What Is The Thrive Themes Quiz Builder? –Will It Engage Your Website Visitors with Awesome Quizzes

Thrive Quiz Builder Thrive Themes for Wordpress

Just how good is the Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin?

Is it really going to engage your website visitors, making them stick around on your site for longer and improve your rankings?

This is what I am going to uncover in this thorough review of this innovative Plugin from the Thrive Themes team.

The Importance Of Attracting And Engaging Visitors

You may or may not know it, but adding quizzes to your website is a great way of attracting new visitors and engaging your audience.

On the surface they might look simple and ineffectual, but quizzes go a long way to encourage people to test their knowledge in a fun and exciting way.

You will also be able to learn more about your audience by posing specific questions that might be of interest to them.

Essentially, quizzes generate extra attention that is ultimately good for your business.

However, the hard part revolves around creating these quizzes in the first place.

Website owners often go through a difficult time trying to add engaging questionnaires to their WordPress websites.

This is because it is widely expected that you must be an expert coder or a professional web designer to be able to create these quizzes.

However, with the emergence of the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin, adding quizzes to your site has never been easier.

You can now create and publish engaging quizzes on your site without coding.

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What Is The Thrive Quiz Builder?

The Thrive Quiz Builder is a premium plugin designed for WordPress websites.

As the name implies, this plugin allows you to build complex, attention-grabbing quizzes that encourage your visitors to click through and answer all the questions posed to them.

Thrive Quiz Builder For WordPress

Once a visitor has answered all the quizzes, they will be tempted to share their results with their friends on social media and other platforms.

This will not only attract more traffic, but also enhance the online presence of your business.

The history of this WordPress plugin goes back to the days when Thrive Themes co-founder Shane Melaugh developed the popular Viral Quiz Builder.

The Viral plugin has since evolved to become the Thrive Quiz Builder.

In a nutshell, the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin allows you to

• Visualize what your quizzes will look like
• Easily see the flow of all the questions and answers
• Segment your quizzes based on their relevance to your audience
• Create branching quizzes that allow you to ask a variety of questions based on preceding answers
• Select between text and image questions

The plugin comes with a step-by-step guide that will walk you through each phase, making sure that you do not skip any fundamental step.

It also features a troubleshooter that alerts you in case of any problem with the flow of your quizzes.

Thrive Quiz Builder Features

This plugin comes with a wide range of features that are tailored to enhance your conversion rates.

Some of the most popular features associated with the Thrive quiz builder include:

• Quiz analytics – allows you to track results and see which quizzes have the most shares
• Question weighting – allows you to make scoring as accurate as possible based on the answers provided
• Opt-in gates – encourages the quiz taker to provide their details before answering the quiz
• A/B testing – Helps you to find result pages that attract the most shares
• Badge editor – allows you to create likable badges that can be shared on social media

How To Build A Quiz Using The Thrive Quiz Builder

You can build your first quiz using four simple steps.

Step 1 – Select a quiz type
The first step involves selecting a quiz type.

The Thrive quiz builder plugin offers you three types of quizzes, including the number quiz, the percentage quiz and the category/personality quiz.

Step 2 – Select a quiz style
After choosing a quiz type, you will be required to select a quiz style.

This plugin offers 4 quiz styles that ensure that your quizzes have a consistent look.

Available styles include the splash page, the Q&A style, the opt-in gate and the results page style.

Step 3 – Define questions and answers
Defining your questions and answers is one of the trickiest steps.

This is because how you set up your quizzes will determine if they are engaging or not.

However, the Thrive Quiz B0uilder makes everything easy for you. All you have to do is click on the “manage” button to begin the setup

Step 4 – Create a results page
Creating a results page with a congratulatory message is the final step to setting up your quiz.

You are required to choose a results page template or design your own page using the drag and drop editor that comes with this plugin.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Design Professional Looking Quizzes Without Needing To Know Anything About Code.

Interestingly, you may also create a social share badge that allows your visitors to share their results on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Plugin Cost

The Thrive Quiz Builder is available in three price offerings, including

1. Single site License: one-time purchase costing $67 for one website
2. 5 License Pack: one-time purchase at a cost of $97 for up to 5 websites
3. 15 License Pack: one-time purchase costing $147 for up to 15 websites.

All price plans come with a full year of support and unlimited access to free updates.

Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to become a Thrive Premium member to enjoy all Thrive plugins at discounted rates.

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• Comes with multiple quiz templates, types and styles
• Easy to use setup wizard
• Allows for A/B testing for conversion optimization
• Allows you to grow your mailing list effortlessly
• Lets you create valuable quizzes that significantly reduce bounce rates
• The plugin is mobile optimized

• It only features 4 quiz styles
• The price of a single license is a bit pricey

Is The Thrive Quiz Builder Effective

Never underestimate the power of quizzes, as they can mean the difference when it comes to creating conversion-focused websites for your business.

The Thrive Quiz Builder makes everything simple by providing you with an easy way to create complex, engaging quizzes for your WordPress website.

Besides increasing engagement, quizzes encourage your visitors to share their opinions by providing relevant answers to your questions.

This not only reduces bounce rates, but also increases traffic significantly.

You will also be able to interact with your audience and get to know more about them.

In view of these features you get with this plugin, there is no doubt that the Thrive Quiz Builder is the ultimate plugin for creating stunning quizzes for your website.

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