Why You Should Be Using The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin On Your Blog

Thrive Clever Widgets Plugin

How good is the Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin? Should you be using it on your blog or website, and what is it exactly?

In our post today we will be showing you what the Plugin does, and why we think you should be using it to enhance your site and ultimately improve your conversions…so sit tight and let’s get started…

The Importance Of Enhancing Your Site For Conversion

The main purpose of any website is to build your online presence, enhance your exposure and subsequently boost your sales. Your site should not only look professional, but also focus on converting your traffic into a loyal customer base.

The internet is home to hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites, casting little doubt on the popularity of the WordPress content management system…However, judging by the high number of poorly designed websites on the internet today, it is easy to see how many website owners get it all wrong when it comes to building conversion focused sites.

Fortunately, you do not have to fall in the same category….By using the Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin on your site you can easily make your website smarter as far as improving user experience and boosting your conversions are concerned.

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What Is The Thrive Themes Clever Widget Plugin?

What is the thrive themes Clever Widgets?

The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets is a very smart plugin designed for WordPress websites. The plugin allows you to create targeted WordPress widgets that show up based on what your readers are browsing.

Different people visit different parts of your site looking for various solutions….If they are treated to the same one-size-fits-all content, it is highly likely that some visitors will never return to your website.

This is because offering the same generic content simply does not appeal to everyone…For this reason, it is important that you find a way to generate content that is relevant to your audience whenever they visit different pages or posts on your site….That’s exactly what the Thrives Clever Widgets is all about!

It is a smart plugin that generates relevant ads, banners and other widgets that appear on the side bar of your website based on what your readers are looking for.

How Does The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin Work?

You can easily tell a lot about your audience from their browsing activities. The Thrive Themes clever widget works by analyzing the possible solutions your visitors are looking for by evaluating the pages and posts that they visit the most.

This plugin then uses this data to generate targeted content in your widget areas. In essence, the plugin generates content that is highly relevant to your audience.

As simple as it may look, producing relevant side bar content not only improves user experience, but also enhances conversion rates. Your site will enjoy more hits, fewer bounces and eventually higher conversions.

One great aspect about the Clever Widgets Plugin is that it is light, and therefore does not affect the loading speeds of your web pages. No matter how many widgets you create with this Thrive Themes plugin, it will not make your website sluggish. This is because this smart plugin will only load relevant widgets on any given page. Widgets that do not add value to that particular post or page are excluded.

How To Use The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin

What Is The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets?

If you are a WordPress website owner or admin, it is important that you learn a few basic skills on how to tweak your website from the WP control panel. This will come in handy when you want to install various plugins from Thrive Themes.

To use the Clever Widget plugin, you must purchase the license from Thrive Themes then install the plugin from your WordPress control panel. Once installed, simply click on the Thrive Widget display options to proceed

. From the ensuing pop-up dialog box, you can access different targeting options for your widget areas. Some of these options include:

Basic settings – Gives you the option to choose where your widgets will be displayed. You may choose to display your widget on the front page, search page, blog index or on all posts

Categories – Allows you to show relevant content based on tags or categories

Posts – Use this option if you want your widgets to appear in specific posts

Pages – This setting allows you to display widgets in particular web pages only

Page Templates – Allows you to display widgets on any page templates on your website

Post Types – Lets you decide which posts to display your widgets based on the type of post

Purchasing The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin

You can purchase the Thrive Themes Clever widget without becoming a member of the Thrive Themes platform.

This Clever Widget plugin from Thrive Themes is available in three price plans. These include:

 The single license option is available at a one-time fee of $39 for one website. The package includes access to free updates and one year of support.

 The 5 License Pack costs a one-time fee of $47. This license pack supports up to 5 different websites, and it comes with all features. You will also receive free access to updates and one full year of support.    

 This pack supports up to 15 websites at a one-time fee of only $97. It comes with all the features available in the other price plans, including free updates and one full year of support. 

What Are The Pros?

• Top-rated WordPress plugin
• Exceptionally improves user experience
• Enhances customer engagement
• Regular updates
• Fairly priced
• 24/7 support

What Are The Cons?

• Support is only available for one year

Should You Use The Thrive Themes Clever Widgets On Your Blog?

Just as the name implies, the Thrive Themes Clever Widgets is a plugin that will transform your site from dumb to clever. As a website owner, it is advisable that you give your audience a memorable experience whenever they visit your site. This can only be achieved by displaying content that is relevant to their needs.

We recommend that if you want to improve user experience and enhance conversion rates, then you should consider the Thrives Themes Clever Widget.

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