What Is Thrive Themes? Will It Help Your Website Convert? Find Out Here

What Is thrive themes a review

If you’ve heard of Thrive Themes then you will probably know how popular their themes and plugins are.

However will this popular company really help you to convert your visitors into paying customers?

Obviously, if you are considering Thrive Themes for your wordpress website, then you are going to want to know if thrive themes really is worth the investment.

This review will cover what you need to know about all the plugins available from Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes For WordPress 

WordPress websites of course have become very popular in recent years thanks to the numerous benefits that the platform offers.

According to various statistics available on the internet, close to 7.5 million websites are based on WordPress.

It is an open source content management system that is free to install and comes with hundreds of free themes and plugins.

The fact that it is extremely easy to use makes it the preferred choice for newbie marketers and entrepreneurs.

As easy as it might seem to be however, creating a WordPress business website using free themes is not often recommended.

When it comes to making your WordPress site stand out, premium themes and plugins are considered by many to be very much worth it.

It is possible to create a website using free theme and plugins, but you may only be shooting yourself in the foot as far as sales and conversions are concerned.

You don’t really want to be one of the millions of online businesses that are using the same free themes and plugins over and over.

This is just going to reduce your chances of attracting and retaining more customers.

If you want to have a competitive edge and convert more visitors, it is advisable that you acquire premium themes and plugins for your website.

That is where the role of Thrive Themes comes into play.

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So What Is Thrive Themes All About?

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is an online platform that offers conversion focused WordPress tools ranging from premium themes to cutting edge plugins.

The main objective of this platform is to provide WordPress site owners with tools that will help them convert their visitors into paying customers, subscribers and clients.

This platform was started back in 2013 by marketing expert Shane Melaugh and Tech Wiz Paul McCarthy.

Thrive Themes Owners

This was certainly the perfect match considering that Shane brought on board his astute marketing skills, while Paul used his technical skills to create tools that would use technology to convert website visitors into customers.

Their skills complement each other; a reason why Thrive Themes has turned out to be an exceptionally successful project.

Rather than concentrating on providing creative visual themes, Thrive Themes focuses on offering themes and plugins that will optimize your site to be fast, clear and responsive.

The company understands that your visitors need value, and that is why they are more than willing to teach you how to push the right buttons through their blog posts and online courses.

What Makes Thrive Themes Different?

Thrive Themes is not just any other theme platform.

The company focuses on providing themes built for speed and performance.

Furthermore, subscribers receive a wide range of incredible theme choices that are unique in the industry.

By signing up for the annual membership, you receive unrestricted access to Thrive leads, content builders, and landing page templates.

You will also receive logic-oriented widgets that will help take your business website to the next level.

Thrive Themes are always updating their services, including themes and plugins, in line with the latest trends in the industry.

That is why it will be difficult for any other other theme platform comes close to what Thrive Themes has achieved in the few years they have been in existence.

What is more impressive about this platform is that you do not require any web design skills to enjoy available products.

All you have to do is go through the various online courses and blog posts that Thrive Themes avails to every member.

Furthermore, this platform offers exceptional support to all members, meaning that you can always rest assured of fast assistance in case of any technical problems.

Membership Plans

Getting started with Thrive Themes is very easy.

All you have to do is create an account by selecting your preferred membership package.

Thrive Themes offers two membership packages; one for individual members and the other package for agency membership.

All membership plans are billed either quarterly or annually depending on your preferences.

Thrive themes what you get for your wordpress website

Below are the two membership plans offered by Thrive Themes.

 The Thrive membership plan is for individual website owners and entrepreneurs. It features conversion focused plugins and themes for up to 25 different websites that you own. Members are billed at $19 per month for annual membership. 

 Agency membership is ideal for big firms, agencies and web designers who run several websites on behalf of their clients.This membership plan offers themes and plugins for up to 50 different websites. Annual payments cost $49 per month. 

Why upgrading to membership offers the best value for money

Thrive Themes allows you to purchase individual products without signing up for membership.

This simply means that you can buy various licenses for various products without becoming a member.

