What Is The Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin?– Is this the Ultimate Conversion Plugin?

Thrive ultimatum thrive themes for Wordpress

Just what does the Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin do?

Can it massively increase the conversion of your website visitors into paying customers?

This is what I intend to find out in this very thorough review of this innovative Plugin from the Thrive Themes team.

Introduction To The Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin

Thrive Thrive Themes is renowned for their conversion-focused plugins designed for WordPress websites.

The truth is that you may well not find any other Plugin that works as effectively as their Thrive Ultimatum Plugin, as far as conversions and sales are concerned.

This plugin essentially uses the fear of shortage, also known as scarcity marketing, to boost conversion rates.

What is great about this Plugin is that the type of business that you run does not really matter as this plugin works across the board.

It will entice your audience to purchase your products or opt-in to your services within your set timelines.

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What Is The Thrive Ultimatum Plugin All About?

The Ultimatum plugin is a complete WordPress scarcity marketing tool that allows you to create countdown campaigns and time limited offers to boost your conversion rates.

In essence, it creates a 100% authentic evergreen shortage thereby urging your audience to buy your products or sign up to your offers before time runs out.

This form of marketing has been in existence for some time, however it is only recently that a plugin that uses this marketing concept has come to the limelight.

Previously, you could only utilize scarcity marketing in face-to-face interactions with clients.

However, with advancements in technology, you can now use this sales technique for your online marketing campaigns.

One of the most amazing aspects about this plugin is that you can add as many marketing campaigns as you like.

Thrive ultimatum multiple marketing campaigns

The plugin allows you to add, modify and manage several campaigns at once.

Furthermore, you do not need any design skills to use this plugin as it comes with a drag and drop editor that allows you to create your campaigns with relative ease.

But that’s not even the best part…

The plugin comes with a wide range of professionally designed templates and stylish themes for widgets, countdown timers and floating banners.

Templates for Thrive Ultimatum

This means you can set up your countdown timers and time limited offers on your website with just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can use this plugin to:

  1. Create a buzz-building product launch
  2. Boost E-Commerce sales
  3. Earn more affiliate commissions
  4. Build your mailing list faster
  5. Create evergreen upsell funnels

Thrive Ultimatum Plugin Features

•    Fixed Date Campaigns

This feature allows you to set a start and an end date for your marketing campaigns

•    Recurring Campaigns

You can instruct the plugin to automatically repeat successful campaigns

•    Evergreen Campaigns

The plugin allows you to give each visitor their own time limited offer

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•    Multi-Page Campaigns

By using this plugin, you can easily run several campaigns across multiple web pages

•    Unlimited Campaigns

You can create an unlimited number of campaigns and have them run concurrently

•    Countdown Widget

This feature lets you display your countdown timers on any of your preferred widget areas

•    Lockdown Feature

As the name implies, the lockdown feature makes sure that your countdown timer and time limited offers cannot be reset when a visitor clears their cookies or uses different browsers.

•    Autopilot

The plugin automatically sets your campaigns to switch out sales page links as soon as they expire

•    Floating Footer Bar

Displays your dynamic countdown timer at the bottom of your web pages

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•    Floating Header Bar

Displays your dynamic countdown timer at the top of your web pages in a sticky header bar

•    Time Zones Supported

You can now run your scarcity marketing campaigns in any time zone, using your preferred language. All countdown timers are 100% translatable.

•    Dynamic Updates

You can automatically allow changes to take effect to the display of your countdowns using the dynamic updates feature

•    100% Customizable Design

The Thrive Ultimatum plugin gives you the freedom to modify your time limited offers and countdown timers according to your preferences

•    Design Templates

This plugin comes with dozens of professionally designed countdown templates that you can add to your website.

•    Campaign Templates

Gives you access to pre-built campaign templates

•    Display Anywhere

The benefit of using the ultimatum plugin is that you can display your countdowns anywhere on your website

•    Fully Mobile Friendly

The Ultimatum plugin is 100% mobile friendly. Your campaigns can be viewed from a mobile device.

•    Auto-End Campaign

This feature automatically stops showing countdowns to customers have made a purchase or opted-in

•    Start New Campaign on Conversion

You can set the plugin to automatically start a new campaign as soon as a customer makes a purchase

•    Dynamic Redirect Links

You can conveniently create a single link that redirects your visitors to a sales page or coming soon page

•    Start Campaigns on Opt-In

The plugin automatically starts a new campaign as soon as a customer opts-in

•    Trigger Campaigns from Email Links

The Ultimatum plugin allows you to send campaign links to your subscribers

Price Plans

The Ultimatum plugin is available in three price offerings. These include:

 Supports one website at a cost of $97

 Supports up to 5 websites at a cost of $147

 Supports up to 15 websites at a cost of $399

All license packs come with unlimited access to free and one full year of support. You may have to pay an extra charge to receive support services after one year elapses.

Check out this video in which Shane from Thrive Themes describing one of the latest countdown designs available with Thrive Ultimatum.


•    Easy to use drag and drop builder

•    Delivers tangible results

•    Comes with free access to tutorials and training materials

•    Access to updates

•    Offers good value for money with reasonable price plans

•    Money back guarantee available


•    Buying individual plugins comes with full support for only one year

•    Price for a single license is on the higher side

Is The Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin Worth It?

Scarcity marketing is one of the most powerful sales techniques. This strategy creates an artificial sense of shortage thereby capitalizing on your customers’ fear of missing out.

However, few marketers know how to use this strategy efficiently in their online marketing campaigns.

This is where the Thrive Ultimatum Plugin comes into play.

This plugin is a great website add-on that works effectively to incorporate scarcity marketing in your online campaigns.

It makes everything simple for you thanks to its drag and drop feature.

In view of the benefits that you stand to gain, it is safe to say that the Thrive Ultimatum plugin is truly the ultimate conversion plugin.

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