What Is The Thrive Themes Comments Plugin?-Can It Boost My Website?

Thrive Comments Thrive Themes for Wordpress

Much has been said about the Thrive Themes Comments Plugin, but can it really boost your website and increase your conversions?

This Review will reveal all about this innovative plugin from the Thrive Themes team.

The Importance Of Comments 

Since the emergence of social media platforms, the comments section has become an essential feature of any website.

WordPress has made it necessary to have a comments section placed below each page.

You can now of course read comments from your visitors and respond to their queries right there on your blog or website.

Comments may also be liked by other visitors or shared on social media platforms.

Sadly, very few business owners know how to make the most out of their comments section; it is one of the most underrated features as far as customer interaction is concerned.

This is where the importance of the Thrive Comments Plugin comes into play.

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Introduction To The Thrive Comments Plugin

Thrive Comments is a premium plugin that allows you to turn comments on your site into lead conversions.

The main objective of this plugin is to transform your otherwise docile website into a conversion-focused site by making use of the comments section.

How Does The Thrive Comments Plugin Work?

Although WordPress websites have avenues where your audience can leave comments, most visitors do not see the need to do so, considering the fact that they won’t get rewarded for their time and effort.

The best they can hope for is a one-line reply from you.

The Thrive Comments plugin is a game-changer when it comes to utilizing comments to build a vibrant community of engaged visitors.

It uses proven concepts such as social validation to encourage visitors to leave comments and receive rewards such as up/down votes, pinned comments, likes and badges for their contribution.

You can then add post comment actions such as redirecting new visitors to welcome pages or gift pages.

Returning commenters may be directed to thank you pages or other related posts that contain various Call-To-Action channels.

These actions will ultimately lead to the much-needed conversions that you are seeking.

How Does The Thrive Comments Plugin Compare?

1. Conversion-focused comments

Unlike regular comments that might leave your visitors waiting for a response for months, Thrive Comments present commenters with special offers for opting in or leaving their email address.

2. Addictive encouragement

Thrive Comments focuses on encouraging your visitors to leave comments by rewarding them with gamified incentives.

Visitors get rewarded through likes, badges and featured comments.

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3. Access to unspoken opinions

Visitors can leave comments, give an up/down vote or share their comments on social media with just one click Regular comments do not offer these options.

4. One-click delegation

If you work with a group of content creators, you can assign the task of responding to comments to any of the members within your group, on a single -click.

5. Automatic resource links

Imagine how time-consuming it could be if you were to add a link to every comment that you receive.

The Thrive Comments plugin makes everything simple by adding resource links to your comments sections automatically.

6. Real-time workflow

Relying on regular comments sections is not ideal as you can easily miss a comment that requires urgent attention.

The Thrive Comments plugin arranges all remarks that require your response in one place, making it easier for you to take action.

Thrive Comments Features

The Thrive Comments Plugin comes with dozens of features. The most popular features include:

• Insert Anywhere

You can insert any Thrive Comments element anywhere in your posts, blogs or landing pages.

• Create Your Own Default Avatar

You can create a default avatar to be used by a visitor who does not have an image.

You may also opt to remove these avatars from your site completely.

• Comments into Pages

This feature allows you to split comments across multiple pages to make it easier for you to offer optimum attention

• Different C.T.A for First Time Commenters

First timers may be directed to a ‘’Welcome to the Community’’ page or rewarded with special gifts for making their first comments.

• Social Sharing

Allows your visitors to share their comments on social media

• User Badges

Reward your audience with badges for various achievements related to their comments. This encourages better site interaction for possible conversions.

• Post from social accounts

This feature allows your visitors to post from their linked social media accounts without signing in.

• Filter Comments

You may filter comments depending on a number of factors, including keywords used, comment status, post and replies required.

This enables you to access and respond to the most crucial comments urgently, without the need of going through all the comments posted on your site.

• Auto-Link Keywords

The plugin will automatically create links to various predefined URLs based on keywords used by your visitors

• Customize dates

You can choose between relative dates or absolute dates depending on your preferences

Thrive Comments Price Plans

Just like most Thrive Themes products, this premium plugin comes with three price plans. These include:
• Single License – $39
• 5 License Pack – $47
• 15 License Pack – $97

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So what are the pros and cons of this plugin?


• Offers better comment management and moderation
• Comes with a spam filter that prevents unsolicited comments
• You can use your comments and voting stats to analyze traffic to your site
• Optimized for fast loading speeds
• Reasonable price plans
• 30-day money back guarantee


• Does not work with free WordPress.com websites
• Requires some learning before you can make the most of this plugin

Bottom line: Is the Thrive Comments plugin ideal for my business?

If you are looking for a plugin that does more than just allowing you to remove spam or let your visitors comment on Facebook, then consider the Thrive Comments plugin.

This plugin is specifically designed to help you make the most out your comments sections.

It utilizes the most addictive aspects of social media platforms to give you a product that will encourage more meaningful comments that bring value to your site.

By interacting more with potential clients, you can take advantage of your newly found relations to turn comments into conversions.

So what’s holding you back? Try the Thrive Comments plugin today and notice the difference.

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