However, this is not always the best option, especially if you are just starting out.

Membership comes with numerous benefits.

Firstly, you will receive full access to available themes and plugins, including regular updates at no extra fee.

In addition, all account holders are entitled to 24/7 support once they sign up for membership.

You will not be eligible for discounts if you prefer to buy individual licenses.

This might eventually cost you more if you factor in the total amount of money you will need to spend to optimize your site accordingly.

If you want a carefree WordPress site for years to come, then consider becoming a member.


Membership of Thrive Themes comes with a guaranteed refund anytime within 30 days if you are not happy.

Thrive Products

As mentioned above, the platform offers a variety of incisive plugins and themes. The core products available on this platform include:

  • Thrive Plugins
  • Thrive Themes

Thrive Are Currently Working On Their Next Generation Visual Theme Builder For WordPress….Check Back Here For Updates.

Until the new themes become available, lets take a look at Thrive Plugins;

Thrive Plug-ins

Thrive Themes offers not less than nine incisive WordPress plugins that will transform how your visitors interact with your site. Available plugins include:

Thrive Architect

The Thrive Architect is a drag and drop editor and page builder designed for WordPress.

This plugin allows you to create visually impressive pages that will grab the attention of your visitors.

It also allows you to build better, engaging content and it features over 150 landing pages templates that you can use for sales pages and opt in pages.

Thrive Leads

This is a unique plugin that helps you build a profitable mailing list faster.

It allows you to design opt in forms and run A/B tests that help you to convert your visitors into paying customers.

This lead generation plugin also features actionable insights that can help you establish the most important metrics. It also allows you to show relevant offers to your target group for a possible increase in sales.

Thrive Ultimatum

This innovative plugin allows you to add countdown times for time-based marketing campaigns.

It focuses on developing timed offers on sales pages and opt-in pages, with the main objective revolving around encouraging your visitors to make purchases when the offers are still valid.

Thrive Ovation

Testimonials and customer feedback are a great way of showing other potential customers about your level of service.

These reviews play a crucial role in convincing customers to make a purchase.

This is where the Thrive Ovation plugin comes into play.

This plugin allows you to collate the best testimonials that you can use on your sales pages and landing pages.

Headline Optimizer 

As the name implies, the Thrive headline optimizer allows you to test different headlines to establish the ones that get the most clicks.

Headlines are very important as they go a long way to determine if your post will even get clicks or comments in the first place.

With this plugin at your disposal, finding the most appealing headlines for your posts will be a walk in the park.

Clever Widgets

One of the most amazing plugins offered by Thrive Themes is the Thrive Clever Widgets.

It enables you to display relevant content in the widget areas.

This subsequently improves user experience and enhances conversion rate. You will be able to know what posts, or pages that your visitors find relevant.

Thrive Optimize 

AB testing is the process of testing two pages against each other in order to determine which of the two performs better than the other.

The Thrive Optimize plugin allows you to carry out these bucket testing procedures swiftly with precise results.

The advantage of using this plugin is that it does not require complicated integrations or adding snippets to different sites.

Thrive Comments

Thrive comments is a plugin that combines the most addictive aspects of social media and adds them to your WordPress comments section.

You can interact with your audience by liking their comments, replying to their queries or even sharing their posts. The power of social media tools can quickly turn visitors into loyal customers.

Thrive Quiz Builder

The Thrive Quiz Builder is a plugin that allows you to create quizzes that can help keep your audience engaged.

These quick quizzes can easily help you query your clients to understand what they really need.

They may also increase their time on your site, encouraging them to opt-in or make a purchase.

When it comes to plugins, you can buy a single license or multiple license packs for up to 15 sites, depending on your needs.

These licenses vary in prices ranging from $39 for the cheapest plugins to $399 for multiple packs.

Nevertheless, it is always advisable that you go for full membership (Thrive Membership) that includes all the themes and plugins that you may require at discounted rates.


Thrive University

Thrive University is a training program that teaches you on everything you need to know about making the most out of your site.

