What Is The Buxer? Review

Find out what The Buxer website is all about by reading my review.

What Is The Buxer?

I recently signed up to The Buxer a ‘Paid To Click’ website to get a feel for how the site worked and so I can write this review for you.

Just in case you haven’t heard of what is known as a PTC (Paid To Click) website, it is a site where advertisers can advertise their websites, and where members, who can sign up for free, can click on those adverts and get paid fractions of cents for doing it.

All that is required is that you have the advert open for a few seconds.

There are quite literally hundreds of sites like these available to join now. Clicking on adverts all day long isn’t really for me, but obviously it is a popular way for others to earn a very small amount given the number of sites that keep popping up everywhere.

PTC sites can close down quickly however, especially those that haven’t managed to establish themselves. The Buxer has however been around since 2013, although it’s management changed around the beginning of 2015.

How Much Will Clicking On Ads Pay?

The adverts that I saw when I joined up paid in the region of $0.00025 to $0.00075 for each click. You will obviously have to do a lot of clicking to reach the minimum payout of $2.

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I guess that people choose to click on ads because there are zero skills required, and because it is easy and flexible.

If you do manage to reach payout there are a number of options with regard to who can process your payment. They include SolidTrustPay, Payza, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and others. They don’t unfortunately have PayPal.

What Are Rented Referrals?

Lots of sites like The Buxer offer what is called rented referrals. It is another potential earning opportunity as you will receive a fraction of a cent each time your referral clicks on an ad.

As the name suggests, a rented referral is a referral that you get for a limited period of time.

What you are basically doing is taking a risk as to whether your referrals will actually go onto the site and make some money, meaning you will make some too.

There is a risk because you will have to pay for each referral that you rent. The cost for each referral is $0.20.

As a free member, which is what you become once you sign up, you will be allowed a maximum of 500 rented referrals.

You can recycle a referral if they are performing well although you will have to pay to do this.

I think a better option than buying rented referrals however is to get direct referrals.

Direct Referrals

These are new members that you refer directly to the site via an affiliate link given to you when you join.

If you want to learn how to refer hundreds of new members to any affiliate program then check this out.

Direct referrals can give you an opportunity to create a passive income stream, and without having to take any risks with an up front investment. All you need is a free website like this and you can get started referring people and earning.

You will of course need to refer lots of new members to PTC sites because even if your referrals do use the site regularly you will only be earning a fraction of a cent for each click they make, but if you learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way then your referrals to PTC sites could eventually prove to be a nice small side income stream for you.

Unfortunately The Buxer only allows a maximum of 100 referrals under the free membership as the direct referrals earn you a fraction more than rented referrals.

There are a number of paid membership options available that enable you to refer unlimited amounts of direct referrals with the paid options, but there is of course a risk to your money as you may not make back what you have paid for your membership.

Buying Referrals

There is also the option to buy referrals at The Buxer. These will cost you more as you have them for life. You will have to pay $1.00 for each one that you buy. Again you don’t really know if the referral you buy will continue to use the site so there is a risk to your money.

Other Ways To Earn

The other ways to earn at The Buxer include ‘Paid To Sign Up’ offers, although the weren’t any currently available when I checked in there after signing up. There is also a PTC Wall which has similar rewards to clicking on adverts.


  • Free membership
  • Easy way to earn a small amount doing very little.
  • Has been established for a few years
  • The site has a forum with payment proofs


  • Clicking on ads can be a very tedious way to earn just fractions of a cent.
  • Paid options are risky as there is no guarantee you will get back what you paid.


The Buxer is a paying PTC site as there is proof that it pays its members. I don’t however think this is a great way to make money online personally as the rewards are so very low.

I don’t personally recommend the paid options.

If you have the patience to click on ads day after day then the free membership may be ok for you.

If you are a patient person however your patience could be put to better use building an affiliate marketing business and referring new members to PTC sites like The Buxer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of The Buxer. Have you any experience of working with this site?  Did you manage to make any money? Have you tried any of the paid membership options and made money from it, or did it end up costing you money? It will be great to hear from you.

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