Why You Should Be Using The Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin On Your Blog

Thrive Ovation Plugin Review

How good is the Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin?………And what does it do?

Today we will be showing you what the Ovation Plugin does, and why we think you should be using it on your website or blog.

The Importance Of Gaining Trust

Trust is a vital component in the process of selling or promoting products online….If nobody trusts you, then they will never make a purchase either from or via your site. It is however quite normal for people to feel cautious when they are just about to make a purchase. There are afterall so many scams, so the credibility of online businesses is always being put into question.

Before clicking on the buy button, potential customers want to know if they are making the right decision……So how are they meant to know if your business is honest and trustworthy?

There is probably no other more effective way to prove the legitimacy of your business than providing social proof.

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What Is Social Proof?

Simply put, social proof refers to reviews and testimonials from verified purchasers. This is a great way for your business to gain trust, and used ultimately to convert potential clients into buyers.

You may have a great website, and a great product, but if the trust isn’t there, then your potential customers won’t be there for very long either. Potential buyers want something more other than a great sales copy.

What others are saying about your products or services goes a long way to convince potential buyers to make the next step, and close the deal. Gathering and managing testimonials can be a real hassle however, and a lot of website owners face a lot of challenges leveraging the power of social proof.

If you are going through similar problems, your search for a solution could end right here. With the Thrive Ovation Plugin, you can gather conversion focused testimonials, and in a highly effective way.

How Marie Forleo Leverages Testimonials

What Is The Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin?

Thrive Ovation is a powerful plugin designed for WordPress websites that allows you to add conversion focused testimonials to your website.


Thrive testimonials with Ovation

Social proof has over time become an essential part of online businesses, due in part to people being that bit more  skeptical when buying products or services online, rather than in more traditional ways.

In order to build trust and add credibility to your business, it is only logical that you add relevant reviews and testimonials to your website. The process of adding testimonials is not easy. You may have to grapple with privacy issues, and time constraints, simply because not everyone wants to be showcased online.

However, the Thrive Ovation plugin makes everything easy by gathering conversion focused testimonials on autopilot, whenever and wherever you need them….Whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned business owner, this plugin collects and adds relevant reviews right from the word go.

The gathered testimonials not only help to boost sales, but also encourage your visitors to sign up to your services or newsletters.

What Can You Do With The Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin?

Thrive Ovation is an all-in-one advanced testimonial plugin that does not need you to have any coding skills to use it.

It works on auto-pilot to capture and display all your deserved testimonials.

The Thrive Ovation Plugin allows you to collect conversion focused testimonials from various sources with the click of a button. The plugin grabs all the important info, including the name and picture of your verified buyers without infringing on their privacy. It also allows you to collect testimonials and comments from your social media pages, by integrating seamlessly with Twitter and Facebook. The best part is that you can automate the whole process by sending automated messages to your audience requesting feedback, meaning that you won’t have to gather data manually.

Import testimonials from social media

 Managing testimonials is not as easy as it seems. You have to filter out less convincing reviews to remain with well-deserved testimonials. The Thrive Theme plugin allows you to manage testimonials effectively and conveniently from one library. This not only saves time, but also allows you to classify your testimonials according to their relevance. You are able to see the testimonials that are ready for display in the blink of an eye.  

The Thrive Ovation plugin comes with a variety of design templates and themes that allow you to create dazzling testimonial pages. You can also use the plugin to insert testimonials wherever you want without compromising the display of your sales pages or landing pages.


Just like most Thrive Themes plugins, the Thrive Ovation is available in three price plans. These include:

1. Starter Plan – Single license for one website at a one-time cost of $39
2. Advanced Plan – Five licenses for up to 5 websites at a one-time cost of $47
3. Pro Plan – 15 licenses that support up to 15 websites at a one-time cost of $97

You can upgrade from the starter plan to any other plan by topping up the difference in costs. All these plans include free access to future updates and one-year technical support.

If you wish to continue receiving support, you may have to pay additional charges. Fortunately, Thrive Themes offers dozens of free video tutorials and learning resources that you can use as your point of reference in case you need assistance.

What Are The Pros?

• Easy to use (works on autopilot)
• Support a wide range of languages
• Comes with fully customizable design templates for your reviews page
• Access to free video tutorials and learning resources
• One-year free technical support
• Access to free plugin updates
• Reasonable price plans
• 30-day money back guarantee

What Are The Cons?

• Does not work on free WordPress.com sites

Should You Be Using The Thrive Ovation Plugin On Your Blog?

The importance of social proof cannot be understated. It is a proven way of convincing cautious  customers into making purchases, or signing up to various services. However, leveraging on this technique to create conversion focused website is not an easy task.

The whole process of designing testimonial pages, collating reviews, adding photos and even dealing with privacy issues can be a difficult task…..This is where the importance of the Thrive Ovation plugin comes into play.

The Thrive Ovation Plugin is not only a very useful Plugin, but also easy to use. It automatically captures and displays the most relevant testimonials for your site. The fact that the plugin allows you to assign tags to your testimonials makes it ideal for SEO as well.

Also, this plugin is readily available at a price that is quite a lot cheaper than other Thrive Themes plugins, and you are also entitled to future updates without paying another dime. It is definitely worth considering using the Thrive Ovation Plugin to increase the credibility of your site.


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