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YourSayPays Review-Is This U.K Survey Site Worth It?

Yoursaypays Review

Thanks for checking out my review of YourSayPays.

YourSayPays is a UK-based survey panel that promises to pay you cash rewards and gift vouchers just for sharing your opinions on a wide range of subjects.

Common topics on Yoursaypays revolve around health, technology, shopping, and public services among many others.

The panel focuses on gathering insights from consumers in a bid to help manufacturers and developers make improvements on their products.

I joined Yoursaypays to see how things work, and to help you decide if it’s worth checking out for yourself.

How To Join Yoursaypays 

Although YourSayPays is a free-to-join panel, the process of signing up comes with a few restrictions. Firstly, you must be a resident of the UK or Ireland to apply. Also, panelists must be aged 18 years or older to participate.

When joining Applicants are required to provide their full names, email address and postal code.

Yoursaypays signing up

The signing up page at Yoursaypays

You must also complete a demographics profile for you to receive paid tasks. The survey focuses on gathering more info about your interests.

You will be asked about your county of residence , average household income, employment status, marital status and other personal information.

The reason for taking this questionnaire is to ensure that YourSayPays only sends you tasks that match your interests.

YourSayPays does too, unfortunately however it’s just a small amount of £0.20 after you have completed the profile survey as the screenshot below shows.

Profile survey at Yoursaypays

Making Money With YourSayPays

The site offers different ways of making money online.

These include:

• Participating in surveys

• Taking part in the monthly draw

Making money with Yoursaypays

It’s important to remember that reward sites will not provide enough of an income to pay your bills. They only offer small rewards for carrying out various tasks

1. Paid Surveys

You have the option of waiting for the panel to send paid surveys to your email address or search for available surveys on the dashboard.

Whenever a freshly new survey becomes available, YourSayPays will randomly send invitation links to panelists via email. If you receive an email invite, you will be required to click on the link to participate in the survey.

Survey page at yoursaypays

Surveys at Yoursaypays

Some surveys might require you to undergo a screening test to determine your eligibility.

Most surveys are simple and don’t take long to complete. The shortness of the surveys however is reflected in the reward as each pay per survey ranges from £0.15 to £0.50.

After completing my profile survey I was offered a number of surveys to get started on. I chose one that was offering £0.15, it took just 5 -10 mins and my balance was promptly updated.

Payment for survey Yoursaypays

2022 Update To YourSayPays Review

I must admit that I haven’t really responded to many email invitations that I have received from yourSayPays since I originally wrote this review in 2018, and they have been arriving in my inbox quite regularly.

Im confident that I could have reached the cash out of £20 had I engaged with the invites. see balance below- (I think I have only taken maybe 2 short surveys).


YourSayPays Account BalanceSo the survey invitations have been arriving, but I have missed out on them.

Also, as I look in my dashboard I can only see a few available surveys.

YourSayPays Dashboard Surveys

This is why it is important to commit to a particular survey site rather than just visiting occasionally, especially when the cash out is so high.

2. Referral Program

Some Reviews of Yoursaypays mention a referral program that available to members. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything on the Yoursaypays website that mentions a referral program.

Going off the Reviews I’ve read there appears to have been one that gave you the opportunity to provide Yoursaypays with your friend’s email address.

Yoursaypays then paid 50 pence to you for the referral, and to the friend that you refer. The referral program looks as if it may have been discontinued however.

Nonetheless, referral links, rather than invites, work better anyway.

3. Monthly Prize Draw

YourSayPays runs a monthly lucky draw with great prizes on offer.

Every member has a chance of winning the monthly prizes, but you may increase your chances by redeeming your accumulated cash for sweepstake entries.

Moreover, the prizes to be won are not definite, as they tend to change from time to time.

The Income Potential Of YourSayPays

Judging by the amount of money offered for paid surveys, it is clear that YourSayPays has a very low-income potential.

The fact that panelists are picked randomly does not guarantee that you will get a constant flow of jobs.

This significantly reduces your chances of earning a steady income.

Getting Paid By YourSayPays

You can cashout once your reach £20 via PayPal or Amazon eVouchers. Other survey sites allow you to cash out with less than $5 in your account.

The processing of payments takes approximately 14 days for both cash rewards and Amazon vouchers.

Getting paid by Yoursaypays

Getting paid by Yoursaypays

Alternatively, you may donate your cash rewards to charity (of your choice) or convert your earnings for sweepstake entries.

What Are The Pros Of YourSayPays?

• It is a free to join platform

• Offers multiple payment options

• Supports PayPal

• Vibrant forum

What Are The Cons Of YourSayPays?

• Payments take too long to be processed

• High payout threshold compared to other sites

• Available for UK and Ireland residents only

• Hard to qualify for surveys

• The demographics survey is too intrusive

• Panelists are picked randomly

• It has a low-income potential


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Is YourSayPays Worth It?

YourSayPays is definitely a legitimate survey panel.

However, the income potential of this platform is low. Also, given the high cash out sum, it will take some effort to reach it, even if you do take the surveys when they are offered to you.

Also, the fact that it is only available for UK and Ireland residents leaves out many people who may be interested in joining.

Star Rating 2/5 High cash out and delays in payments gives this platform a low score.

Thanks for reading my YourSayPays review. I hope you found it informative and will help you decide if it is a worthwhile survey platform.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and other make money online articles here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE.

6 thoughts on “YourSayPays Review-Is This U.K Survey Site Worth It?”

  1. I signed up for a survey company, mainly just to see what the earning potential was. Like you mentiined, it was very low, also you had to wait until they sent you a relevant survey depending on your information you submitted(which was also very intrusive) I often wonder what the companys do with your personal info.

    1. Hi Vaughn,
      Thanks for reading my YourSayPays Review. Yes the income potential taking surveys is very low, and to add to that frustration is the fact that you will not always qualify for surveys, adding to the amount of time you have to spend in order to earn a very meagre amount.

  2. I used to use many of these survey sites to pay for my training online – they were not the best of experiences but they did pay legit money (even though the work was dreadfully boring!). 

    One thing I’m concerned about is when you stated that it’s ‘Hard to qualify for surveys’. This worries me because I remember that a sneaky tactic of survey providers is to screen you out AFTER you have answered several of their questions – getting results without having to pay you! 

    Does YourSayPays go down this route, or would you say they are a bit more honest?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for reading my YourSayPays Review. Yes surveys can be very boring to some although others don’t mind doing them. So far my experience with this platform has been positive and I haven’t been screened out yet after starting a survey.

  3. I’ve never heard of this before, but I realized that this wasn’t for me right after I read your first few lines.

    “Firstly, you must be a resident of the UK or Ireland to apply.”

    I’m not a resident there so it completely rules me out. But it also rules tons and tons of potential customers. I don’t get the reason behind it. Do you know why they make it just for the resident of the UK and Ireland? And do you if they are looking to open to all nationalities?

    I find that the task itself is simple enough, and you could probably find a lot of people be interested in it. Even though it has a low income potential, the fact that it’s free to join will get a lot of people excited. Maybe even college students, or those that are on a tight budget. I’ve been there myself, so I see value in it. Just don’t like the fact that it is targeted only for certain residents.

    1. Hi Parmi thanks for reading my YourSayPays Review.
      This company only appears to do market research for companies focused on the U.K market. It is frustrating of course if you are based outside of the jurisdiction. I am unable to sign up to lots of survey sites in the U.S also. I have however reviewed lots of other survey sites on this website that take members Worldwide.

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