What Is The LetGo App?- A Review

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LetGo Review

Thanks for checking out my LetGo App review.

If you are wondering what this App is all about and how things work then you have come to the right place.

I will be uncovering all the things you need to know to help you make a more informed decision before you decide whether to try it out for yourself.

This LetGo App Review will show you how to earn quick cash by selling items that you no longer need. Maybe you could turn an old table or textbooks from university into cash by using this app….let’s find out more.

How Do You Earn On LetGo?

With LetGo, you earn by selling different types of consumer items at reasonable prices. This app can only be used to sell to local customers. As with any other type of business, good presentation helps you to earn more. You will gain more buyers by uploading attractive photos of items you want to sell.

How Does LetGo Work?

LetGo lets you post mobile classifieds. It does not work from a desktop.

LetGo operates in over ten countries, with the most profitable regions being the United States and Canada.

To start selling on LetGo, you will need to download the app for Android or iOS. Add your email, photo and password to sign up. The main page will give you ideas on what other people are selling to make money. Customers can also use the search bar to find whatever you list.

The app automatically detects your location, so if you are in Canada, it will state that and you can sell to local Canadian customers. You can chat online with your customers and find out more about what they need. This information allows you to select more profitable items and increase your earnings.

Once you click on the option to sell your stuff, and post an item, a potential buyer can make you an offer. If you accept their offer, you communicate with them and accept their PayPal payment or arrange another payment method.

Selling online at LetGo is a lot like selling at a brick and mortar store. Several people will look at what you have, some may even favorite items that they are interested in buying. A few will buy something immediately or return later to make their purchase.

The average sales conversion rate online is about 2%. You can earn money on LetGo from the traffic that comes to you through the platform, but you can earn even more by sending potential customers to your listings.

You have the option of purchasing and building your own ads by using the Commercializer tool. If you decide to purchase ads, make sure that they are designed to attract customers in your target market.

How Much Does It Cost?

LetGo does not charge you for listing your items. You are not charged a monthly fee or any other subscription fee to use the site. They do not take a commission whenever you sell an item. All of these factors make it a good option for earning money by selling your products online.

How Much Can You Earn On LetGo?

LetGo is the ideal platform to use for sales, because they do not charge a commission on whatever you sell. You keep every dollar of every sale, so your earning potential is limitless.

It pays to look at what other sellers are making money on with the site. If you want to focus on cars, electronics, or movies, find out what people search for the most in each of those areas and which of those deliver the most profit.

What Are The Pros?

  • LetGo is ideal for people who like to do business on the go. It is easy to upload information about the items you have for sale and you can post as many items as you like.
  • While many people sell used items, you can sell new toys, artwork and sports gear if you wish. There is virtually no limit to the items that you can profit from by using the platform, and you can even sell bikes or trucks via the platform.
  • Sellers on LetGo can choose great items in profitable niches, and get rid of gear they no longer use.

What Are The Cons?

  • Sellers have to review a buyer before the buyer can place a review. This could be adjusted to let both parties place fair reviews.
  • This app can only be used on mobile devices.

Is LetGo Worth It?

LetGo provides you with an easy way to earn money quickly. Many people have books, small gadgets, and other items that they no longer need. The app lets you earn money from those items, that you can put towards other things that are important to you.

Ads created on the platform can be shared across your social networks to help you earn more cash.

So if you have some items you are ready to let go of the LetGo could be a good option for you.

Have you tried LetGo? If so let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good platform for selling both new and used items online. You can only use this platform on a mobile device however.

3.5 Star Rating

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