What Is TryMyUI? A Review

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TryMyUI Review

Thanks for joining us today for our review of TryMyUI.

This is a user testing platform that offers work from home freelancers the opportunity to earn money Testing Websites..

There are lots of other similar platforms available online so today we will be finding out how TryMyUI matches up to the competition.

About TryMyUi

Trymyui is a website where you can have your website tested if you are a website owner, or you can sign up to be a website tester and get paid for it.

Today’s review however will be specifically about becoming a tester.

Platforms like TryMyUI enable website owners to get valuable user feedback on their website at an affordable price.

TryMyUI matches people like you with websites that their owners want to have tested.

To be a good tester you need to give an honest opinion on your experience using the site by recording what problems you encountered or what you liked about the site.

How Do I Get Accepted As A Tester With TryMyUi?

You will be given a test lasting approximately 20 mins. Unfortunately you will not be paid for this test, the purpose of it is for TryMyUi to see how proficient you are.

To start the test you will need to download a file via a link from the TryMyUi website. You will then need to read the instructions as to what is required, and a website will be presented to you for you to test.

Once the test is completed you will need to await the result. It’s not entirely clear how long this will take but it shouldn’t be more than a couple of days.

How Many Tests Will I Be Given By TryMyUi?

The website states that you are likely to get a few tests per week so this isn’t going to provide you with a full time income.

From reading reviews and reading user feedback, the frequency of tests can be influenced in the following ways;

  • The better your mark in the test, the more tests you are likely to receive.

You will be marked upon how clearly you can describe your thoughts whilst navigating a site, and how good you are at sticking to the instructions you are given.

Your written responses will also be considered too so you must make them as clear as you can.

  • It will also be determined upon your demographic information which you will need to give when registering.

If there are websites for testing that are suited to your demographic then you will be matched with those.

  • How quickly the tests are matched up.

If you get your email telling you there is a test for you then unless you act fast it could be taken.

Check out the video below that describes how crowdsource testers will benefit their website

What Equipment Will I Need?

  • A computer with Internet connection ( you will need to download their software  to enable you to do the video recording) or;
  • Smartphone or tablet ( and download their App from IOS Store or Play Store)
  • A decent set of headphones

How Much Can I Earn At TyMyUI?

For every test you carry out you will be paid $10, and tests take approximately 20 mins.

TryMyUI don’t make any unrealistic claims about the potential earnings that can be made by being a tester.

The rate of pay is very decent but the frequency of the tests aren’t going to be enough to make this into a full time income.

If you enjoy this kind of work however you may want to try maximise your side income by signing up to other platforms like this one.

Once TryMyUI has reviewed and accepted the test you have carried out it pays out each Friday via PayPal so you have to have an account to get paid.

What Are The Pros?

  • A fun way to earn so cash from home.
  • A good rate of pay for the time you are testing a website.

What Are The Cons?

  • The frequency of the tests available to you mean that this is only a small earning opportunity.
  • Not the kind of work that will suit everyone.

Final Thoughts On Trymyui 

TryMyUI is legitimate as you can earn a small side income from them as a website tester. Don’t expect to earn a lot however because the amount of tests you get will be based upon your demographics.

Its recommended that you join a few testing sites to maximise your earnings.

Thanks for reading my review of TryMyUi. Have you used this platform to earn money as a website tester? If so what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below.

Star Rating 3/5-A Good Platform To Make A Small Income By Testing Websites. Recommended If You Think You Are Good At Making Honest Evaluations Of Websites.

3 Star Rating

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