Why I Prefer Affiliate Marketing Over Multi-level Marketing.

Why I prefer Affiliate Marketing Over Multi-level Marketing

Thanks for joining me today as I discuss why I prefer to do affiliate marketing over multi-level marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legit method of making money online, and it is something I have done for the last 4 years. Once you learn how it can be set up and run, then you can operate your affiliate marketing business from any location, and at whatever time you choose to work.

If you have a laptop and an internet connection then you are good to go. The flexibility it offers is the main reason why I recommend it highly, and above that of MLM (multi-level marketing).

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are some good things to say about MLM. It is for example a low cost business to get started in (compared to other businesses), and it’s also a business you can build in your spare time whilst working a day job.

However, I believe the advantages of affiliate marketing far outweigh those of MLM. Let’s first however take a look and what the main differences are between the two business models.

What Are The Differences Between Affiliate Marketing And MLM?

Multilevel marketing is a marketing strategy where a company sells its goods through a network of distributors. Whereas affiliate marketing involves a merchant or a company paying a particular amount of commission to an affiliate for making a referral to the business or selling its merchandise.

MLM works through recruitments. A distributor is invited to become a distributor through another distributor or through the general advertisement lines.

If the distributor’s choice is to work directly with the company selling, then he will earn commission by selling the products and also through recruiting other distributors, by getting a portion of commission the other distributors get.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand works on the principle of referral. If a promoter refers a buyer to a product which eventually the buyer will purchase then the promoter gets a commission. This happens if the buyer bases his or her purchases on your reviews or recommendations.

The Advantages Affiliate Marketing Has Over MLM

  • Wider market – the merchant gets a wider market to sell their goods and services resulting to more sale without spending extra time to search for new customers.
  • Transparency– the merchant is able to trace the origin of sales or referral. This gives the merchant guarantee for return on investment.
  • Cost effective – the merchant will not incur any extra cost to acquire a new customer unless a referral or a purchase is made. This is because the affiliates are paid only when the desired action takes place. This ensures you get what you pay for.
  • Passive Income-affiliates require only to post an advert on their site which will have a vast audience and can earn from views and purchases of their prospective viewers. This makes it and easy way of earning income.
  • Consumer feedback – visitors to marketing site can provide valuable information to the affiliate concerning the market trends and demands. The marketer can communicate to product providers on current market dynamics. This will help merchants offer the best to their prospective customers.
  • Faster Traffic Scale– recruiting more affiliates will allow you to scale traffic faster. The larger the number of pages you are linked to, the more the opportunity you have to convert the site users into paid customers. This will provide you with a way of potentially improving your ranking in the search engines and will complement your existing search engine optimization efforts.
  •  Marketing Experience Not Needed- although Multi-level Marketing appears to be a sit-earn opportunity, you need to work hard in marketing products and businesses especially when you are a beginner. Even when you are established, you still need prospects.

To me it is clear that affiliate marketing outdoes the  MLM marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing does not leverage the multi-level commission tier of MLM. You earn from both recruiting new distributor to your line and making a referral to different product and merchants.

The greatest problem with MLM in my view is that you cannot count on yourself alone to get the job done. You become totally dependent on people to stay motivated and to make sales. You require an efficient team ready to buy ideas and that have a strategy of working.

Affiliate marketing gets the advantage of an investor who earns 100% of benefits of his/her efforts. Why should you work and share a part of your commission with someone who you are not sure he/she is working? Affiliate marketing is free to get started, and you choose the products to promote, making it clearly the best choice.

I hope you can too see the huge benefits and the potential there is to pursue a career in affiliate marketing. It is a business that you can get started in right away for free if you follow THIS LINK. 

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12 thoughts on “Why I Prefer Affiliate Marketing Over Multi-level Marketing.”

  1. Good one here nd I am totally in line with you here. I also prefer affiiatr marketing ahead of everything else. In all honesty, all you have shared here is really great to see and I would say that I value it all. In all, affiliate marketing is miles ahead and apart form network marketing. It has it all with less capital too and a very great potential for success. Thanks

    1. Hi Nath,

      Yes affiliate marketing is something you can get started with even without any investment. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to begin as you get a free website and some introductory training without paying a dime.

      With MLM of course you will need to invest in the products you are selling with varying degrees of cost. I do agree with you also that the potential is much greater.

  2. There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is way way better than multilevel marketing and this reasons is your reasons for loving affiliate marketing better. All the same, it’s a great thing that we are able to  understand more about the differences of this two business models from this post. Nice job.

    1. Hi Suz,

      I’m glad that the article has highlighted the differences between the two business models. I have of course concluded that affiliate marketing is the best, but at the end of the day it is really down to people’s personal choice.

  3. Hello there, I must say, Affiliate marketing and multi level marketing are really good business types and I have had the opportunity to work in both fields but I must say I prefer one over the other and that one is Affiliate marketing because of the flexibility and opportunity that comes with not being tied to just one MLM company. An affiliate marketer could promote endless products from endless suppliers all for free. And there are other added benefit but it usually  depends on your affiliate network.

    1. Hi there,

      It is great to hear from someone who has personally tried both business models and fully endorses affiliate marketing.

      You are quite right of course. There is simply no limit to the amount of products you can promote with affiliate marketing, whereas MLM is more restrictive in that regard.

  4. Great article discussing the differences between affiliate marketing and MLMs. While MLM is a legitimate way to earn money working from home it isn’t for everyone and still has some form of corporate structure to it. If you’re looking into becoming your own boss with full autonomy over how you promote not only your website but the brands you’re partnered with than affiliate marketing is the way to go.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Yes you’re absolutely right, how you promote products with affiliate marketing offers more flexibility. 

      Often the products or services you promote simply only require you to show your audience the results you have achieved yourself. This can be a fun way to earn commissions simply using the products you love anyway.

  5. I enjoyed reading your article Ray. I agree with you. MLM often feels quite spammy in approach and I hate the way that my newsfeeds get covered in posts about new diets, creams and potions when someone in my network joins one of these companies.

    I often find affiliate marketing comes from more of a basis of providing value to people in their purchase decisions, so it’s more helpful.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Yes I agree, and MLM products tend to be more expensive than products on the shelves. You really have to believe that the products you purchase are significantly better than the retail products.

      I don’t think people are more minded to purchase more expensive products based on big claims. It can work, but I think in order to secure a regular order the customer has to see the results for themselves. Unfortunately what is being claimed doesn’t always become the reality. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I do thank you for sharing this article.  I cannot sell if my life depends on it.  I don’t like being in people’s faces trying to convince them to purchase something.  You said that in MLM I become a distributor and sell for a commission.  This is definitely not for me.

    I love affiliate marketing because I get to help others by sharing researched information and also my own experiences.  If they are interested, then they can buy the things I recommend.  I also love that affiliate marketing allows us to earn through advertisements.  

    You gave a list of “Advantages Affiliate Marketing Has Over MLM.”  My favorite part is the passive income.  To imagine that I can create a post, go to bed and earn money for days is truly amazing!

    Thanks for the lovely article.

    1. Hi Josephine,

      Yes, selling is a skill that not everyone is comfortable with. With MLM you also have to recruit and keep the downline motivated. This is even harder than selling, so you really have to be up to it.

      Affiliate marketing I believe is a better option, and as you quite rightly say, a passive income can be achieved (more easily I believe) using the aforementioned model. Thanks for your comment.

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