This program consists of tons of online courses, tutorials, video courses, training webinars and guidelines on how to create websites and pages that are conversion focused.

The impressive aspect about the Thrive University is that signing up is 100% free.

Anyone can create an account without paying a dime.

Thrive University Courses

Thrive works tirelessly to create all -in -one tools that can help you achieve maximum conversions.

However, all these tools will count for nothing if you are not sure about how to use them to your advantage.

That is why Thrive University is a great place to start your journey of creating conversion-focused websites.

Besides providing great blogs and tutorials, Thrive University has a number of courses that cover various topics related to their themes and plugins. Some of the most popular courses cover the following topics

• Growing your mailing list
• Creating a sales funnel
• Creating landing pages
• Increasing conversions
• Writing a better copy
• Building a website
• Thrive themes hacks

Thrive Themes Pros and Cons

Thrive Themes, as you have already seen, has quite a number of upsides, and they certainly outweigh the few shortcomings. The following are the pros and cons of Thrive Themes.


• Good Value for Money
Thrive Themes offers products that provide good value for money considering that the tools provided aim at improving your conversions and increase sales.

The membership plans are reasonably priced, and come with great discounts especially if you decide to subscribe to the annual billing option.

Furthermore, Thrive does not increase prices on already subscribed members even if they increase their rates. This means that you will continue enjoying the same prices as long as you continue paying your annual bills.

• Superior Themes and Plugins

This platform offers superior themes and plugins that focus on improving speed and performance, in addition to providing value to customers.

Plugins such as Headline optimizer and thrive optimize allow you to compare different headline and test some of your pages to determine options that offer the best results.

• Exceptional Support Services

Thrive is renowned for offering exceptional support services. The firm has laid emphasis on providing round the clock support services to all subscribers without biasness.

You may contact support via email or ask a question in the community forum for quicker responses.

• The Platform Offers Free Tutorials and Courses

Thrive runs an online university that offers free training tutorials, video courses, webinar recordings and guides that can help you take advantage of available tools.

The comprehensive knowledge base can help even the most novice site owner grasp the basics within a short time!

• Money Back Guarantee

Thrive Themes offers a money back guarantee on all their membership plans. However, the 100% satisfaction guarantee only applies for purchases made within the first 30 days. You can only request for a refund within 30 days of your first subscription.


• May not work for startups running on a small budget, however purchasing an individual licence may be an option until finances allow, although this is more expensive in the long run.

Verdict: Is it worth subscribing to Thrive Themes?

This is a product that I use, and I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to build an awesome website.

Thrive Themes is a platform with a difference.

It offers amazing themes and plugins that can convert websites that were once considered ineffective, into sites that realize maximum conversions for significant profits.

Having a website that is conversion focused is not only good for business, but also good for your brand image.

Your audience will always want to come back once they realize that you have numerous offers that are relevant to their needs.

The great thing is that you do not have to be a web designer or a marketing guru to make use of this platform.

The tools offered are automatic and they do not require professional expertise.

If you get into trouble applying some of the themes or plugins, you can visit the Thrive University for free video courses, online tutorials and guides.

If you are looking for a platform that offers innovative themes and plugins for WordPress websites, then consider subscribing to Thrive Themes.

Sign up today and start enjoying conversion focused websites for increased profitability.


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Lanu Bennett - July 11, 2018

It is incredible, Ray how your blog on Thrives Themes has greatly increased my knowledge and awareness on the theme. I never believed there’s so much advantage in choosing premium over free ones. I once had a premium theme for a website I built for a client, but it was too complicated, so I burst it. I will always come back to this particular blog before choosing the next theme for my Wellness Niche. Also I know many successful blogger on Thrive Themes, so this is indeed an eye opener. Thank you Ray, and please keep up the good work.

    Admin - July 11, 2018

    Hi Lanu,
    Yes, if you want your website to stand out, then paying a little extra is definitely worth it. Thrive themes are very easy to install, and Just take a little practice to get used to using them. I hope you do decide to use them on your WordPress website. Good luck with your new venture I hope all goes well. Thanks for your comment.

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