What Is VOIQ? A Review

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Find out what VOIQ is and whether it can earn you money by reading this review.

There are lots of ways you can earn money via your smartphone, enabling you to earn while you are on the go.

VOIQ is another way you can make your smartphone work for you. Update…VOIQ now have different options for how you can work from home

Let’s have a closer look at what VOIQ is, and see if you can make this a way for you to earn.

What Is VOIQ?


  • VOIQ is a company that allows their business clients to create sales calls, or call tasks. These calls are carried out by VOIQ agents.
  • VOIQ agents make the phone calls on the VOIQ mobile app, once they have been given the campaign information by VOIQ.
  • People can apply to become a VOIQ agent via its web-platform.
  • VOIQ offer both a base pay and commission plan

What Is Required To Become A VOIQ agent?

Becoming a VOIQ agent gives you the opportunity to work from home and earn money from your smartphone.

  • required to own a smartphone ( iPhone or Android) and or tablet/iPad Other options now available


  • You must have Internet connection
  • You are required to have 3-5 years sales based call experience. You will also be required, if asked for, to provide proof that you have met or exceeded sales goals.
  • You will need to be a good communicator over the phone with the ability to build rapport with clients.
  • Native/fluent English is a must. A second language will be an advantage to you but native/fluent English is the most important.
  • An ability to build up a rapport with contacts.


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Check out the video below in which explains how the business model works, and how you as a VOIQ agent fit into the business model.

The Application Process At VOIQ

  • You will need to file your resume to see if you qualify.
  • An audio demo will also be required from you, once received VOIQ will review your application.

What Is Involved With Campaigns?

According to the VOIQ website all the information on each campaign is given in the mobile app for example what message the agent is required to get across and what questions need to be asked.

The agent is also required to disposition each call, information on how this is done is also given to the agent in the campaign guide.


How Much Do I Get Paid?

The VOIQ website states that their agents will receive a base payment $0.30 per minute of the actual active call time. Commission is based upon how successful you are and offers you the opportunity to earn in addition to the base pay $8.75 per call.

There weren’t any reviews I could find online from people who are working, or have worked, as agents. I can’t verify therefore how big an earning opportunity this is because obviously the amount you can earn will depend upon how much work is available and how good you are at sales.



  • An opportunity to earn money from wherever you have an Internet connection and where you can be heard clearly.
  • No special equipment required.
  • No fees required to join.


  • This opportunity won’t suit everyone as you need the required qualifying experience and sales proofs.


This sounds like quite a cool way to make money from home (or when you are out and about) and all from your smartphone or tablet.

The pay is quite good, but of course how much you get paid depends on the amount of work VOIQ make available to you and how successful you are.

If you’re good on the phone, and your application is accepted, then you could give this a try and see how you go.

Have you worked with VOIQ as a VOIQ agent? If you have and want to share your experience let us know how much you managed to earn by leaving a comment below. It will be great to hear from you.

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FranMcK - April 30, 2017

Thanks for an interesting and informative article about VOIQ. I had not heard of this before reading this article but I am always interested in finding out new ways to make a bit extra. What I found most interesting was that everything is run of the smarphone based VOIQ platform and it seems easy to get started if you have the required experience. Your give an honest and detailed review which is great. I am off to check it out!

    Admin - April 30, 2017

    Hi FranMcK,
    I’m glad that my review introduced you to a way to make money that you weren’t familiar with.
    Thanks for reading and leaving your comment, I really appreciate it.

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