WhatUsersDo -A Review- Get Paid For Testing Websites

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Don’t worry there are genuine ways to earn money online. Joining website testing sites like WhatUsersDo, and becoming one of their testers is one such way.

You shouldn’t however rely on this to pay all your bills, as you can’t guarantee how many tests you will be given.

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What is WhatUsersDo?

WhatUsersDo is a website that links new website owners to actual website users  to assess the use of the designated websites.


The actions of the users of the designated websites is recorded, as well as their reactions.

The information obtained helps the website owner in determining how effective their site is to prospective users.

In essence, Whatusersdo is an arrangement that helps website owners to improve the user experience of their websites by first learning how well they operate, so as to make desired functionality improvements.

How Does Whatusersdo Work?

Firstly, the program sets up the usability tests.

The program starts by inviting participants who actually turn up to use a site and have their usage recorded.

Thereafter, the recorded usage is assessed by specialists who determine efficient systems or potential deficiencies that need to be addressed.

A compilation of all this information is sent to the technical developers of the client’s website who use it to improve the ease of usability of the designated website.

In essence, the ease or complication in the use of a website is only determinable through actual use. As such, this program puts websites into actual use so as to determine their perfections or imperfections.

How to get started

Selection for the tests depends on demographics.

Some websites are geo – specific, and they are intended for use in only specific regions. As such, it is ideal to test them in regions where they are only required.

Users whose site navigation will be recorded are selected based on gender, age, range, residential jurisdiction, income, socioeconomic status, career history, income, and many other relevant filters.

As such, if you wish to get started on such a program it is ideal for you to find out what types of programs are available and which one suits your demographic profile.

This information is often provided online, and you can select a Whatusersdo program based on how well it suits your demographic profile.

Therefore, requirements and qualifications are based on your demographics, and more often than not there is always a program that will fit your ‘bill’ or profile.

Once you filled out some basic demographic information you will be given a simple test. By completing the test you will find out what is expected of you as a tester. If you pass the test you will then be accepted.

Technical and Basic Requirements

In order to effectively work in a Whatusersdo program, you should ensure that you have a powerful broadband internet connection, a microphone, Webcam, M a c, Netbook, or P C.

You should also be able to speak and write in English.

How do you earn?

The basic principle that this program operates on is that you get paid to test the usability of websites.

As such, there is no protocol on how to earn more or less. In a nutshell, once you visit a website your navigational movements and clicks are recorded.

Once you are done, these navigational movements are technically analyzed for usability.

Therefore, your payment may be a one – off payment or a payment designated depending on how long you take to navigate the site and how many portals you visit.

The assessment differs and payment is flexible. In fact, at times you can simply get paid to register into such a program, and additional pay may be made based on your actions.

How much can you earn?

WhatUsersDo pays up to 8 U S D or pounds for completed tests.

However, payment is not limited to this amount, and it may go higher or lower than this depending on how the program is structured.

Payments are mainly made through Pay Pal, and the payments are made on the 25 th of each month with the exception of holidays and weekends.


1. Open to all:

WhatUsersDo programs require individuals that can test and use websites.

As such, any person that is able to use and navigate a website will be able to earn from such a program.

Therefore, it is easy to take up a position and be a navigator that will get paid. In addition, you do not have to own special qualifications or a website to earn.

2. Flexibility:
It allows you to pick tasks anytime they become available.

3. Source of Additional Income:

You can easily earn a useful amount of cash to support your existing finances and probably pay at least some of your bills.


1. Due to the limited amount of tests due to demographics, you aren’t going to be able to replace your full time job with this.

2. Not everyone will find this easy as website testing requires a certain aptitude and ability to speak your thoughts as you navigate a website.

Final Thoughts

WhatUsersDo is a decent side – hustle platform that can  provide you with a useful side income especially if you join a few other testing sites as well. It’s not for everyone, but if you are good at it then it can work well for you.

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Thanks for reading my review, I hope you found it helpful. Do you have experience of working with WhatUsersDo? If so and you want to share some of your experience leave a comment below.

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