally not appropriate for the platform are those that require a professional licence.

The company was founded in 2008 by Leah Busque. Over the years, it has received over $37.5 million in funding.

It has also done checks on thousands of TaskRabbits to see if they have the necessary skills to help the sites taskposters on a wide variety of task categories.

The platform has over 50,000 freelancers on the program and about 50-full-time employees working in their San Francisco office.

The idea came to the company’s founder after he one time found that he had no time to buy dog food, and sought help from the neighbourhood!

Where Is TaskRabbit Available?

Unfortunately TaskRabbit isn’t available to everyone. In fact it is only available in certain locations, here they are;

• Houston, Boston, Austin, Portland, Phoenix, LA & OC, Washington DC, Denver, San Antonio, Miami, San Diego, SF Bay Area, New York City, Dallas, Chicago, and Seattle. It is also available in London.

How Can I Make Money With TaskRabbit?

After signing up with your personal information the site will do a background check. You will then be required to attend an interview before being allowed to use the site.

Anyone with the skills and time can become a task doer. You can use this opportunity to get work for a few hours after the 9-5 job.

You have to be selected to carry out a task. A taskposter will post their job, and the site will select 3 TaskRabbits that are in the area, and have the necessary skills. So if you are selected, you get to carry out the task and get paid.

Before the platform was upgraded, the company required taskers to bid for the available jobs. However, this model was scrapped in favor of automatic assignment of a job. You can either accept or reject a job if you are chosen.

If you accept the job, you get the details of the job and you proceed to complete it. Once the job is complete, the payment is made through the company’s app. The task poster has the opportunity to review the work done, and rate the service provided.

How Much Can I Make?

It depends on the kind of job that you handle on the platform.

Highly technical jobs will obviously pay better than many of the small petty jobs. Most people will make about $20-$50 an hour for common jobs from shopping to construction and electrical repair. People can make around $700 to $1,500 a week, so it is something that you can do for a living.

Of course it depends upon you providing quality work, if you do there is more chance of you getting more work from getting quality ratings from the clients.

What Is Good About This Platform?

  • A lot of diverse tasks so you should be able to find something that you can handle.
  • A good rate of pay based upon the skill levels required.
  • Easy to use App that connects those that have paid tasks to do, and those who will carry them out.

What Isn’t So Good

  • There isn’t a rating feature for taskers to rate posters. Therefore some posters could take advantage of this.
  • Only available in very limited locations
  • The safety of the taskers isn’t of course guaranteed, and this may be a concern for some.

I hope you enjoyed this TaskRabbit review, drop a comment below if you have any experience working with this company that you want to share.

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