Is Wix A Good Website Builder?

Wix Review

Welcome to this Wix Review. Today I will be finding out how good this website host is, and whether it is a place you should consider as a website builder for your site.

There are lots of online hosting options available for anyone who wants to create and build their online presence with a website or websites.

Its a good idea to check out reviews like this one to get a better idea of what each host is offering to help you make a more informed decision.

This review will take a detailed look at what Wix is offering. I will be looking at how you can set up your website, the pricing plans, and what the pros and cons may be should you decide to sign up.

Introduction to Wix

Wix is a website building and hosting site. This online platform offers you an opportunity to build a professional website on your own regardless of your web development skill set.

Users are provided with a drag and drop editor that allows them to drag elements, including text and images, in any layout that they dim fit.

Wix also provides users with quality tools for web building and hosting, making the entire web development and hosting process a walk in the park.

This cloud-based platform was launched in 2006 and it has since grown to serve over 90 million users worldwide. To many online users and freelancers, Wix is considered as one of the fastest growing web builders and hosting platforms available today.

Its popularity can be drawn from the fact that it is a free service. Additionally, members have the option of upgrading their accounts to premium plans.

Getting Started with Wix

Wix does not have any restrictions on membership. You may sign up traditionally using your email address or opt to use your social media accounts such as Facebook and Google +.

Setting up a website using Wix

Wix offers you several options when it comes to selecting the type of website that you want to build. These include:
• Business websites
• Online stores
• Blogs
• Portfolio & CV
• Events websites

You have the option of allowing Wix to automatically create a website for you, or use the Wix editor to create your own website.

For automatic web development, you have to answer a few simple questions relating to your venture, including the type of venture that you are running and the name of your firm.

Whatever option you choose, Wix offers you quality tools that can help you build professional websites.

It features hundreds of website templates tailor-made to suit your tastes and preferences. All you have to do is edit the template by adding text and images as you wish. What is good about this platform is that the website that you choose will be optimized automatically for both PC and mobile devices.

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Hosting your website

Your website will be hosted on the company’ s servers at no extra cost, and you can only add more features or edit the design of the website via the Wix admin panel.

Pricing Plans

Wix offers free and paid hosting plans. The free plan is more popular than the premium plans despite the former having restrictions on storage and features.

For you to enjoy the free hosting plan, you have to use a Wix sub -domain for your website.

Furthermore, this plan comes with limited storage of only 500 MB and restricted bandwidth of less than 1 GB. You also have to put up with numerous ads from Wix on your website.

Despite the unrivaled popularity of the free plan, the premium plan comes with more exciting features, including unlimited bandwidth, enhanced storage of up to 20GB, ad-free website, online store, app integration and a free domain.

You may also add your own domain acquired from another domain registrar.

The Wix premium plans are as follows:

1. Connect Domain – Costs $5 per month
2. Combo – Costs $10 per month
3. Unlimited – Costs $14 per month
4. E-Commerce – Costs $17 per month
5. VIP – Costs $25 per month

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• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Your website needs to be online at all times to ensure maximum visibility and an enhanced online presence.

Wix guarantees 99.9 percent uptime, meaning that your site will be available most of the time. Reasonable uptime enhances the reputation of your site and ensures that customers can trust your services.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to attain 100 percent uptime due to unforeseen factors that may arise such as fluctuations in bandwidth.

• It has numerous theme options
Wix offers hundreds of theme options and templates. Whether you want to create a business website or a personal blog, Wix has got you covered as far as theme options are concerned.

• Artificial Design Intelligence
With its Artificial Design Intelligence feature, Wix can design and create a website for you in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is provide relevant information describing the type of website that you need. Furthermore, all websites are optimized for PC and mobile devices.

• Free hosting
Besides offering free web development, Wix offers free hosting for all websites developed on the platform. Professionals operate the servers at Wix and this ensures that enjoy fast loading speeds as well.

• Ideal price plans
Wix has five premium plans and one free plan. The free plan comes with caps on storage and features, while the premium plans come with unlimited bandwidth and enhanced storage options,

• Enhanced Security for E-commerce Sites
Wix uses Secure Socket Layer encryption to make sure that online store owners enjoy enhanced security features on their e-commerce websites.

Clients can make transactions securely and safely without compromising their personal credit card info.

• Premium Support
Wix offers exceptional support services to all account holders. Free subscribers enjoy email support and knowledge base access, while premium members are entitled to email and phone support, as well as access to the support library.


• Restricted Portability
Wix has restricted portability capabilities, as you cannot migrate from Wix to any other host with your site design.

• Annoying ads
Free account holders and Connect Domain members have to put up with Wix ads on their websites. This can be rather annoying considering that the ads might be more prominent than your own logos.

• Flexibility Issues
Wix is not flexible, especially when changing themes. You have to transfer your content manually to the new template, and this is rather tedious.


Whether you are an astute web designer or a novice website owner, Wix is one of the best web building and hosting platforms. The fact that it does not require any coding or shrewd web design skills makes it popular with many freelancers.

Furthermore, you do not need any money to create your own website. With the free plan option, you can enjoy beautiful, professional- looking websites in a matter of minutes.

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